How to get the amulet for happiness with your own hands?

I'm sure many will recall the wonderful lines of Pushkin, and this was a special Ring, for many in the life of meaning, their own talismans, and in most cases, associated with pleasant events, is intended to bring good luck.


Anyway, this is precisely the objective of each of the light Talisman: good fortune in all endeavors, protection from anger, and happiness, finally. As our constant companions, they are small. Of course, it is also strictly personal item, explains how the amulet with the hands at home, exactly this approach in the production optimally.

Definition of amulet and its functions

For many centuries a considerable number of people tried to make a certain items, such as their magical properties, which help people in its activities and actions, or to protect against trouble. You can say that amulets and talismans have received during this time, their classification and separation:

  • for the protection of its owner;
  • for hazard information;
  • for the help in the solution of problems;
  • for attracting luck and happiness.

It should be obvious that in case of attempts of its negative use, for the purposes of the provision of harm, such an amulet inevitably loses its magical power. That is, the original use – only for the good and bright targets.

But, as I said, in order to get it by yourself, there is no need to in a purely professional skills or to acquire cheesy. How to describe the amulet for luck with their own hands, are now detailed.

Firstly, the shape of the amulet

Specific Form of an amulet, have a heavy base, which means that you must set for the beginning of a clear goal – for which he is provided, and depending on this will determine the style and Material.

If the small sizes are generally self-explanatory, since the amulet has to be constantly with us, any kind of the Form of the following means:

  • the circle is a Symbol of prosperity and harmony;
  • Oval — this is the title of Talent and flexibility in decision-making;
  • Square — a symbol of strength and resistance, the completion of the power of all four elements;
  • Triangle — promotes contact with the higher forces, happiness attracts.

This is what means the most common forms of magical items. Except you, of course, there are also. For example, in the Form of a star with different number of rays, the silhouettes of the animals, of the human heart, and so on.

By the way, as an amulet, you can released a coin with a specially-made a hole, so you hang it on a cord or chain, or originally with the hole, such as Japanese or Chinese coins. Such talismans are usually of wealth and prosperity, and can often be as a fashion attribute or decoration.

As an amulet, square in shape is also ideal cube or a small sign made of wood. And the mascot in the Form of one or multiple nodules – beautiful amulet against the negative effects on the one hand, and the attraction of success – on the other.

Secondly, the Material for the amulet

Here is space for imagination is certainly a lot more. Note, however, an important, but an iron rule.

The Material for the amulet can only and exclusively natural, not artificial!

Not much less requirement, these preference – friendliness in the handle, because sometimes the amulet can constantly move with the fingers, which may lead to, just soothing and positive feelings. So the first thing that arises – it is a tree whose various interesting and attractive, and to treat sometimes, and very, with the magical view, the valuable species can easily at home. Not less popular amulets are made from metal or also from different materials.

The magic of the signs of the zodiac

Signs of the zodiac

Speaking of which, you can amulets better with the signs of the zodiac, because each of them carries its own, only to him self, the magic in things. It is well known how much they differ from each other, which means if you about the individuality of the mascot, then you can not do without the fine adjustment for each. For the most part, this process is already described, it remains only to try for yourself and apply:

  • Aries, preferably amulet, round or square shape, color – orange, green;
  • Bull, desirable mascot in animal form, even closer – elephant-color – light;
  • Twins, the best Form – in the Form of keys or locks, color – blue, blue and white;
  • Cancer, basic shapes – the heart, or the moon, or a figure or a picture of cancer of Gold, the color Gold;
  • Leo, the mascot of the round shape or in the Form of a lion or eagle, the color of Gold;
  • Virgin, pure handmade made of clay or plaster, color – light;
  • Balance, also in the Form, but the Material with the color of silver;
  • Scorpion, frog Form, or with your image, the color is red;
  • Shooter, to selection of Bronze in the shape of a horseshoe, arrows, or scarab;
  • Capricorn, an amulet in the Form of a staircase or coins, the color or the Material itself – the Gold;
  • Aquarius, again, pure handmade, associated with the sky (flight) – bird's feather, or a little angel;
  • Fish, associated with the water sign, so defined, only the color blue.

The most important prerequisites for the establishment of

Should be no less obvious that the amulets are not everywhere, but on certain days, and even hours.

First, what should be remembered, after you have decided with the shape, color and Material that you start, in its development the best at waxing moon. Even the moon is in this time promotes all the efforts.

the moon

Secondly, there is a difference, and after the days of the week, as each of them goes his own planet, and that should make it easier, for example:

  • on Wednesday, as concerns the money;
  • on Friday, love amulets is best;
  • on Sunday, the amulet for luck.

Thirdly, create amulets, you must rest only in an atmosphere full of and concentration. As the lighting is suitable as a candle and solar lighting. State, it must be peaceful – no irritability or negative, only a positive emotional attitude, and no matter what you will not be distracted.

Fourthly, absolutely, as soon as you finish your work, wrap the amulet in cloth and place it on all night under his pillow. This is important for a full connection to your subconscious, what you invested in the mascot, fine-tuning, after the amulet can be used as a final finish.

Fifthly, another important rule – do not try to keep a part with his amulet, you can carry it always with you, but not show, the outsiders, and to not tell, especially about his power and ability. This particular knowledge too intimate for you properties, so as not to hurt him deliberately for outsiders without risk to themselves.

Take note of these basic rules is very important, otherwise it is a certainty that the amulet, made with his own hands, though so little able to fulfill his destiny.

Lately, apart from shapes, colors and signs of the zodiac has certain popularity, the Tradition of the Chinese lunar calendar, and in particular the symbolism of a year. It sees no reason to doubt, deep and centuries-old wisdom of the East, so consider magic items to your calendar.