How to get out of the Van and stones amulet for luck and wealth

Century change, and the faith of the people, that there are forces which will help him remains constant. Forces that do not control people, to influence his destiny, and there are some that do not believe in it. Someone is trying to protect her house and children, someone. Help know about how to get amulets with his own hands.

Self-preparation amulet – an important prerequisite. Compliance with his warranty is the protection of the frost. Talismans absorb the energy of the Hand and thoughts. Simple things the extraordinary magical power.

Materials for amulet

Three Mascots

As the Material of various substances and items:

  • Sound;
  • Tree;
  • Tissue;
  • Metal;
  • Stone;
  • Skin;
  • Beads;
  • Thread.

The best Option is to select something people are interested in. Special power have charms, when working with the Material is a Hobby and a creative pastime. Such items soul experiences, concerns and aspirations facit of his Person to keep. The connection of these things with the master is very strong.

A rule – mascot must be hidden from prying eyes. Better, if you don't know it, no one except the owner. If happiness made charm gift, then you need to inform, in an intimate setting, alone, to explain the power of the object.

Prior to working its size and appearance, it is important to consider where you amulet will be saved. If he aims at the protection, it is the best, he was always in the vicinity. If this is the protection of the family and of the house, and then save it in the corners of the apartment.

Talismans of stone

Stones – children of the earth. You save in himself, his strength and power. There is a special table, the connection of the stone with a particular sign of the zodiac.

If possible, you can buy it. Sometimes, the stones that moved in a certain Moment of life, the attention and favor. It is an ordinary pebble is mostly stones, without jewels, and cost. The power of these stones is identical with rursumque ZH, if the correct approach for creating and knowing how to use the amulet.

The stone is cleaned of all impurities. Sallietur water suitable for boiling water. Then, the stone is dried and it is checked whether Plaque. On the surface apply a protective coating, e.g. varnish.

On the stone, applying to the engraving and glue other beautiful items. Preparation Packaging: Bag, Rope. Also, sewing or weaving. In the seat bag to ligaturam cucurreris the prayer complement, hand-written, beautiful, legible handwriting.

Talismans from herbs

According to the study of the medicinal properties of herbs, selected those which a person needs to protect. You will be bouquet in a flower. Wherein the size of the herbs, be identical, it is important to know the compatibility of plants, such as herbs can cause allergies.

Herbal flow together, perfect for this red cord or ribbon. For the amulet, a bag or a box. Sometimes, the Bouquet is put in the bedroom at the head of the. Then he will clean the head, to expel the bad thoughts, cleaning up the fears and guard the bedroom.

In the old days, such talismans bouquets of herbs, weighed on the doors, at the entrance of the house. Now, a lot of people make the also. Small bags with a number of herbs are not bad people give into the house. If you come, then you will not be able to hurt people. In this embodiment, the arrangement of the protective bundle of herbs you need to consider how to close it from prying eyes and thoughts.


Things, designed the embroidery, as amulets from ancient times. Summer dresses, towels, table cloths served a specific purpose:

  • Chemise protected from the evil eye;
  • Towel brought prosperity;
  • Tablecloth guarded peace and order in the house.

The embroidery has a tremendous power, therefore, must carefully select the drawing and then to repeat exactly. Each cross, embroidered in the side, it changes the whole meaning of the embroidery. Even embroider you should start on a certain day: 14 Lunar.

Nippy Defender

Amulets-good luck charms made of beads are not only strong protection, they are also beautiful. Such things can not hide in front of others. You, on the contrary, tighten or take to an important meeting.

The color of the beads and their figure, it is important. Properly made amulet adds life energy, optimism and self-confidence. The force of the beads is in the basic colors of the rainbow. Amulet made of pearls

Types of charm beads:

  • Necklace;
  • Bracelet;
  • Key chain;
  • Decoration for the handbag.

Complex amulets are considered to be gaytana. This is a Bead-Band, divided on the one hand. The Form of Gaitan and color great advocate of the impact on the Psyche of the people are recognized. They advise mothers whose children defy the foreign influence, especially in adolescence.

Products of pearls need to save to be able to. If you have a magical power, each in need of damage Gaitan to correct quickly, or to change better, using the same Material.

The force of such gaitana is not lost, you will be even more powerful and effective. It is impossible to repair bead amulets fear.

The help of ordinary threads

filo subtegminis amulets – the simple technology and manufacturing. You can only have a red thread, tie it on your wrist, the prayer is pronounced, and was ready. The threads complement the pendant with the symbols of the different kinds of protection, followers of the zodiac with names and stones.

You can wear, not decreasing. The thread is protection for a long period of time or a certain period of time. Such amulets, if it's exam time, or the first love. On the filaments, the nodes and beads are lead lined. The node is also important, so you should check carefully, in order not to change amulet.

Bracelet made of nodules coming out of Tibet, Shambala. For him, waxed cord need it in two colors and beads. A cord tied to the other, with a gradual nodules and threading, tie beads in five nodules. Shambala help to survive the strong turbulence of life, wisdom and health, patience and help, faith.

How aktirovat with their own hands mascot made

Help action amulet of the Church to enable candles. Lit 7 candles, or so many colors in the amulet. Amulet moves from one candle to another. In this prayer. Candles make de uri, and the mascot is located in the vicinity or in the midst of the fire. Then put in the prepared for him a framework, in a secluded place.