How to make a Talisman for luck?

The favor of fate – an unpredictable thing. If the luck favors you, that affects on all: things are going well, and life is more fun. And so you turn away never, you can in the direction of his own good luck charm for happiness, the in the desired. How exactly it occurs and how to use it, to the happiness and well-being, we learn more.

Good luck charms and amulets good luck charms are objects that are able to exert energetic impact on the environment of the owner of the room, attracting to him the necessary goods. Such magical "things" is not only the attraction to its owner wealth, love, luck in business, at work or in school, but also to defend the attempts of the negative outside influence (damage, evil eye).


Where to start and what to consider?

Of course, such items without difficulty available in the gift Shop, esoteric shop or you can order by photo an individual amulet (Talisman or amulet), a healer or a mage, and the corresponding services. To speak though you in the location, a magical artifact for the attraction of specific energy flow better, itself a magical thing to home. It is assumed that the produced with their hands the amulet has the ability to emit much more magical power than purchased items. Who was thinking about the participation of well-being, we will explain how to get to the amulet on good luck.

Before the creating of magical item, you should decide your purpose for the extraction of the concrete goods is used, its energy. In addition, you can the story and make an amulet or Talisman, correspond to the traditions of family, faith, or nationality (e.g., Slavic Runic Symbol, the five-pointed star in the Eastern cultures, Chinese characters, etc.).

An important role in the production of mystical objects and used in the process of raw materials. So, the choice of a suitable variant, which is a Talisman of good luck could do for yourself, you must take into account three main criteria:

• The type of exposure. • The materials used. • Aggregorial Affiliation.

Another important point is the correctly selected the day and time of the production of mystical shenanigans. Best magical procedure (make, enable, speak), when the moon is in the Phase of its growth. This period is considered optimal in order to create amulets for good luck, or good luck charm for a specific purpose: attracting wealth, love, money, happiness at work and in school, etc. No matter which Option you choose for self-produced amulet for good luck (Slavic, Muslim, Chinese, or other), it is recommended, by candlelight. So, the Ritual to create the magical helper should be in the evening or in the night.

It is desirable to know what day of the week is considered to be successful for the implementation of the rites of manufacture of the mystical helper. First you need to decide what type and kind of the impact of the amulet, as the day of the week, allowed the production of an object depends on its definition:

  • On Monday, the undesirable, the creation of magical gizmos accepted, since this day is considered to be not energetically charged.
  • Business people, the thirst for the attraction of happiness, can do talismans for good luck in business on Tuesday. This day is for those who are successful at work or to improve in the career.
  • On Wednesday, preferably, a lucky charm for those who have a relationship to the area of the trade.
  • Thursday – the most suitable day to do the amulets for good luck, focused on the diplomatic aspect of the life of the owner. Also Thursday is suitable for the production of happiness in the study of talismans and amulets.
  • To build a personal life and try your luck in love, better in person amulets create Friday.
  • Want to bring a lot of luck in every area of their activities, the people made the mystical items can be for the performance on Saturday.
  • Sunday – the perfect time to find a variety of Gizmos to success and happiness in the policy.

If the day defined for the production and the nature of the magic products, you can begin the last Phase. This amulet is for luck made with their hands, the owner brought the necessary goods (money, wealth, love, success in business, happiness at work, etc.), the importance of attitude. It is, of course, that the strong desire to work more effectively "" to attract a certain flow of energy.

Therefore, you will need to convey this potential magic item, he helped be the desired effect realized in a shorter period of time. So, before you are taken for the creation of this or that mystical gizmos for the extraction of happiness (five-pointed star, Runisch name, amulet in the style of the Kabbalah, etc.), you need to Tune in to a positive "wave" and remember the favor of fate for a particular purpose.

the most popular

The most popular

To win the most popular amulets for good luck as a decorative broom and pentagram star. How you can you can do by yourself, read more.

Broom — a magical helper that pulls reliably protect the house from evil and harmful influences from the outside, luck and happiness for every member of the family. Therefore, it is not only amulets, but also amulets for good luck. Is it possible for you to make yourself at home. The main thing is to choose a day in advance and prepare all the necessary materials for the Ritual.

Complicated in the case of the creation of such objects for the extraction of happiness, nothing. To Slavic whisk an effective helper in the achievement of the desired goals, it follows only from natural materials. As the pictures show, for the implementation of this defense need:

  • Stems of grasses Foundation for arts and crafts;
  • The red yarn for woolen bandaging;
  • Dried flowers, clove, grains, peas, corn, beans, coins for decoration.

In the house, not sneaking vermin, but wealth was more and more in the traditional Slavic whisk to better prepare and speak on the luck, on Saturday at the rising moon. As décor, these products are not selected just like that. Each component represents a particular aspect of human life, in which he needed the help of the wheel of fortune:

  • Cereals, beans, peas – a sign of well-being, peace and harmony in the family;
  • Coins win various wealth into the house;
  • The dried flowers are used for the enhancement of the capabilities of the magical helper.

First of all, the basis of which it is by the nature of the national Slavic broom. Then, the enumerated elements are attached. When is the amulet for lucky and money, prosperity and protection, it should talk to. The magic words help to activate the product, so that it is served in the help to the house of the Lord: "Now my mascot! He's supposed to bring me luck, wealth, all kinds of services, and storm and ensure a way out of there!"

Then for a while in the hands and hold this amulet, created for the extraction of happiness and well-being. The device is ready for operation.

Star pentagram, shown in the photo, is a part of the Western magical heritage. This pentagram – one of the oldest characters, for the protection of its owner, and of bringing to him the best of luck.

Star as decorative Slavic broom, a manufactured home may be out of everyday materials. Because of these magical helpers, is the patron of people in connection with the trade, make it better on Wednesday. For the Ritual will need:

  • Cut circle-green or Golden colors, made of cardboard – there is a star is drawn;
  • Markers with black;
  • Candle of green wax.

Light a candle and by its light, draw a pentagram in the form of a star. Take a cardboard box, on a five-pointed star was, and you are looking to try to fill its internal energy. Now the amulet charged and ready for use.

Stern, like any other amulet for fortune (money, wealth, etc.), stored in the wallet or in the breast pocket. The most important condition for their effectiveness – contact with the owner.