Amulet for luck, fortune, bringer of wealth and success

One thing that helps the people in his works, the love, the achievement of the objectives, bears the title "the amulet for luck." Such items are generally individually for each Person, because it is an intimate thing. You can help the wealth, "to meet catch the tail" of your happiness-cherished wish.

Amulets bring good luck

Amulets made with his own hands

Made by hand charms useful for luck and money more actively, than the purchased. Because with the purchase in the Shop talismans and amulets, a Person can be sure that the soulless mechanism. And here is a Talisman for good luck and wealth is produced, with his own hands, absorbing the warmth of the human Hand, its energy.

Also, a positive aspect is the fact that such an amulet has no foreign programs, foreign. On the contrary, such an amulet, the pure energy of their owner charges. Talismans and amulets can be displayed, spangle and beads, pendants, and coffers, statuettes and dolls.

For the production of amulet on the money and the luck to perfect such materials as paper and metal, wood and stone, embroidered fabric are suitable. On a piece of paper or cardboard, and special characters - Penta applied programmes, and draws to the owner, mascot, good luck, success and wealth. On the fabric pentagrams embroider or wrapped in a red triangle piece of paper with the matter inscribed Symbol.

Do amulets can be made of various materials. Is considered to be one of the best sound, because it can absorb the properties and the importance of the symbolism that the manufacturer caused the amulet. Solar energy, clay is able to increase the burn - contact with the fire Element.

Amulets made with his own hands

Amulet made of salt dough

But not always the ability to get a natural sound. Then charms made from polymer clay - you can buy in special shops. And even easier talismans good-luck charm made of salt dough.

Flour for the dough is taken through the volume in 2 times more than salt, the dough is steep as on the dumplings. Stick figure well to dry up, to paint, to varnish. But which icon will depend on the Form assistant, of his taste and wishes.

Popular characters, and symbols


Extremely powerful Talisman for luck and protection from people with bad thoughts and intentions, injustice, and bad eyes, is a figure or a picture of a Tiger. Particularly strong is the tiger, which was born as a Symbol of wealth and happiness to the people, in the year of the dragon or the year of the tiger. Because even the sign of the zodiac already points to the power of this Talismans.

Trehlapaya the map

A lucky charm with the picture of this amazing amphibian, on the coins sit, is used for the multiplication of wealth, attracts the money. Beautiful and effective, a Symbol of luck and wealth is Sweetheart Frog, holding in the mouth a coin. Frog Feng Shui - one of the greatest stimuli for the attraction of financial success.

Pedestal made of coins

It will be understood that the folded pile of coins a Symbol of wealth. Regardless of whether the old money or Modern, the state in which you are on the go and at all, real or fake. And the effect of this amulet, erected on the pedestal of the figure of the animal.


Amulets, good luck charms, amulets, of thefts and robberies, as the figures of rhinos.


Good luck, bring money - that is all that is somehow reminiscent of the coins. And the Golden petals of a sunflower just to meet such requirements.


Who does not know what is a Symbol of good luck - the Horseshoe? But also the figure with the rocking horse that pulls the money on the supply or the load, a Symbol of wealth, success, recognition, a high Position in the society.

The Golden key

Someone for the happiness of fame, and someone's apartment. Talismans, with which they can improve their living conditions - this is everything in connection with houses and apartments. Symbol Housing - Key. So, the Golden key, the amulets for the acquisition of the apartment or your own house.

The Golden key


Amulets for luck, often in the Form of kittens with a foot. The Chinese love such figures, when you consider that Pussy brings good luck and helps to be successful. Good luck charm in the Form of a cat with a foot, you can wear it anywhere in the apartment, especially at the entrance, or on the clothing to represent it. And for attracting good luck in love, you can pussy tender by your chosen one.


Talismans, money-grubbing, often have the shape of a turtle with coins on the back. But the majority have dragon a powerful sign of good luck and wealth are the turtles figures. Because they combine dragons, bravery and fearlessness, the increasing barrier properties of turtles. This Symbol of luck is very useful for business people and creative. He brings not only money, but change the essence of the people, to realize that it is brave, helps, all of the projects and initiatives in order to pursue happiness, recognition and success.

Golden Garlic

This icon of wealth is extremely revered in China. The Chinese believe that Gold garlic means continuous flow of money. You the figure of the Golden garlic - a very good sign.


Talismans for attracting wealth, often in the Form of fish-dragons aravan. This is the most popular Symbol, with the help of the money goes to the owner of the amulet of endless power.

Rod Jouy

A Symbol of wealth, happiness and success is this amulet. Particularly its effect on people in senior positions. Because the rod is the Symbol of power, the scepter of wish-fulfillment, the high social position.


This plant is known as a Symbol of love, wealth, happiness and success. And not only in the nature of four found-leaf has such a force, but also a lucky charm in the Form of a unique branches. It is believed that a dried grass clover, carry it in the pocket, in the situation, derived from the Person's difficulties, to bring good luck to him, to help in everything to be successful. You wear your four leaf clover as a Talisman, and luck will always be there.

Lucky clover

The Pairing Of The Animals

Symbols for happiness and success in love and family life in the age as the paired figures of animals. Especially the swans, wolves thrived, and pigeons. Although a couple of dolphins - a Symbol of true love and happiness. No wonder that in Russian families of the last century, the boys gave "the bow" carpets with images of life few deer or swans - to happiness in the family.

It is not very important, amulets, and talismans, and keep it either with you, or in a secluded place, where the money, jewelry, favorite photos, love little things stored.