How to make a Talisman for good luck and download it

In our everyday life, we often use talismans for good luck. Many celebrities believe in you, to preserve yourself and believe that you managed to do thanks to them, successfully make a career. Your attention is a few ways how to make a Talisman for good luck with their own hands.

If you can help Talisman for good luck with their own hands, whether

Even if you consider yourself a successful man that does not damage even a little bit of luck. It is for you and you need to bring good luck. Happiness is an important part of any successful business and initiatives, which means that with this magic item on the happiness of your life will improve for sure. You can be your personal mascot, you have three possibilities:

  • random find;
  • to do with the hands;
  • in the business purchase.

Depending on which Option you choose depends on how powerful its effect.

Excellent Talisman for good luck accidentally found a Bizarre shells or stones can be on the coast. Clover with four petals – is a further Option, a mascot for good luck, famous for his strength with the ancient. If near your house there is this plant, you can scroll the search of the flower confuse with four flowers. Dry the plant and carry it always with himself in the integrity and the integrity of files. You can use the pendant on the neck, with a transparent Cabochon.

It is a widespread opinion that all accidents are not accidental, unexpectedly found things that were, perhaps, intended. Your gut feeling says, what kind of stone or shells, you can choose from many others. You even realize what the object was supposed to bring luck. If you want your luck brought you the stone, then go to the search on the river, or the sea. Incidental findings need not charge in the rites of purification, or energy. It is considered by many, the gifts from above.

Coins is a Symbol of good luck and wealth. If you like the product, considering the year of your birth, then that it a great success. The coin can be used as a mascot for success in professional and financial matters.

If you are not able to in search of finds, lucky charm for good luck with their own hands. It is a very good Alternative, because in the process of creativity is the subject of much of your energy. You don't need to look at new things, like this happens with the purchased products. To activate mostly self-made luck. The magic item power, had always, it must streams constantly feed your energy.

You can jewelry, herbal sachets, paintings, metal objects, such as horseshoes and other things Your choice is not limited to: do you have everything you work exactly. Some people want to make with their own hands not only exceptional products, but magical talismans with magical powers.

You can try by hand to produce the subject of fashion jewelry, key chain or some other simple thing. Do not try to create products that the complex technology of preparation, if you are not sure about the success of this business.


4 ways on how to get to mascots, good luck with your own hands

Band with embroidered elements

In ancient times, people have faith revered celestial luminaries and elements, that they possess magical powers. And this is no coincidence: the elements, the moon, the sun, in a certain degree of influence on the state of the human body, so they can form the basis for the production of protective talisman.

For creativity we need: a real Band bright red or Gold color, the colorful yarn (from natural materials), needle. Can non-synthetic materials, natural, manufactured from silk or cotton fabrics are used. A thread can be and want to. This should bring good luck very easy to do, and the manufacturer, it costs quite expensive, but this process requires endurance.

Armed with a needle with thread, embroidery drawings of the sun, moon, earth, air and water elements. It is also the individual elements and their combinations. Separation in the images of attractiveness. All items must think in advance. The embroidery of the moon, is the silver or orange coloring, the sun, of course, yellow, water – blue, earth – brown, wind – grey.

Home-made happiness to protect you and your family from all the negative situations and attract wealth, happiness and serenity will bring a reliable.

Mascot, on the basis of the zodiac sign

To magical items on the luck itself, you can use as the basis for your zodiac sign. For example, in the role of the mascot stone or animal figures, you can act your cycle of the zodiac embody. Which stones can I use?

  • Aries – Amethyst, Heliotrope.
  • Taurus – Jadeite, Agate.
  • Twins – Garnet, Beryl.
  • Cancer – Emerald, Calcite.
  • Lions – Ruby, Serpentine.
  • Young women – Jasper, kyanite.
  • Scale – Diamond.
  • Scorpios – Opal Cat's Eye.
  • Sagittarius – Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli.
  • Capricorn – Onyx, Malachite.
  • Aquarius – Sapphire, Obsidian.
  • Fish – Beryl, Moonstone.

These stones are talismans for good luck, and not many of them attract wealth. Therefore, to the magical subject of money and happiness, and use the second component coin.

The coin can absolutely everyone, simply or with some value known only to you (e.g. a wedding gift, a Souvenir from a trip, etc.).

For the mediation of a specialist, you must do the following: on a full moon, do not immerse the coin in a container with water and place it on the window sill, so that the light of the moon fell on the ship. You should ask for the moon you give your coin to attract luck and wealth. The water is a kind of lens that enhances the effect of the moon, just like the magnifying glass, for kindling of a fire.

For the storage of mascot Hard velvet pouch to make it red, decorate the embroidery you can your name or initials. In addition to the name, the decoration and reinforcement of the magic item to embroider with magical runes. In this case, you will be able to hold your Talisman – a stone and a coin. While in the bag, they complement each other energy and power, what wealth and happiness. The mascot should not develop the subject of the community's heritage and their personal item was: it is impossible to lend, give away, show to outsiders.


If you decide to make a Talisman for luck alone, find a suitable block and sharpens the knife. The tree can absolutely everyone, but a strong, but not the old Material. Depending on your talents and skills, you can cut it with a knife an animal, human figure or regular geometric body. The most important rule is to not leave corners. If you decide to go for a dice, you round the corners. The majority of the for the mascot, now you bear the image of the runes, bring good luck.

It must be remembered that the runes are very spacious character, so in the process of preparation of the substrate and the cutting of the runes is very important to keep in thoughts what you want to invest in your mascot. For example, if you want to, that she loves you and you did not what to take, and say to yourself: "I'm always lucky and everything goes well!".

When applying runes do not take the time, first you feel the Material and cut and only then start runes. Adds the characters for mascot, speak the name of the rune, meaning, everything with which it is associated. It is very important to have when applying runes in a combination of meanings, images and feelings are formed. Only in this case, a strong magic Talisman for good luck can.

Magic Wax

If you believe in the magical properties of this ritual, so you can be a very powerful Talisman, brings a tremendous success and great wealth. And the more you believe in its power, the better it will work.

First, find a suitable candle: it is a small size, but the main thing – it must appeal to you. No matter what color, what shape, it is important that you "put to the soul". A conspiracy to do the best on the growing moon


You lit your candle into the glass. You don't need to memorize, some special words, just try to Express your wishes and bring their energy up to a burning candle. Until the candle went out, the time you have to tell all your wishes and dreams, and share your fears. Slowly the end of the wax melt and absorb your wishes, experiences and brings you luck in the future and the liberation of adversity.

After the combustion, the molten candle wax you should leave it alone until complete solidification. Pattern wax and is a reflection of your energy.

Frozen figure, made up of wax, you can put them in a lockable locket, and is the perfect Talisman for good luck and wealth. Alternatively, you can use the cloth bag, appropriate toys, or jewelry. Magic item on happiness and wealth will accompany you always and never to its owner's leave. The only way a mascot able to implement all of the features and you will bring happiness and financial well-being.


Mascot Ring

If you want something strong, but your desire is not fulfilled, you have to help in the implementation. To do this, you need to make a simple Ritual. You take an item of fashion jewelry, for example, a Ring. Choose a day when the moon will rise, because it change this time, maybe your life for the better, add new events. On this day, you must dedicate themselves to the Ritual, he was alone with me, and not with any extraneous things. The weather also has great importance: if the sky with clouds and moon is not visible, it is better to have a Ritual on another day.

Before you start to commit a Ritual, clean the magic Ring, no matter have been, if he previously in use, or is it just that the object of purchase. For the cleaning of the Talisman for good luck will need a small Cup with water and a salt. You dip it into the water and says the following:

Vodicka, Vodicka, cleaning the Ring of all evil, of all unnecessary. The water takes all the unnecessary. The Ring is clean in my eyes.

Let the Ring lie in water for 5-10 minutes. Then empty the bowl, put your mascot and you leave the house. If you have no desire to go on the road, then at least go to the balcony. Take a look at the nightly stars, to meet him drag the brush to the Ring wearing, and say to you:

Moon light, help me! Ring of luck (love, wealth, health, etc.) in!

After that, remove the decoration and put it on the window sill of the balcony. You go to bed. In the morning Wake up, immediately put the Talisman for luck and say:

The Ring on me! Luck (love, wealth, health, etc.) to me!"

As you can see, very easy! Remember that in the preparation of important and the Material from which you live to establish your Ring: silver-helps to find love, Gold you rich, wood makes a positive impact on the health and fashion jewelry made of simple metals and fill your harmony. On the other hand, you can always change the existing rules, and to do so, your silver decoration has brought financial well-being. Do not forget to talk with your Talisman for good luck, load it with your energy.

Mascot Pin Cushion

Since ancient times, the people, the sun, the worship worshiped, believed in him as God. Even now in our lives a sense of magic is present, of the with this celestial object. The sun symbolizes the force and the light, bestows the blessing and purification of the world, the dark powers in subjection to the good. So, if you choose a Talisman for good luck with the symbolism of the sun, can not doubt its power and efficacy.

First, select a suitable Material, the white color should be either yellow, or orange, in the worst case. If you already have such a substance, then well – you will save on your purchase. If the Material is found, it's about time a magical Ritual to begin.

The Ritual should be kept, at the moon rising and in the light of day, is best at midday, when the sun has a very strong energy. Place the prepared Material for five minutes on the surface, the well-lit from the sun. You take the Material and says:

The sun in your Hand bring good luck, I'll be happy the whole year!

With a pair of scissors and make two circles with a diameter of about 20 cm and cut the 16 strips of the same size. Nine Scrapbook, you write what you dream of. For example, "happiness will always be with me!" "All my plans succeed!", "My wishes will come true!", etc. in addition to the your choice, you can also lead to some magical image in Scrapbook, splash favorite Eau de Toilette or an essential oil to grease.

Out of 16 bands them together to make eight beams, by two bands. In any beam you place fill in a note with cotton wool. From the prepared fabric circle forming the center of the sun. The product, fill it with cotton wool and sew them to the sun, the so-called rays.

Talisman for happiness. If you want to, that it really works, you need to always carry with you, touch you, tell him about your plans to devote your secrets, share the fears.