How to make a good luck charm, a miraculous amulet in the home

The mascot is called items that bring good luck to its owner. Talismans can be made yourself, or even bought, can be subtle or quite commonly.

But the greatest effect are the mascots that are made independently, and all because of these talismans carry the energy of the owner. These mascots are made not only to get rid of the evil eye or damage, but also to attract wealth and happiness.


For whom need such talismans.

Many famous people use various talismans, which are one of the reasons for the success. Those charms, which man carries with him, to absorb all the information and then processing this information and give useful to its possessor.

But not only jewelry or jewelry can become talismans. Some popular people consider as their mascot and Pets, and plush toys.

From what we can make talismans.

To make a talisman for luck, you can take any materials, but most often for these purposes use jewelry. The materials that are used for the charm – it's gems like turquoise, amethyst or Jasper, shells found on the beach, rings, earrings, bracelets, buckles, pins, pins, cufflinks. Other items that can be made of cardboard or wood, clay sculpture.

All such talismans are usually made by people who know about the energy which can be used to attract good luck and happiness. These people are psychics, healers, healers, and witches, wizards and Magi. And to make talismans, magicians spend a lot of their energy and wasting strength, and yet these rituals are not for one day. And also takes into account the structure of the material, date of birth, day and time of day when the PR of the amulet, zodiac sign of the owner.

And such pleasure is not cheap, so many people are trying these charms to make your own. But few people think that such a ritual need is done properly, with a clear sequence of actions. When these charms makes himself the magician during the ritual, the magician reads the prayers and strong plots to amulets had a strong impact on its owner.

The mascot, which made for good luck is the very source of power for the person who wears it. But not necessarily a mascot to wear all the time and closer to the body. For such an amulet possessed even greater force on its surface are applied with special characters that can be encrypted with a spell.

A plan to create a mascot

  1. Define the purpose
  2. To create an image of the amulet mentally
  3. Create or purchase
  4. Clean
  5. Charge

The best talismans for good luck


Magic bag

Magic bags have used witches in different directions. They were created for different purposes. filled them with herbs, stones, and other fillers and activated.

To attract luck you need to sew the gold pouch to Add the crystal heart, oak leaves, clover and Basil.

A talisman that will bring good luck – stone.

To make a talisman made of natural materials, specifically stone, need only a stream and a stone. While walking near a stream, you should find a suitable stone and paint on the surface of his desire. For example, if the desire is getting a huge amount, a big house, a journey, a strong family, health. After the stone was drawn by desire, must counterclockwise direction around the stream, gripping his stone and focus on your desire. After all is completed, then is that stone to throw back into the stream.

Rune talisman

Many esoteric runes used successfully for the fulfillment of desires, to attract favorable events.

They are made of stone, wood, can the formula be applied photo on the leaf with paper.

And then activate. This can be done using saliva, for example ,blood, breath. Such methods of activation are based on personal power.

If you want to summon Gods or the elements, without ritual will not do. Typically, you use 4 elements, after the ceremony, make offerings.

Here are a few formulas for good luck:

Dagaz, soul, soul, soul, Wunjo - enhanced luck

Teywaz, soul, Kano,soul, Teywaz - success, good luck

I want to note that when you create a rune talisman to use conspiracy. You can search online or create yourself. Naturally, its stronger, but for beginners you can take to minimize potential errors in self-creation.

A mascot charm on the bag.

When the moon is in the first phase, begins to grow, you need to make a bag out of the red piece. The second day into the bag to put a little bit of spice cloves, allspice, a little fennel, Bay leaf, rosemary and mint. While the bag put these spices need to read the prayer "our father". And after the prayer was read, a must read zagovornye words:


"Lodge grass on the orders of God for themselves at random and luck. And let it be. 3 times Amen.

For three full moons this pouch need to be put on the window sill. This talisman will begin to work only after all will be done. And in order to make the effect stronger, better this pouch to wear around the heart.

The plot on the coin that brings luck in trade.

On a small coin is a conspiracy to attract good luck in the trade. Within six days after purchase to take delivery and collected the amount you need to purchase a notebook, pen and keychain, any mascot on the seventh day. Start collecting the money needed on the first day of the new moon. After all the purchases acquired the remaining trifle to throw over the shoulder at the intersection, and while saying:

"For all paid in full and paid for. Let it be so".

Then you need to go home and not to look back and not talk to anyone along the way. And those items that have been bought, become talismans for luck.

There are many conspiracies that can attract luck and happiness, such methods can be found in the Internet. As long as everything was done correctly and with the appropriate sequence.

How to clean

Any magic attribute is purified before use. How can I do that? Here the most simple ways:

  1. Using a candle.

Buy or make wax candle, write on it with a needle "the cleansing of the talisman", light a candle and show her the talisman, reading the "our father" ( approximately 5-10 cm). You can do cross-motion.

  1. Water.

Put made the character under running water for 10 minutes.

  1. Salt

3 days mascot can be put in coarse salt.

How to charge

  1. Simple techniques: breath, saliva, blood, with the attached intention. That is, you load the program for your amulet.
  2. Ritual.

Charging light

  1. Concentrate on the purpose of the magic symbol.
  2. Ask the Universe for the blessing on the rite.
  3. Put the talisman in his hands.
  4. Imagine a stream of light that goes on top of you. As he fills you. Filled with energy.
  5. Direct the flow of this energy into the talisman. With the desired program.
  6. Thank the universe.

Natural method

  • Tune in to the ritual.
  • Put it on the altar (table) 4 elements. Salt, water, incense and a candle. In the center of the symbol that you charge.
  • Activate the elements, that is, light a candle and incense, shake the water and salt.
  • Read the spell for each element. ( create your own)

For example:

"The power of fire, fill my good luck charm with your energy. Charge it for attracting luck. True"

  • Read hook up

"The forces of Fire, Water, Air, Earth unite. Charge my talisman energy. He attracts good luck into my life. So be it.

  • Finish the ritual
  • Take the offerings to the elements

After the production of the amulet, wear it. 6-12 months bury with words of gratitude. And create a new one.

All The Best To You. )