Imperial Amulet

You want in your life present, would be more happiness and material well-being? You work hard every day, but did not get the desired result? Try with Imperial amulet to wear – the result will not wait long.


Imperial amulet takes on a very significant places among the variety of magical items. In the course of time, it was made by a monk of the Trinity-Sergius monastery for the young Russian Tsar Peter the First. The whole night the man spent in the Church, zealous prayers, and with the magic Talisman, especially for Petra. The basis for the amulet to the Imperial coin. The next morning, namolennoe the subject received the king with the words:

"From this day on you will be invincible, the happiness you will not leave, and wealth will not be the end! May God be with you!"

Since then, each of the tsarist dynasty of the Romanovs bore his name-Imperial amulet.

The Secret

The secret of making the wonder-working object of the monks to receive and to convey that to our days, even in spite of the period of godlessness in the Soviet time.

The amulet is tied to a specific Person and his name. The power of prayer and the experience of the ancestors in the secret miracle-working Talisman.

The basis for the preparation of such a ritual is the subject of the Imperial coin is a coin from the time of Peter the First. A process for the production of a coin, life necessarily must be clean.


If the Imperial amulet to do this right, then he is sure to attract to its owner the positive cash flows that previously existed. Of the numerous reviews of people who already have this unique thing to witness. It promotes:

  • Receipt of new paid work;
  • Career;
  • Success in business;
  • Luck in financial matters;
  • The return of the debt.


For the proper and efficient operation of the mascot you have to follow certain rules of interaction.

The amulet is a purely personal thing, therefore, it is to give anyone, and to hide, even better, away from prying eyes. Such items you can not give – they are not chain-chopping.A special case, the only things that transmitted inherited, although they are subject to a certain treatment at the change of the owner.

Be treated to the magical friend carefully and respectfully. In an area to be stored, where it is always clean and tidy. Necessarily active power of faith in his miracles.

Remember that your assistant needs constant recharging. Therefore regularly, at least once in two weeks, you remove it and talk with him, invite him with his energy. Also you can apply in particularly important moments of your life when you make important decisions, but also in moments of happiness and joy.

The best Option would be if the amulet you wear constantly.


two sides of a coin

You make the amulet or Talisman you can, it is only important to keep strictly to certain rules.

  • Choose a suitable day for the creation of a mascot. If your main goal is the recruitment of financial success, then you do the amulet must on Wednesday. And if you want a quick Start and a successful climb up the career ladder – the best for this day – the day of the sun, i.e., Sunday.
  • Create a quiet, peaceful atmosphere, in the you amulet to be born. Light a candle, turn on relaxing music. Purify your thoughts, from all evil, and focus on the good things, what you want from this magic item. Do not be distracted by outer things and thoughts that make you cheerful images of success and prosperity. If they are worn the coin around the neck, then you need to drill a hole in it. But you can do without it. The coin allows you to bind a thread or put it in a small bag.
  • In the night of the full moon, place a coin on a piece of red cloth on the window bench, under the moon light. And with all your soul, ask the universe (Higher intelligence, God) all you want.
  • After that, wrap the amulet in cloth and place it overnight under your pillow. It is necessary for a better togetherness of your energy with the energy of the amulet.
  • Do not talk about talismans strangers, don't flaunt his strength. Black force is the human desire, are able to destroy it's energy.
  • During the process of manufacture of mascot or amulet, a part of their life-force to override him. But you can quickly replenish. To do this, you can eat a piece of black chocolate or drink a strong tea, a walk in the fresh air, or indulge in a some very pleasant occupation for you.

But it is better the trust of important process, the production of the amulet — specialists, of course. Because you don't have to do amulet and give him miraculous powers, and this can only be the faith of the man with a pure soul and a sincere. Before you is a such a specialist, it is desirable to read the reviews of people have already benefited of his services, to avoid fraud.

Do you believe in the magical power of the Imperial amulet and you will never know the needs, and all your Affairs will go only in the height to the success and well-being.