Types of talismans for luck and its manufacturing in house conditions: such as the amulet of happiness looks

Talisman for good luck — it is a particular object, capable of happiness and success to bring the carrier in the business. Amulet, you can make the most, take it as a gift, order or buy commercially available.

Characteristics and types

According to the magic of amulets, talismans for luck, share bring on the animate and inanimate. The first group includes a variety of plants, the second — items.

Frequent Mascot:

  1. One of the a Symbol of good luck is considered to be a four-leaf clover. With four leaves of a plant occurs to tens of thousands − in, rare felix.
  2. China has long believed that the corn brings happiness. Of course, no one store would pistons for a whole corn. Good luck attract wrap them in a handkerchief or sew in Ward nine grains.
  3. Live mascot and the jaw. Pine fir cones for a long time as the Symbol of prosperity and planted in protecting the tree from evil spirits.
Amulet clover

There are talismans and inanimate, so many beliefs, the stones with magical properties of precious and semi-precious stones.

It was assumed that:

  • Pearl helps the well-being of the family;
  • Cat's eye brings success in love and money;
  • Emerald helps to focus;
  • Carnelian is of the melancholy;
  • Labrador protect against bad dreams.

Other mascot will be able to:

  • silver key – a Symbol of happiness and abundance;
  • only the rabbit's foot brings good luck in all your endeavors, and protection;
  • statuette of the map with the mnze in the mouth, according to Chinese folk belief, brings prosperity;
  • Horseshoe over the door in the Slavic people is a sign of well-being believe.

Lucky Charms Zodiac Signs

In ancient times believed that the movement of the planets affects human life. Signs of the zodiac influence whether or not a mascot.

  1. Aries. Aries is inherently holistic approach and emotionality. Wonderful choice for this amulet sign pendant made of garnet, ruby, or heliotrope. It is desirable that the mascot happened to the owner, or was donated, so it works more efficiently.
  2. Bull. Taureans are known for the ability and rationality. A suitable mascot for the image, figure or key chain in the shape of a cat. The animal, the flexibility and ingenuity helps a stubborn Taurus, to avoid conflicts.
  3. Twins. Optimistic and good-natured twins mascot in the Form of an hourglass is the ability to avoid excessive carelessness in everyday questions. The amulet also allowed in matters of workers to concentrate.
  4. Cancer. Cancer living disease held at the end of a love for art, representatives sign tend to be artistic professions. Cancer needed a mascot that protects you back into reality, the outer is negative. Best amulet is the figure of the snake. It is protected in many Nations as a Symbol of wisdom, but as a mascot prior to the accident.
  5. Leo. Ambitious and strong-willed Lions mascot suitable in the Form of a bird. Amulet gives the owner of invisible wings, the development of leadership skills.
  6. Virgin. Demanding and attentive to Detail, Virgos should pay attention to the decoration made of tin. Such talismans help, the representatives of the sign not to get upset about trivialities and to gain material goods.
  7. Scale. Balanced scale fits amulet-horseshoe. Mascot will help you establish and win lucrative Dating good finds.
  8. Scorpio. Restless Scorpions it can be used in your adventures safety pin with glass pearl. Preferably, the bead in red, that symbolize health and prosperity.
  9. Sagittarius. Impatient shooter from the adoption of hasty decisions to protect turtle figure. The animal was considered a Symbol of peace and slowness.
  10. Aquarius. Mascot in the Form of a heart makes Aquarius more cautious in communicating with loved ones. Will not throw words to the wind, and the leadership to win.
  11. Capricorn. Capricorns can select a decoration in the Form of a dragonfly. Such a Symbol of light-heartedness representative sign of confidence and optimism, the lack gives.
  12. Fish. Fish amulet in the shape of the sun can buy. The mascot is required by the indecision and energy in order to achieve the objectives.

Where to get the good luck charm of happiness?

Binding rule in the choice of the mascot – the call of the heart follow. In the time acquired, under the influence of the inner pulse, a gimmick can serve reliable as an amulet, creating a suitable mood.

Of course, better to have the mascot was done by Hand, but allowed the creation took a relative, friend or loved one.

In any case, do not use as a mascot gifts unfriendly people or unpleasant.

How to do with the hands?

To begin, select the amulet you create. You decide which mascot suits you best.

A Talisman is, in fact, "the subject of the forces" in connection with a specific owner. To can be used for the reinforcement of the protection amulet, magical symbols, the name of the owner or runes. Sometimes the settings for the communication with the amulet on, you leave a drop of blood.

Rules for the manufacture
An important aspect of the creation of the mascot to lucky home the full concentration on the task at hand.

The rules for the manufacture of talismans, as follows:

  1. create a amulet be sure to mark the day free from worry;
  2. do not let anyone distract you and disturb you during the operation;
  3. disconnect the phone, turn on the pleasant relaxing music;
  4. in advance, prepare the components for the mascot.

All the materials for the creation of a mascot for luck natural.

Talismans that you can make the most

You can create as many charms with their hands, one of the most effective:

  1. Amulet made of paper or paperboard;
  2. Bag on the luck;
  3. Cash-Tangle;
  4. Magic Wax;
  5. Bracelet made of threads;
  6. Arabic Mascot;
  7. Imperial amulet for luck and wealth.
Amulet made of paper or paperboard

To create a Talisman made of paper or cardboard will not last long, but properly-made amulet to bring good luck. To start, decide which colour of paper to choose from.

The reasonable colors paper:

  1. White is the color of new beginnings, purity and restraint. Mascot of the white color is suitable for those who began their way to the goal, success will have in the area.
  2. Red symbolizes health, and emotionality. You choose the color for those who want to strengthen the relationship, open up in the creative.
  3. Black is often a negative value, but this perception is fundamentally wrong. Black – And- Completion, Energy Intake. There are people that quit the old business is worth choose to the problems from the past.

After undecided with the color of the paper, begin the creation of a mascot:

  1. You cover the white table, it is desirable to have a new tablecloth.
  2. Put on the middle of the table a blank sheet of paper, or cardboard ceiling.
  3. At the edges of tablecloths, set four candles and light them.
  4. You draw on paper a drawing or inscription. Write on the sheet of the request, as if you have already become true: "I bought a house" — or: "Vova fell in love". For the drawing you should for RUNE, the image of the sun or of the heart, which will help you pull positive energy.
  5. Wait until the candle conburet igni, look at the Text or the image on the paper. Try to visualize your dreams.
Keep such wishes, you need to be closer to. Put it in your wallet or put it in the breast pocket.
Bag on luck Red Bag

Comfortable and easy to use in manufacturing the mascot is bag for good luck.

  • to create it need such materials:
  • red fabric 25 to 15 centimeters;
  • Multi-colored yarns;
  • dried herbs.

Materials ready to begin with the creation of a mascot:

  1. Fold fabric in half and sew two sides.
  2. In the resulting bag folds grass. You can choose mint, lavender, rosemary or cloves.
  3. You can tie the neck with seven threads, then you leave the window for a week.

Bag on the luck is on the growing moon, so he will have more power. Made correctly, it brings good luck for many years.


The next amulet will need:

  1. a tangle of woollen yarns;
  2. small coins.
The must not be used wool a new, to knitting or craft work.

We begin with the creation of the mascot:

  1. Take the thread and start at the end of a new skein, and woven the coins.
  2. Conspiracy talk: "thread added to the strand – the happiness come on, cover ball – happiness in the house".

After the completion of the manufacture mascot must in a moonlit night on the window sill, so that he can recharge the moon, and in the house bring good luck and prosperity.

Magic Wax

For the creation of the amulet, only the wax needed. You choose the attracted end of candle, color and shape of the product are unimportant.

We go to the list:

  1. In the Phase of the waxing moon you light the candle at midnight.
  2. As long as the flame burns, can you tell me about all your wishes and dreams. Try to formulate as clearly as possible.
  3. If the candle does not melt away the wax, and fold it in the Canvas bag.

Keep the wax away from the eyes of the enemies. Mascot helps in the implementation of all desires.

Bracelet made of threads Bracelet made of red yarn

For the creation of amulet often choose the red thread for the production of happiness.

Create a mascot:

  1. You take three strands and braid begin to"braid", are alternately superimposed one on the other.
  2. In the middle of the bracelet you can still find red beads for the reinforcement of the defense.
  3. The resulting pigtail knotted knot at the wrist.

Umelitsy. spider's thread, leather band, so good luck to the safe Foundation, strengthens Intuition and the connection with nature will have Lucky charm protects against failures and slander, happiness will attract.

Arabic Mascot

One of the strongest Arab mascot to bring good luck, as the Hand of Fatima. Amulet in the Form of a palm tree, not infrequently, in the Form of statuettes and pendants, but is it possible to represent themselves.

The algorithm for the creation of the Arab mascot for good luck:

  1. Light a candle.
  2. Take a sheet of paper and draw the Hand of Fatima. Preferably, amulet, drawing the blue colors, this enhances their protective properties.
  3. Place in the center of the image, the image of the eye to sharpen Intuition.
  4. Wait until the candle burns.

The finished mascot smarter partitioning the vicinity of the front door, in order not to fail in the house or on the Desktop for good luck in business.

Imperial amulet for luck and wealth

For the production of the amulet, you need a coin. Do not take the first available. Maybe in an antique shop, there is the Option for the soul.

Create a mascot:

  1. After that, a hole in the middle of the coin. The hole makes you think about the cherished desires.
  2. Take the thread, or lace red, and then thread a coin.
  3. We tie the thread in a double knot, imagine like a string you tie your happiness.

The amulet acts not only on the financial side of life, but also of the evils, is the drag force on the fulfillment of dreams.

Imperial Amulet

How to activate a mascot?

To clean after the selection of the mascot it of negative energies and activate it. If the Material of the amulet is not brittle, then a cleaning under running water is worth it. A more effective way mascot to smoke would be. For the Ritual incense or candles need. You can clean, soak the protective sign in the Sand.

To activate the Talisman to:

  1. Relax, close your eyes and imagine how him get out all the dirt and negativity.
  2. The easiest and most effective way to enable mascot – take it in the Hand, in order to bring a Person a rhythm to exhale on him.
  3. During activation, you have to mascots the tasks that you must perform, and positive attraction.
  4. To fully charge mascot imagine how decurrant amulet is part of the energy to protect in the future.
  5. Mascot will need to talk to whisper to him about your desires.