Amulets for attraction of money: what it is and how to do that

He draws literally a lot of money, and thanks to him, you come from different sources, and never to the end. Of note, a small bag with herbs, stones, plant amulets can be absolutely different.

Amulet for wealth

But the strongest of them, is his own Hands. Since no one is able to download our amulet with this powerful, and, above all, positive energy, what can we give to him.

After the production of the amulet must speak, if it is not necessarily use the magical texts, whispered to the wizard, which big money for the hope you have in him.

Grow your well-being, according to all the rules

Among all the amulets of money for the most well-known and really effective the plant is popularly, money trees.

If you are the right care, they can make you really prosperous and wealthy people. When the money tree grows well, increases and their riches.

The plant in the amulet, lure you in need of money note a few rules. So, it is not recommended to buy and grow with the hands from the investment of those who had already have taken financial Well-being.

Plants processus must only be in the first or second Phase of the moon, to recharge the battery with energy growth for the attraction of big money. It is important to choose a beautiful dear Vason and put him three coins with the number five.

To take care of as the plant, to the increase of their wealth, behind him, very carefully. Prior to the nasal irrigation read about the water special Cash-Mantras, fertilize regularly.

MOP with magnetic abilities


To require with their own hands manufacture amulets for big money Coins, and even better, such Bank's notes, which repeat in either of the series Initials or number are not the same with your date of birth.

You take one of them, if it does not, then bend it into a tube and wrap Her red ribbon from pure wool to a bullet. Then this Money Ball to hang on the red silk ribbon on an input in the house.

Important attach the tip to the woollen thread to the skein does not solve, otherwise lost his power. And to win a lot of money regularly drips Amulet of the essential oil of the lemon or cinnamon

Do not forget to spooling thread on a coin or Banknote, to think about their future Wealth, represent, as in the huge amount and the various Sources the money comes from.

It is a kind of Meditation, the mood is tightly intertwined Amulet, and help load it for the necessary material Well Being Energy.

Apples don't grow on trees

As the best and most effective Cash can restore amulet only with your own hands, you need to, so interesting and The main thing is that useful hand to work.

To be a real Magnet for the attraction all the longed-for money, you will need a small ball, for example, plastic Christmas Ball, rubber ball or special foam Ball

Later, he turns into a strong and very original amulet in the Form of a Golden Bullseye, as is the look and made Effect.

On the whole of the ball, like the scales of a fish, you need to stick to coins of the same Size, so that only a small piece from the top, where then inserted a wooden rod strung with artificial leaves.

Then you cover the bull's-eye paint in two layers gold color Canister and secure place on the plate with the blue edge.

Because of this amulet, you invest a lot of effort and your positive Energy, he is guaranteed to start to operate, in order to win the house Wealth, money bubble on a steady stream of.

Penny penny — and wealth in the bag

Such a saying as: "money comes to money" meets Reality. Of this folk wisdom led, everyone can you need to provide for amulets, to the fabulous enrichment.

The truth is, to their preparation, take some time, but then the result is not you make expect. It is a Ritual for the attraction in your destiny Money and prosperity

The source of their future wealth, quite literally, to under the feet, you just have to look closer look closely. You need to collect on the road accidentally lost the other money in the Form of coins

In the process, beware to pick up coins with crosses and even more Cemetery, you will be negatively charged. But those who lie somewhere in Shop, or in the vicinity of public transport lost for sure random.

At the sight of the little money you need to raise, and to say, "good luck!", and collect Coins on for eight euros. Then put it up for a few hours in salt water Wash in water, the negative energy and allow to dry in the sun, to recharge the battery again positive.

the moon

And when the moon is full, gather them in a beautiful bag made of genuine Tissue, tie a red ribbon and go to the temple. There must stay from the beginning to the end of the service.

They went into the house, pour it immediately with the threshold, and for three days the money don't throw the floors to wash. The whole time in the house just go to its inhabitants.

After that, you gather in a beautiful clay pot and keep in Part of the house, not for foreign eyes.