Luck many people have been trying for thousands of years. And not so much the catch, how much do you pull in your house. To this end, each Nation has its own methods: various magical talismans, or amulets, worn, or kept in a room, and these family relics were.What brings happiness?

1. Horseshoe


One of the most popular mascots bring good luck, happiness and success. Happiness is not only the house, in the a good luck charm, but also a man who will be the Finder. Yes, horseshoe is no need to buy, namely a, and only in this case it is a real Talisman to bring good luck.

2. Crier

3. Icon

This religious amulet and Talisman "doesn't work", when in the heart there is no faith. But what is the Symbol for mascot, you must decide individually, as they choose a patron Saint for himself and his family. Best of icons, help, written on the tree. In addition, you do not need to get just of her, but to always dedicate in the temple. Therefore, it is to acquire the best relic in the monastery. It is also important to properly pray at Icons, because for each of them there is a private prayer, exactly for this purpose, we designed the face of the Holy.

4. Safety pin

This simple subject, you bring almost any Box with thread, you can also luck. The truth is here, as is the case with the icon, it is important not only to buy this theme, but also to correctly use. Usually a pin stuck to the clothes "from the evil eye", but there are some nuances. Before a pin is stuck, it needs to be a fire ignited within seven minutes, then three times by drilling new Church offers, such as a candle, and put a needle on a flat surface. Pour on top of three pinches of flour, three pinches of salt, three pinches of Paprika, left it over night. In the morning, your Pin ready. But note that not every clothing, you can pin them. For example, the girls Hitch Pin on the pants, since it is not primordial women's clothing. Also, the thing to put you this amulet, made from natural materials. Also, make sure that the needle was protected from prying eyes, therefore, it will often get stuck on the seams. This needle is, the store and to the home, but in this case, you will be open and the top to the bottom stapled.

5. Statuette of an elephant.

This Symbol of good luck came to us from India and China. Of particular importance statuettes of elephants in the philosophy of Feng Shui, where it is believed that it helps to achieve harmony and guide the life energy in the right direction. Elephant with long trunk, on the shelf in the locker room in your home happiness and welfare, will help the families-enrichment of the capital.

6. Tattoo.

Not for nothing, in many cultures it's exactly Tattoos decorate the body. Characters on the skin of the people are able to influence on his fate. But it is the right Tattoo is very important not to get the opposite effect. Often, you choose the image-Totem, to bring not only luck, but also to protect its owner. It should be seriously are on the pictured icon, because not all people are able to withstand the powerful energy of the dragon or Tiger, sometimes a small flower is much more effective Talisman.

7. Ladybug.


It is a favorite of all children insect is an excellent Talisman. And even not so much the tipster, as it brings the image of happiness and positive emotions. And here is the number of black spots on the back – the more it is important, the stronger mascot.

8. Gems

The stones are formed in the bowels of the earth, absorb its energy and re-emit certain vibrations, which are capable to influence on the people. Maybe this is why some of the stones are true talismans for their owners. But such a defense is quite difficult, in General, the person feels a "special position" of stone, that is a sign of the happiness of the crystal. There is a whole philosophy that the effect of the different stones declared to the people according to zodiac signs, elements, and even eye color. Believe it or not — matter, but, perhaps, no woman would not give up such a nice mascot.

9. Honey

On the usefulness of honey to every man known, but the fact that honey has an amazing property to bring happiness, do not know all. Notes about it there is almost in every fairy tale, in which the honey acts as a festive drink with magical properties. Yes, and not for nothing, there is the expression "such as honey back smeared" about the place in which we continually strive. Yes, and use honey in many of the rituals for the attraction of prosperity. This delicacy is the happiness brought into the house, you need to feed Brownie. In the saucer Golden color with a pattern you pour hot honey and place on the stove or on the table. Very soon you will find that in the house everything went smoothly, and their work is acknowledged with great success for you. Incidentally, when the turned saucer, and honey turned — don't fret, your house wanted to, in order to deceive. Patiently wipe out all and pour the honey.

10. Portrait Of A Gypsy

This image is one of the most controversial talismans for good luck, a storm of comments. The picture itself is no masterpiece, this is the usual portrait of a girl with a penetrating gaze of the black eyes. But it is an amazing property-view it brings happiness and at the same time plagued owners for 150 years. The image belongs to the family Carbone, each of which is success, as only the portrait was in the house. Someone has won in the card, someone was a successful businessman, of all the women of this genus were the mothers, even after the adverse diagnosis about infertility. To notice a "feature" of the image, to give the members of the family Carbone reproductions started by my friend, the life later of Stalin. It is interesting that the American Newspapers have published this picture, are now successful in, for example, the Daily News. In the Soviet Union about this image in the late 80s, after the portrait appeared in the newspaper "Kubanskie world". Coincidence or not, but this newspaper is still going, then as it closed more successful competitors already for a long time.

The interesting thing is that the mascots bring good luck, any thing. Even a small hand-picked puppy on the street. Because here it is not important, what exactly you have chosen, as a Talisman, and then, in what mood you to this object or animal. Why that animal? Many believe that you of all people bring us happiness and the smile of fate. It is conventional Autosuggestion can, but each person chooses unconsciously for himself the desired amulet. And you already have such?