Mascot on the money with their own hands — 6 high-performance rituals

Money and luck you can even. How do you do this? Need to items talk to the attraction of the energy, happiness, and finances. In the article we consider the question of how to items the mascot on money everyday. You just have to keep in mind that the magic works on the power of faith in the possibility of a change of circumstances. Without faith nothing is happening, each doubt destroys the result of effort.


The pouch with amber and Bay leaf

To gain the amulet to money, can be. from sacks and from cholschtschowoj cloth, loaded, Gold-water and sun For the Ritual, prepare the following items:

  • a new packet of salt;
  • in advance Canvas Pouch sewn;
  • a piece of untreated amber.

On the moon rise you buy a new pack of salt, without taking into account of the rental or calculation. By credit card you can pay. Bag to sew from natural substances, without any admixture of synthetics. To bind it you have to cut a piece of lace. Color of the bag not fundamentally, but it is better, red or yellow.

To place the finished bag in spring water, in the day of a Golden object. After 6 hours of Pouch reach from the Golden water, and dry in the sun. There is in the Winter, but not necessarily on a Sunny day.

Then in a small bag items: salt and a piece of amber folded. If amber does not, you can put a gold item, although a link of the chain. Pouch, knotted braid and read the conspiracy on him 6 times:

Bag back, keep it in a hidden place.

The second variant of the bag amulet to win money. On the moon, sewing bag made of genuine green substance, must rise and put him the following items:

  • Pea black pepper;
  • Laurel-Leaf;
  • Feather from the bird;
  • Coins.

Coins you need the driving performance according to a. At the Moment, the ruble, two rubles, 5 and 10 rubles. If you do the mascot to imagine that they flow from all sides of money. Pepper symbolizes wealth, Bay leaf attracts success and bird feather: good luck. To bring you to hang the amulet of money in the place, where the financial Affairs.

Silver Amulet

Amulets to attract money and good luck with your own hands from Gold and silver jewelry. If you need a amulet made of Gold, then this on a clear Sunny day. Amulet made of silver began on a moonlit night. For the creation of the amulet, each thing from silver, which they always carry will fit.


Choose a clear moonlight night in the first half of the lunar month, you can perform the Ritual, and when the moon is full. You open the window, the moon fell light in the room. The time of carrying out of ceremony: with two to three hours per night.

An ancient conspiracy, in the not the words change and talk differently than written. You can not Jesus Christ instead of Jesus Christ say.

After he need to the conspiracy to decoration to the top, let it fall to the ground. Bed, the window open to let the moon light fall on the floor and lighting decoration. In front of the sleeping dagger, go and read the our father, it is allowed to talk to anyone. It is impossible that someone saw the implementation of the ceremony and heard a conspiracy.

In the morning they stand up and lift the decoration out of the ground. You pull it and not remove it. If you think a certain amount of money, it does not remove the decoration, as long as you can get. Upon receipt of the money must go to Church and light candles to the virgin Mary and the Saviour.

On the Golden Ring

The Golden Ring can not only the decoration, the mascot for the attraction of wealth. To speak of the ring, you need one of the following rite. On Sunday, the moon rising, place the Ring in a glass with spring water (can) in the store to buy water without carbonic acid from the source.

Then take a tablespoon, to prevent the water in a glass jar in a clockwise direction.

Then to drink some of the water, and the second poured on the threshold of the house or on the threshold of the apartment. Ring you wear on your index finger and wear it constantly.

Moon stone

How to get to the amulet on the money at home? Amulets with his own hands also work well for a beginner in magic, if you invest in them the power of their faith. In order to acquire such an artifact moon stone in the gift Shop and talk to him at the new moon.

Talisman for good luck in business

Moon stone

This Talisman helps in the management of the financial Affairs, it can keep in the office or other business. For the production of an artifact, you will need certain items that must be purchased every day of the waxing moon:

  • Cardboard green;
  • Gel pen or felt-tip pen green;
  • Candle green;
  • grass Basilica;
  • Sewing thread green.

Also for the production of mascot you will need scissors and glue. Alone in the room, to work. Light the green candle placed in the candle holder. You need to paint on cardboard five-pointed star (practice in advance) and cut it along. Use a ruler it is impossible to draw by Hand: it will be smooth.

You pound the Basil leaves in powder, grease, glue the center of the star and sprinkle on the glue pot. Now neat grease, glue the star rays, and bend it in the middle. The resulting figure binds green thread and seal the small knot of wax from the candle. Mascot ready. Keep it next to the business papers or money.

Birch Bark

The bark of the birch trees in the spring taken, has a strong power of production of wealth. Before you tear a piece of bark, ask for birch forgiveness and place it under the roots of a piece of bread or a coin.

Tear off the bark of a work-free Hand (for right handed: left). You bring the mascot home with you and put them where you keep your money or financial Affairs. Remember that the natural talismans help, not to earn money, so that they fall from the sky: we must work.