Amulet for money and happiness with your own hands

Representatives of magic to insure that the money can gain with the help of different accessories and jewelry. You make with your hands the amulet for lucky and money, to gain wealth is very simple. But you need some rules, so it really helped its owner in achieving the objectives.

Amulet for money and happiness with your own hands

So Different Amulets

The representatives of the various magical directions, their own recipes., how to get the amulet for lucky and money with their own hands Some mages believe that slandered bags or irredeemable bills, the increase in the wallet, to be able to not only save, but also the well-being. Others are convinced that wealth can bring jewelry and other accessories. How to get to the amulet on the money, and if you to the wizard for help? Of course, the mascot buy no problems. Enough to order an amulet from the sorcerer. But you have to spend money – this Service is quite expensive. The amulet is on the money, charged a magician, which may be weaker that the energy of the future owner to fill in, if, of course, treat the Ritual seriously and with faith in the heart.

But whether he can help his new master? At best you can make the amulet for lucky and money with the own Hand, and during the production, recharge your energy and be programmed so that the multiplication of wealth.

Subtleties of the production of amulets to cash

Common amulets are made of bracelets, rings, necklaces, medallions, watches. More precisely, jewelry are accessories that hide your lucky charms people, faith in the power of such. It is important that locutus amulet separated from his master, never. You can also speak to wealth and happiness-precious stones. The most powerful stone mages carnelian, Amethyst, turquoise, Onyx believe.

The implementation of the ritual, must, if in the night sky the new moon rise, or at the time of the full moon. Some of the slander read that at midnight. To take into account the choice of the rite, and date of birth of the holder of the amulet, age, and zodiac. Also, the time of birth influence the power of the witches.

To tell the amulet to the money, you must first attract the attention of the fire Element. Just fire in the selected object gives its power. Important rite, strictly all of the tips mages and instructions for performing rituals. Otherwise, the amulet can be weak and may even harm their owners.

Amulet money and good luck with your hands coins

A simple amulet on the neck

The simplest amulet can be made of clay, wooden or ordinary cardboard box. From the Material (preferably one of the above) are two circles of the same size. Next, you need to cover them with gold paint and glue, the skip between the rope or solid thread. Before telling the amulet made on the money, it should apply on both sides, and the corresponding drawings, runes, wealth attracts. During the pronunciation of the magic words to a string of a couple of nodules, whether closing spoken word tie, or a shoelace. Instead of the cardboard amulet, you can use a rope letters to hang or hieroglyphics, and speak to you.

Precious stones to win money signs of the zodiac

For a long time believed that the gems have a magical power. If you correctly select a decoration with a stone, you will be the luckiest and happiest person. To know with your help, Ritual, amulet can money on your hands. And he is strong and powerful.

Each Sign Of The Zodiac Your Piece Of Jewelry. Aries should preferably bring amethyst, agate Taurus luck. Forked twins have a choice between garnet and beryl. Cancer emerald brings prosperity. Ruby loves fair lion. Virgin recommended amulets on the money with their own hands manufacture from Jasper, or kyanite. Prudent balance patronize diamonds. But the Scorpio to their protection in Opal. Contactors draw strength from turquoise and lapis lazuli. Talk amulet for lucky Aquarius with sapphire stone. Fish, you get a powerful amulet with a moon stone.

Ritual with a gem and a coin for the production of amulet

Some precious stones without the use of rituals and slander to his master attract money and wealth. Others require additional feeding. And for this, during the execution of the ritual is the usual coin.

A simple Ritual is held at the full moon and at midnight. Coin should be dispensed in a container with water, so that the moon light in the water, was reflected in her. In addition to the container, an ornament arranged with a gem. See a reflection in the water, ask the heavenly bodies fill in the coin and the stone with their energy, and also the force of attraction reward. Further, the coin and the stone under the note until the sun rises. After the move, talismans in hand-sewn velvet pouch with embroidered on it in yellow thread initial defense of the host. This amulet should always carry on the money and no one to show

Amulet on the neck for money, and happiness with your own hands

Powerful amulet made of wax

Important before the production of each amulet, arrange his thoughts. During the ceremony, and the creative process not to doubt the power of magic, otherwise he will not act.

To choose to fabricate amulet made of wax, first the right candle. It is a small and not very expensive, Bizarre, or unpretentious. Need to buy, like, immediately. Ritual to perform, it is recommended that in the first days of the month-growing. The younger of the month, the stronger the mascot is.

The Ritual is held the evening in 12 hours. The selected candle needs in a glass and put in the fire. No special connections-word utterance is not necessary, it is the flame of a candle is sufficient to transmit their desires to connect with him on an energetic level. While the flames play, you your wishes should whisper. The fears also say suppositories. As magicians say, the wax of the candle, absorbed in dreams and desires, fear and remembers unwanted issues.

When the candle is burning, wait until the wax cooled and hardened, by a fancy shape with embellishments and patterns. In them is slandered secret stored full information of the owner of the amulet.

Stick figure that remains after the rite, they always carry with themselves and not give anyone to touch him with the hands. It is not better, if stranger's eyes to see the amulet. In General, slandered wax was sewn in a locket or a cure in the bag, made of a velvet or gold brocade.

Amulet made of the four elements

The amulet for lucky and money with their own hands, charged with the energy of the four elements, you will need a Golden or a Magenta Band. To embroider with the help of natural threads, the symbols of the sun and moon, wind and water, so that the result was a unified and woven image. Each character not embroider individually. To think, therefore, before the beginning of the creation of freeze, like everything in the end will look like. Embroidered Band must be lit by the sun and full moon, obdata wind and currents moistened with rain. If all of the elements with a amulet of your energy, you can Talisman.

The power of the amulet and the belief in the magic

how to get to the amulet on money and happiness with your own hands

Without faith in the magic amulet on the money powerless. He really was a powerful Talisman, you have to constantly feed him with his energy. Thoughts materialize. To the owner of the powerful Talismans, you should not only learn the rules of the implementation of the rites, but perform all the steps correctly. Amulet energy charge – is a difficult and lengthy process. Focus and connect mentally with the objects of the magical ritual. Not less important is to make with his own hands.

Finally, the amulet is not expired, you can't show it, also love. This is a very personal thing. And in any case, it is impossible to give, and give-loaner equipment even very close people.