Self-mage: do Talisman for luck alone!

So, for example, talismans and amulets can protect its owner from the evil eye, damage, witches, win, luck, love, money, etc., the manufacture of talismans, deal with the wizards and healers, but their services are expensive, so that today, more and more people are thinking about how to get the mascot with their hands. In General, people with the help of amulets, looking to achieve attractiveness in your life, a lot of money, but also success in business and happiness.


For whom and for what is a mascot?

Many modern pop stars, actors, politicians and well known athletes use the talismans as one of the means of the achievement of success and protection against setbacks. So, some people believe due to their Coulomb charm, and some of the singer to wear anywhere with your favorite amulet – emerald. She is convinced that this stone helps you build a harmonious relationship with her husband and strengthens the family. And this singer is not wrong. Amulets really have to perceive the property, to process, to collect and give energy on the basis of which you will receive your unique qualities.

However, not only the gems and jewelry are the stars of your favorite mascot. Deadly temptress and Home-Heartbreaker – Miley Cyrus as a little girl, every night he sleeps in an embrace with a pink Teddy bear, if you consider it the best of his Talisman. Patricia Kaas is also a Fan of stuffed animals (but, like millions of women around the world). Your Teddy bear will take you on all, without exception, guest performances, and is dedicated to him, even the Songs.

What is and how to make the talismans?

As a Material used for the creation of magical talismans for good luck, absolutely all the elements, but most commonly for this purpose take the jewelry (usually as an amulet Ring), precious and decorative stones (turquoise, carnelian, Bulls-Eye, Amethyst, Jasper, Onyx, etc.), molluscs, small household items (hair clips, pins, watch, keys, buckles),products made of cardboard, wood, and clay (clay figures, dolls), textiles (embroidered cloths, laces and thread, knotted a special way, etc.).

The manufacture of amulets are employed, as a rule, are those people who know first-Hand about the existence of the various magical phenomena, the circulation of the energies and methods of covert influence on people and events – these people are sorcerers, medicine men, healer, diviner, and magician. Only you know how to properly mascot that he has the maximum performance and helped his Lord in dealing with certain vital tasks.

In the creation of magical items, everything down to the smallest Detail to the season of the year and the month, of the place and the time of day, the date of birth and Zodiac Sign of the future owners, the color scheme and the special properties of the materials from which the amulet is taken into account:. The manufacturer of this amulet magician robs a lot of time and expense, in the investigation of what is the cost of this Service is cheap. So many people today, the question of how the mascot with his hands , not knowing that the process of the creation of this powerful talisman is a complex Ritual that requires compliance with a fixed sequence of actions.

Amulet with her hands

In the manufacture of amulet magician, the recitation will give to him special charms, and spells, with those of the selected object to the desired properties of an intangible nature of things. In addition, a real "Pro" Mage in a magic item, pumping the energies of (breathes in him the forces of the elements, the "binding" not physical beings, or acts own biofield). So, for example, a Talisman for good luck and wealth receives its power through "inflated" the energies of the fire Element.

Each amulet for luck is in fact a real "subject-matter of the powers" of the man for which it is intended and carries with them at all times (preferably, and as close as possible to your body. For even greater efficiency, giving it the wizard can be applied on the surface of such an amulet special magical characters. These characters can either have a secret magical name patrons (angels, demons, spirits of the elements, etc.), runes (magical symbols of the ancient alphabet used by the peoples of Northern Europe), the symbols of the gods and the elements.

As a Talisman, attracting good luck?

If you don't know too much about the magic and still decided to love or Cash-mascot with the hands, then you can benefit from our tips. Carefully read this article, and then you will be clear how to the mascot itself. Do not hurry up and follow all the instructions exactly. Errors in the manufacture of amulets can lead to your self-made amulet is ineffective, or work does not begin well for you, but, on the contrary, attracts strangers to your energy field energy flows from the universe.

Manufacturer of ropes made by hand charms in addition to the obvious night (one of which, and especially their lack of professionalism in this area), also has a lot of positive moments. First of all, by the amulet itself, you will fit engorged its own energy, the best to you, and perfectly assimilated to their energetic structures. Secondly, it guarantees you will bring you luck, so how do you want to see it (convenient in every respect). And, thirdly, to save the walks to the wizard, a whole lot of time and money.

Guide for beginners: create a mascot, opt for these goals, for whose achievement it is developed. If the amulet on the luck or not pulls out the money, be lazy, the right Material and processing, but also decide, with the applied color, and on its outer side of the symbolism.

The simplest of the talismans, fabricated from clay, wood, cardboard, paper and similar threads. For the defense, a small piece of wood, it is given the desired shape to fit on the luck to paint a Golden or white color, and then applied to the surface of the corresponding symbols of success and wealth.

Very strong natural power of natural stones, talismans, selected according to the sign of the zodiac.


Another possibility is self-made a pendant out of normal coins amulet. It for yourself you need to have a large and beautiful coin, and a round piece of plastic, slightly larger in diameter to pick up. With a quick drying glue to stick a coin on a piece of plastic, so that the top of the coin is a gap in the plastic remains in the somewhat small hole. In the resulting hole, you take a thick thread and tie the ends so, that was the "pendant on a string".

Once your mascot is completed, it is desirable that the Meditation is on the money, or simply to your amulet in the Hand, hold it between your hands, presents your goal, or the task for the mascot was created. Imagine, as your desire flows energy through the hands and mascot, fills up far to fall over its edges and to the creation of the magical things strange energy field. With this recording, you can upload your mascot and make it effective.