25 amulets, good luck charms from all over the world

Some types of amulets is widespread and in many cultures, others are characteristic only for single peoples. We present 25 objects, on the faith of the representatives of different peoples, the respect and attract good luck.



The Vikings had the habit of keeping an acorn on the window sill, so that he would protect the house from lightning strikes, the God sends the thunder God Thor.

The teeth of the crocodile

According to some African peoples, the help of teeth of the crocodile, lucky to win the game.


In Asian countries you will receive as a gift Rostock bamboo. It is believed that it brings luck to its owner. And according to the teachings of Feng Shui, if you the pot with the escape of bamboo in the Eastern part of the room, it improves the circulation of Qi energy.


Triangle is the oldest Symbol with many meanings, the most common of which — stability and sustainability. In addition, there are the three periods of the cycle of human life: childhood, youth, old age personified.


Is regarded as a symbol of good luck in many Asian cultures, and in the case of the American Indians. He protects the house and warns of the dangers of your sound.


The horse thousands of years as a faithful and strong helper of people – maybe that's why the horseshoe is considered the thing that can help others, and luck is on the side of its owner. In many homes In different countries over the door you can see a horseshoe, that serves as a protection against all kinds of misfortune.


So it's called the dolls, the American Indians, as if the spirits of different things. It is believed that these spirits help a rich harvest.


This is another magic item from the culture of the Indians, which is designed to protect the sleeper from bad dreams. According to legend, the first of the people of this amulet weaving dreamcatcher Indian Nokomis, the learned was that a spider in gratitude for his rescue. In the center of the design, an opening remains through which the good dreams, but in the surrounding network, all bad dreams fall.

Evil Eye

In the middle East Region to protect against the evil eye amulet is used, which usually looks like an eye in the inner circle. Like tourists like the local Souvenir to buy, although many probably rely on his magical abilities.



Scarab was considered a sacred animal in Ancient Egypt, and the talismans, his presentation, very much appreciated. This insect is embodied in the Egyptian culture of the rising sun, and was with re-birth and Transformation.

Imperial Lion-Keeper

Lion statues guard you can find in many Asian countries, particularly in China. Most pairs are ranging in the vicinity of the front door of houses, temples or palaces, to protect the property owner against attacks by burglars and thieves.


According to a widespread legend, the ladybug and happiness brings prosperity, especially if it was on your Hand. And a young woman, the number of dark spots on the back of the insect, will tell you how many children you have.


This ancient amulet was used by the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, which carried him as a Symbol of eternal life. In many ancient Egyptian drawings, the gods, with the help of ankh gave the people a life after death.shown,


Coins – it is a very common Symbol of good luck, in many cultures. As a good sign, a coin, a fallen eagle to pick up, and then around the neck wearing, hanging on the top. The coins are often in the pocket of a new jacket or coat, purse and shoes.


Power of the dragon goes to the man, a representation of its mascot. It is believed that particularly useful to have such a magic item to people who are career build, because the dragon gives strong leadership qualities.


In many countries In Europe as well as in some countries in Asia, for pork, and well-being symbolized. In Chinese mythology, the most important qualities of the pig's honesty and diligence. No wonder, to use that for the collection of money saving pig is accepted in the Form of this animal.

Only the rabbit's foot

Only the rabbit's foot is a well-known good luck charm, but it is imperative that the back. Rabbits are associated with litter size, the paws, in addition to a lot of fun, and helps in the near future to a father or mother.

Laughing Buddha

Among all the Buddha images, especially great luck and wealth to its salmon are characters. On the recommendation of Feng Shui, Statue of the laughing God, one must contain and in the Western part of the house, and grant you good health and prosperity.

Wishing well

In many cultures of the world, the throwing of coins for good luck into the fountain, and fountains. I used to think that in order for the gods and for the protection of the water soothe source from drying out. In addition, you can see your reflection in the fountain and make a wish, and it was safe to go in the performance, throw a coin into the water.

Three-Legged Toad


This Talisman also comes from Asia. Toad in the rule, holding in the mouth a coin, on the characters engraved on it. The mascot worked, and the happiness left you, do not put a toad, so she stared in the direction of the door out of the house.


A big mistake is to walk under the stairs, the wall, or post. The resulting triangle represents the Christian Holy Trinity, and such an act is considered an insult to the Holy family. But if it happens, but, then again, luck and the right thing to do, crossed his fingers and three times a spat between the stages.

Cat's eye

Many believe that this protects the semi-precious stone against the evil eye and resolves difficulties in life. It's like the players wear in a game of chance, the way he brings good luck and protects against greater losses.


Unlock locked or even the hiding place of the soul of another people, the door with the right key. On the faith of the old, even the gods better, the prayers of the people, was a happy key. In Japan believe that a bunch of three keys unlocked the door to love, wealth and health.


Elephants bring good luck wherever they come from, believe in many of the countries of the Asian Region. The image of a pair of elephants are facing each other with upraised trunk, placed next to the front door as a Symbol of hospitality. And yet these powerful animals symbolizes wisdom and longevity.


This unique plant is closely associated with Ireland, and although the chances of such a type of clover is small — only 1 to 10000, but if you are happy, then you know that there are four leaves for luck, faith, hope, and love.