An amulet in the form of a coin to attract money: how to choose a money talisman

Talismans or amulets in the form of coins were used by our ancestors. This Money Amulet is very powerful when properly crafted, activated, and used. An amulet coin is mentioned for the first time in ancient Mesopotamia. After that, other cultures of the world started using this money artifact.

Coins to attract money

How the coin became a talisman

The coin has always been associated with monetary energy. Every country in the world has a coin talisman. Its main properties are:

  • attract money luck;
  • open the way for material flows;
  • Protection from poverty and need;
  • debt repayment;
  • accelerating the abolition of the credit yoke;
  • get a job with a higher salary;
  • Direction to the house of cash flow, accumulation of wealth.
lure wealth into the house with the help of coins

Coin talisman directs cash flows to the house, accumulates wealth

It is believed that the beginning of the manufacture of amulets was given by the Mesopotamian shekel: it protected the owners from losing their grain in the common store. In China, nanbu coins attracted good luck, monetary fortune. They were made of gold - a symbol of wealth.

The Romans were the first to mint a coin in honor of Juno. She protected the soldiers' gains during the war with Pyrrhus. Fortune provides a cornucopia of coins. The power of the prosperity-giving goddesses is a strong endorsement of the magic of the amulet.

Which coin is suitable for making a talisman?

Before you make a talisman, you need to get acquainted with which coin is suitable for this purpose. You can use the following coins:

  • those brought from other countries;
  • ancient ancient artifacts;
  • found on the street at night during the waxing moon;
  • usually, it can be converted into a fiat ruble with the help of a ritual.

It is very important to take only real money for the ritual. To make a money talisman they do not work:

What coins are suitable for attracting money
  • broken, damaged coins;
  • souvenir money;
  • that you don't like.

If the purchased coin is not activated, it will not become a talisman.

Varieties of Amulets Coins

There is a wide range of coin amulets: Chinese coins tied with red thread; coins depicting ancient gods; Coins with Slavic inscriptions or with the pentagram of King Solomon himself. You need to choose your amulet very carefully, since it will affect many aspects of your life, and a rash decision can play a cruel joke here. Do not enter coins with sayings: "lucky charm", "money magnet", "777".

The amulet is not about big words, but about the energy that it carries and passes on to the owner. The history of the coin and the message of its creator are important. For example, the seal of the wisest King Solomon on an amulet not only brings wealth, but also makes the owner much wiser. The manufacturing ritual also plays a major role. For example, the knots of the thread used to tie Chinese coins symbolize infinity, that is, unlimited resources, money. The coin should not be minted on the machine mindlessly, because there are a number of specific rules for making such a talisman that have proven themselves. At best, when you buy the first amulet you come across, you will receive a piece of plastic in the form of a coin.

Solomon's seal to attract wealth

How to activate

It is recommended to buy a coin from a numismatist or choose a coin that will be used in everyday life. The amulet is made before the full moon or during the waxing moon. The algorithm for performing the work is as follows:

how to activate a coin to attract money

It is recommended to choose a coin that will be used in everyday life

  1. All manipulations are carried out all alone during the day or at night.
  2. You cannot be in a state of being unwell or in a bad mood.
  3. Before the ritual, you need to take a shower or bath, loosen your hair and remove jewelry.
  4. Cover the table with a green or black cloth.
  5. Set out a bowl of salt and water, light incense sticks and three green candles.
  6. Take the amulet in your hands, ask for help, dip it in water, then in salt, carry it over the flame of a candle and over the smoke of incense.
  7. Put a piece of red fabric on the windowsill, put a coin on it and leave it until the next morning.
  8. You need to charge it with your energy, for this they hold it in their hands and ask for help.

It is important to remember that your talisman should not be seen by strangers. It's best to hide it under the pillow. A money amulet should always be carried in your wallet.

Why a professionally spoken amulet works better

A handmade talisman has its advantages. The main advantage is that the coin is saturated with the owner's energy. She understands better what the owner expects. A self-created amulet will not have the powerful energy and wisdom that the ancients possess.

It's good when a professional speaks the coin. A knowledgeable person has strong energy and will not make mistakes when performing a magical ritual. It is better to seek help from witches and magicians who practice white magic.

After activating the amulet, a person should not just wait for the blessing to fall on him. It is necessary to work and look for opportunities for enrichment. The amulet increases cash flow, which does not dry up.

Amulets in the form of coins will help to significantly increase the financial well-being of the owner. You will bring changes for the better. The amulet protects against the machinations of envious people and gives luck on the energy level. You cannot retreat from the target and change fate.

how to clean

Energy of the moon and sun to purify coins

The energy of the moon and the sun is used to clean the amulet. A coin is placed on the window sill at night during the waxing moon. During the day it should be kept in a place illuminated by direct sunlight.

To cleanse with the help of fire, you need to buy a green candle, thanks to which financial well-being will be attracted. Wax from a burning candle should be dripped onto the surface of the coin with the words:

"I will not give anything to anyone, I will not borrow anything, I will not barter. Send me money, good luck. Fill my bag to boot"

Hide in a wallet so it doesn't come into contact with other money. You cannot tell anyone that you have such a talisman. If you lose it, you must replace the amulet with another one. Periodically, it needs to be picked up, asked for help and thanked for the service.

The value of the money amulet

An amulet in the form of a coin is one of the most powerful magical tools used to solve financial problems. Like many talismans of precious stones and minerals (precious stones), it brings good luck to the owner.

The task of a magic coin is to bestow monetary well-being on the owner.

The value of the amulet of the coin is also attributed to the property of protecting the owner from the negative from the outside (evil eye, damage). The money talisman protects against illness and danger. The owner will pay off debt, achieve career growth, and find a well-paying job. The beneficial effect of a magical thing extends to the owner, to his loved ones.

Amulets in the form of a coin must be made in accordance with the rules. Otherwise they have no power.

Religion does not approve of money talismans. Gives advice to resort to prayer and creeds like a pectoral cross.

What do shape and hieroglyphs mean?

It is believed that one of the sides of such a feng shui symbol carries the active male yang energy, and the other side carries the passive female yin energy. It's easy to tell them apart. 4 hieroglyphs are responsible for the male energy, 2 symbols for the female. Each coin has its own history: the active side shows the epoch of its creation, the ruling dynasty. The passive part tells about the ruler of this time and his motto.

The talisman must always be 4 hieroglyphs high.

The Chinese feng shui symbol woven with a ribbon or thread has more power. Yang energy is activated by color, connected nodes give great power to achieve the goal. When choosing a thread, you need to pay attention to its strength. Weaving methods are a whole feng shui ritual. It is necessary to tie a special knot on the money tag, which symbolizes infinity, abundance and prosperity.


Coin sword to attract wealth

Businessmen can use a sword from such symbols to protect it.

  • The talisman pendant remains the same feng shui item, it was never used as money. She helps lonely people find their soulmate. For married couples, it serves to strengthen marital relationships.
  • A coin to attract money" is a simple Chinese coin. Feng shui connoisseurs prefer coins issued during the reigning Qin dynasty as this was the time of greatest prosperity and growth.
  • The health coin properly affects well-being. The hieroglyphs of longevity and the family symbol are printed on one side, extending its power to the family. However, few people use such a coin as it is quite rare.
  • The Feng Shui symbol in the form of a plum blossom influences several life factors at the same time. It depicts 5 hieroglyphs and the same number of petals responsible for purity, popularity, luck, prosperity, peace of mind and long life.
  • A large Chinese coin offers very strong protection to its owner if it depicts the face of Zhong Li Quan and the name of one of the 8 Taoists.
  • Products in the form of a sword consist of many details. The symbol of 108 pieces has the most impact. It serves as a protection for companies from competitors.

quantity value

Amulet of three coins to attract money

Three symbols mean where a person can get their income from.

In Feng Shui practice, 2, 3 coins are most often used. Several Chinese coins symbolize an increase in wealth, they can be placed in the places where savings are kept. Another effect of such a symbol is protection from evil spirits. The 3 coin symbol is divided into 3 wealth parts. The owner can benefit from several sources at once: work, additional source, donations, inheritance. The meaning of this symbol is the unity of man, heaven and earth. The value of the number of coins is presented in the table:

Crowd What do you mean?
5 Plexus of 5 coins indicates wealth from 4 cardinal points
6 If you need to attract luck, help, this bundle will be the best embodiment of desires
eight Attract finance from all directions
9 For success in business, such a bundle will help, means the help of 9 emperors
four Plexuses from so many details are not recommended, they are not suitable for attracting wealth

In which areas are they used?

how to use coins

The financial side of life can be corrected with the help of two such symbols.
Feng Shui pendants can be used in any area of human activity to activate and enhance it. Therefore, sword-shaped symbols help a lot in the business category; in finance, 1, 2, 3 coins are used, they bring wealth and prosperity to the family; an amulet connected to a jade thread is responsible for health and supports this sphere; Lucky symbols help for family constancy and strong relationships.

Instructions for using the Imperial Amulet

imperial amulet to attract money

Regardless of whether the owner bought the imperial amulet or made it himself, you need to know how to use the talisman correctly.

  1. An amulet is a very personal thing, so it is forbidden to give it to anyone, but it is better to hide it from prying eyes as much as possible.
  2. The amulet cannot be given to anyone or given to others - it loses its properties. A special case are only those talismans that turned out to be inherited, although they also require some processing when changing their owner.
  3. Handle the amulet must be very careful and respectful. Store in places where it is always clean and beautiful. Convince yourself of its amazing properties.
  4. Such an assistant often has to be charged. Therefore, you should get it and talk to it at least once a week and fill it with your own energy.
  5. It should also be addressed at the most important moments in life, when important decisions are being made, as well as in moments of utter happiness and joy.
  6. It is best to always wear the amulet around your neck.

History of the creation of the imperial amulet

How did an amulet come about that has such miraculous power and is called imperial?

Tradition has it that in 1689, while still young, Peter I needed help to confront his own conspiratorial sister, Princess Sophia. In this he was helped by the deacon of the Trinity-Sergius Monastery, who all night prayed to God for help for the young monarch.

The basis for the amulet was the imperial coin.The next morning Peter I was presented with the consecrated amulet with the words:"From this day on you will be invincible, luck will not desert you and wealth will never end! The Lord be with you! "

As is known from history, the military coup failed for Princess Sophia, and she was imprisoned under strict supervision in the Novodevichy Convent. Peter I became a world figure and made our country one of the greatest and most influential powers on earth.

Later, during the reign of the Romanov dynasty, each new heir to the throne received his personal talisman, the basis of which was a special,imperial coin.

Regardless of how old you are and what problems prevent you from living a full life, the coin amulet will constantly work its wondrous effects and improve your well-being.

Next, I would like to introduce you to the distinctive features and the impact that an amulet coin has on the lives of those for whom it was made.