How to be an effective lucky charm for love

In the opinion of the inhabitants, and talismans to attract love only popular with women, but it is not so, many men turn to the amulets in the process of the solution of heart problems.

In search of love, people are often willing to do anything and sooner or later to the various magical means. The main advantage of amulets and talismans on the appeal of love is that it does not carry any risk for the people who use them, and you are not able to throw out a different Person, his will, in contrast to the strong charm, which often used black and caemeterium energy. There are many effective resources to be an effective amulet on the search and strengthening of love.

Amulet – Love-Knot

The work on creation of the effective amulet allowed only in the time of the full moon. You take the three petals of red roses, a pink and a white yarrow flower and one petal of the red Tulip. All the collected flowers and petals together bag sewing in the cloth of red or pink fabric. After that, take the bag in the Hand, hold it to your lips and whisper read the words conspiracy theory:

"My strength, put to the servant of God (name), may he at this moment thinks of me, servant of God (name). You can be with this time only about me, thoughts, you coveted, I'm going to him all nights and days, let him settled firmly in the thoughts, let my face zakuet him Scarlet in bondage, I'll get me a foolish heart, a passion, it is me as poison napoenny. Starting today and until the end of the day the servant of God (name) is run in my power, everything I say to him, he indulges my desires. I'm going to be more expensive earthly life with you, you come to me, for sure, speak of his love and suffering, so I don't want to, so I'm going to you. Fulfilled, what is said. Amen. Amen. Amen."

According to the pronunciation of words of a conspiracy, put the bag on the window sill, so that to him the moon light fell. The next morning you need to tie him to a red ribbon or a cord and wear the resulting amulet, as long as he's not on a dynamics for the desired action.

Yarrow This method of creating an effective magical amulet on a strong love spell, however, it is not so, this mascot will never deprive you of your destination a will of their own. Everything he can – to the attention of the right Person, and the further development of relations depends entirely on the people themselves.

Create a simple amulet

It is one of the easiest ways to create an amulet for love. To do this, you need to cut out from paper two flat circle with a diameter of about five centimeters, and make use of the same size of a circle made of thin copper sheet. You write on the first sheet of paper with red ink or blood, your name and date of birth, but on a different Cup name and date of birth of your beloved. Between paper, copper circle is added, so that the sides of the leaves turned were to the metal.

Now in the middle of the circles gathered, one has a small hole, thread the red thread, tie it to three nodules, and pronouncing the word conspiracy theory:

"The merging of the heart, thoughts, and connect to the body, destiny, life, words, and deeds. A man and a woman threads connect, born on the day of (date of birth lover) and per day (with your own date of birth). Yes they are, along with the present day and to all eternity. As I said, and so true. Amen. Amen. Amen."

Gems for the amulets of love

In the creation of talismans to attract love, often use natural stones. One of the most effective minerals for use in this area, turquoise. This stone can be compared with a strong Magnet attracts the energy of love. In addition, it is able to turquoise to protect its wearer against negative magical effects, including, by the charm, the aufschlgen and prisushek.

With a special amulet with turquoise, you are not afraid of the dangerous phenomena, such as the corruption of love and relationships. If you decide to use the mascot with the stone, you need to know that turquoise must carry close to the body, the Mineral is most effective in permanent contact with the skin of the host.

Turquoise can also then, if you already have a negative magical influence, for example, the curse on love. In this case, the stone will assume negative energy to yourself and can even be destroyed. For this reason, don't worry, just the Mineral fulfills its main function. If turquoise blackened, just like to thank stone of soul, and only then replace with a new. For the sake of attracting the love you can only move the stones of blue and blue, but not in the case, not green.

Herbal amulet to the attraction of love

As talismans for love, often amulets on the Basis of herbs and flowers. For these purposes, the roots of the plant of St. John, known as St. John's wort, as well as a plant Ivan often use as Marja. These plants often carry along in a small tissue bag red.

Anise, you can always carry in a pouch made of red flannel cloth to attract love, which is marriage at the end of the completion of the. Orange in many of the Eastern countries was seen as a Symbol of not only love, but also of fertility, thanks to the large number of seeds and sweet flavor.

Cloves, in many regions, is a Symbol of love. It is believed that, if utykat cloves, ripe orange, and eat, as it is in the mixture of spices, he can win in a very powerful amulet, capable of love lead to a marriage, love and birth for you to healthy and strong children. To do such an amulet, and tie a red thread or ribbon and store out of the reach of prying eyes.

Orange color is considered a Symbol of love and the wedding, he promotes the conclusion of a good and long marriage. Orange blossom shells, often in combination with the seeds of anise, dederunt hyacinthum root, and orange, all of these ingredients can be used in a pouch as an amulet for love.

Marjoram – herb, the attribute of Venus. If a woman wants to like over the years the man, marjoram, all the corners in the house to disperse and update every few months. Marjoram

Rose – one of the most popular symbols of Venus and of love. It is believed that the fire cast, the buds of this flower family can bring happiness.