Talisman for good luck and money with their own hands

Every attention to the fact that some of the things that bring success. On important dates or events for the extraction of luck man, dressed in the "lucky" clothes, takes a few key products. If the sports Teams mascot, that brings you happiness. The randomness of it, or you enter into an interaction with the people?


What can be used as a Talisman?

Frequent occurrence, if the amulet itself is detected. You have probably noticed, by chance, acquired a trifle, clothing, worn animal into the house to work suddenly begin "" for success and happiness. Encounter with such a mascot is not random, as he lured you: texture, color, shape. If not buy such an amulet in your life enough or make your own hands. What is the mascot can serve? Here everything depends on the preference, because the amulet should necessarily like. It can be:

  • ->A Gift;
  • ->Coins, Horseshoes;
  • ->Jewelry: Pendants, Brooches, Rings;
  • ->Leather goods;
  • ->Of things made of cloth;
  • ->Fashion jewelry;
  • ->Shells;
  • ->Pets;
  • ->Flowers, trees, and other plants.

It is advisable to purchase an amulet of natural materials, you have a warm aura.

Amulets to zodiac signs

With the right magic item plays an important role, why you should pay attention to the compliance of his astrological calendar.

With an amulet for good luck, according to the selected signs of the zodiac, it is easier to establish energy metabolism, you quickly become "friends".


Talisman for good luck and its activation

Amulet, made with their own hands, has a greater force. The main thing, the rules to magic item power could find:

  • ->• in a good mood, with good thoughts;
  • ->• forbidden to Tinker during the disease;
  • ->• the Situation should be calm, relaxed;
  • ->• to talk with anyone about the talismans and do not give in the hands of strangers;
  • ->• Amulets, we recommend doing on Sunday that the moon is in the Phase of growth.

Before you decide to the production of the mascot with the hands, you with the Form, such as in the configuration disclosed sacred meaning:

  • ->Circle — promotes stability in financial matters;
  • ->Oval — helps in the economy;
  • ->Square — Symbol of the resistance;
  • ->Triangle — brings good luck.


Is a simple and effective amulet. This amulet is easy to make with the hands at home — only needs a natural thread. For a lot of fun at the yarn using wool to bind to your 9 nodules, mentally every wish for your success in the areas where the heights are trying to achieve. Save must, as long as the plans are not fulfilled. Not the amulet, the stranger should. Wealth-attracting, preferably on the wrist, the bracelet made of red, white and black thread, a user wearing the top with an odd number of zavyazok. Knotted checked the magic over the centuries and widely used by our ancestors was used.



Sacred objects, with the applied symbolism. They are manufactured from different materials, each carries its magical meaning:

  • ->Wood, stone — versatile in application;
  • ->Genuine leather pulls cash flow;
  • ->Clay — suitable for divination;
  • ->Bone, teeth of animals are in the black magic.

Make amulet with runic characters themselves, are best made of clay, wood. These materials are well suited for the processing, the symbols to be neutered by burn-out and scribbling in. To activate after cleaning, and the dye is ready, the amulet. On a sheet of paper, write a conspiracy, it's not permitted the use of his text, which is the main thing, not the particle "to". Then you speak the name of the individual runes, burn the sheet over the flame of a candle, ashes, they develop in the wind. Fire after the Ritual imbre drop of wine. Before the magical items to recharge, you have to learn the meaning of the symbols. The names of the runes, calculated on happiness: ANZUS, Hyères, Ursus. Such talismans, you should be in the bag away from prying eyes. Sometimes you have to take, hold in the Hand, warm breath, so the charging process is done.



The easiest, but a strong amulet for luck that you do with your hands for the attraction of success. How to get a similar mascot?

For work need:

  • ->• Church Candle;
  • ->• One-half of the capacity of the water:
  • ->• Matches(new boxes);
  • ->• Fabric Pouch;
  • ->• The small paper bag.

Candle set in a glass with water, what is the spell to burn the landscape and read, while the fire is burning. Take out the floating pieces of wax, the preferred shape and place them in a small package from the paper, then into a bag made of fabric. Amulet for good luck — ready, carry it constantly in your pocket or handbag.

Elder charm of good fortune

You create such an object not unlike the production of small talismans. They have great dimensions, therefore, is not a sign, according to its contactor increases energy.

If you can not make the amulet itself — you can buy it. In this case, the amulet will need to be charged also. Produce is available in a number of ways: dipped in a solution of salt, to keep under the rays of the sun, sprinkle Holy water.

To connect amulet is easy, the main thing to believe that he will bring in your life luck and happiness.