We manufacture mascot to attract money and good luck

ancient times, people believed in the magical power of objects. And often buy or make various talismans and amulets that are able to bring well-being to life.

In great demand are today a variety of stimuli on the attraction of money and happiness, to change for life and to change the financial Situation for the better. Especially when met with his own hands.

about talismans

About Talismans

Under the Talisman (amulet) is understood as a particular decoration or object. It's magical properties are attributed, which are capable to bring prosperity, luck, good luck charms and Talisman to serve against the negative impact from the outside. The owners of such amulets you prefer to wear on the body.

It attracts more positive energy and a preference on the part of the white magic. A lucky charm you can hide at home, in remote places, where they stand a source for the financial well-being.

Not issue amulets on the display according to the unofficial rules, as they are able to accumulate negative energy from other people.

Amulets, pulls out the money

Money in today's world, a lot of things, but also in ancient times the people thought to determine the question of the financial health. And often, trying to find a solution, through the production of various talismans.

In it could act as a horseshoe, a variety of plants and objects. The people decorated their runes, symbols, whipped zodiac signs.

The main colors were green, purple and red, the contribution of luck to win large sums of money, the whereabouts of the treasures and so on. But even the most powerful Talisman for money and luck will not be able to magically create a bunch of money, or a Sack full of Gold.

Its main task – attraction of the success of the various efforts and actions. And on the part of the people must promise to be strong, because the mascot of the energy charged from him.

Can help you in this particular magical Ritual during the hollow moon. You have selected a mascot, put on jewelry made of Gold, or notes of a great advantage.

Then it should fall to him a couple of drops of essential oil (leaf clover), a visualization, a large amounts of money, the fulfillment of the deepest wishes in the area of Finance. This Ritual is particularly suitable for the manufacture of successful commercial transactions.

You choose the Cash-mascot

Properly selected mascot wear life in your hands, happiness and financial prosperity. Today, it is not enough just to have the ready-made mascot in a business or a special memory.

But amulets created with his own hands, have more strength and help much better. The question of how the mascot is not a big deal.

In last time popularity of the following types of amulets wins:


The red, blue and green thread. Of them you have to stand weaving plait, think about the financial well-being, new job, winning the lottery, and so on. To wear the pigtail should be for the ankle of the left leg, by the ends like a bracelet. You are not allowed to shoot him, while the expectations are not met in relation to money and success completely. Then the bracelet burn necessarily, mentally thanked the universe for the support.


To do this, take a small stick of cinnamon, a few pieces of ginger, pine needles, leaves of eucalyptus and carefully grind in a mortar and pestle. During the preparation of the herbal mixture should be represented in the thoughts of coveted dreams. Then you should the grass ground to the inside fabric of the bag, crosslinked by hand.


You need to take the coin, or Bank notes and Roll-up thoroughly wool yarn in green, form a small ball. The end of the thread is necessary to fix carefully, so that the ball does not PERSOLVO. The finished mascot, you must have the door of the offices, houses or apartments. Thanks to the simple renal win to get money, happiness and success.


Need powder, dry clay and a drop of cinnamon and honey. From the above-mentioned components, kneading sufficiently dense stock should be rolled up and form a small ball in the Form of small coins. As long as the sound is not dried, with a Hand a decent amount of money should draw, on the other hand, schematically, an own portrait. Drying, the finished product can be on top of the stove, or using the battery, and then put in the purse.

To read the manufacture of each Talisman, useful the next magic conspiracy: "money, pecunia, business to business, everything in my stock exchange". To help a strong faith in the execution of the plan, the fulfillment of desires, stand attracts happiness and financial well-being. To keep a lucky charm always with you, and happiness will always be in the vicinity.

Magical characters, and symbols

Magical characters, and symbols

Almost any object can be charged with the goal of achieving the success and money. It is the magical symbols portray enough on the surface. For example, in the Form of an amulet with runes.

In the classical variant of the runes in a Safe, the inside of the purse or the bottom of the moneybox. The most common are the following runes:

  • As a synonym for wealth – like the Latin letter "F", a pair of swing full to the top;
  • Uruz – symbolizes success, action, and sunshine;
  • Inguz – in the Form of a diamond with vines and ensures fertility.

The listed runes in magic rituals, success and wealth.

Very popular are the money tree and figures in the Form of animals. In ancient times people firmly believed in the power of the Holy beast, trying to keep it in the house. In the absence of the possibility of the animal simply replace a similar figure.

With animals the magic power of belief:

  • House cats;
  • Frogs;
  • Elephant;
  • Cows.

Regardless of the choice, and meet the characters from Gold, ivory, or wood. And with his own hands. Also, you should consider the following points: the frog can put a coin in the mouth, and the trunk of the elephant must necessarily look to the top.

Irredeemable Sham

To apply the most effective talismans, a contribution to the enrichment and happiness, as an irredeemable Bank note. It must necessarily be high. Choose the calculation is quite simple: you have to preference to give money as a gift or found.

And as a replacement for any coin of Gold or gemstone, emerald is the best.

Just help low income and life-success. The most important thing in this amulet – never give it on the exchange. Save the invoice should go away in a safe place from prying eyes. The reasons for these rules are fairly simple – a stranger is able to get the money energy.

Strong Cash Mascot

Each determines the matching amulet, and often preferably, the Original and very strong Talisman that bears the name of "Cash-bottle". At the heart of their actions the energy of the number "five", the success, the partnership and the hoarding.

Therefore, he is composed of the following components (per 5 pieces of each):

  • Coin 50 Kopecks;
  • Ruble Coin;
  • Grains Of Millet;
  • Sprigs Of Cinnamon;
  • Sesame;
  • the kidneys of a carnation;
  • Peanuts;
  • black pepper in cartilage of coal.

The above-mentioned points in the green glass bottle and after a day inside toss a coin in every denomination. After the completion of the fifth week of the Cash mascot is ready and serve as an incredibly powerful agent in the achievement of monetary wealth.

Do not close the bottle, there is only happiness seal tightly. Bottle of nourish a positive energy balance, the frequent and close interaction. You have to caress the Talisman in the Hand,, talk about the invisible. And in difficult times, that he began with a vengeance.

Talismans according to the zodiac signs

Talismans according to the zodiac signs

Protection from negative effects, luck and money attracting amulets are able to carry protection according to the zodiac sign.

In view of the signs of the zodiac, the preferred stimuli:

  • Aries: red, yellow, orange color, with the shape of the square;
  • Taurus: decoration made of metal with natural stones;
  • Gemini: in the Form of a key, books, pen, pencil, or mask;
  • Cancer: images and figures in the Form of sea turtles, fish, dolphins;
  • Leo: amulets, with the blazing sun on the surface;
  • Virgo: natural stones, with a round hole;
  • Scale: talismans with the image of the brand;
  • Scorpio: coins or the figure of a frog;
  • Sagittarius: figure of scarab and Phoenix;
  • Capricorn: statuettes, medallions, and coins in various shapes;
  • Aquarius: Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst;
  • Fishes: the figures of the fish and coral.

The listed talismans help to live a full life, gives a positive energy to his side in accordance with their own characters.

Imperial Amulet

As a powerful Talisman for good luck with a special Imperial coin, which is made with their own hands. This approach allows the effect of an amulet, as he "remembers" the Creator, later the guiding force only on him.

Restore Imperial coin is very simple:

  • with the onset of the full moon put the Talisman on a small piece of cloth of red color;
  • wrap the coin and carefully, the green thread tie;
  • whispers of the utter magic words: "the sky was full of stars, dotted the sea full of water. Also in my purse a lot of money, and never have the luck won't leave me. Amen!"
  • they hide the finished mascot in a secluded place or countersunk pocket of the purse.
  • In the manufacture of the amulet, a large number of the successes in life, the solution of the financial problems and the management of money should be kept in the purse.

Then you have to sleep with the thoughts about the future of the happy change in your life.

Magical Turquoise

Among the rocks, brings happiness and money, often turquoise in isolation. As a mascot it is in accordance with the special instruction. Up to the new moon, you must with their own hands to sew a small handbag in the Form of a bag. And only natural fabrics use shade of blue.

In the finished purse wallet set turquoise. With the beginning of the new moon it is to get out, to start, to the inside of coins and banknotes, not necessarily on the rise. Money doesn't need to fold every day, until the bag is full, your money in full. To conclude, it should be with the words:

"The bill is not the Euro, and the Unibody thousands!".

Next, you need to the empty wallet and calculate the accumulated "wealth" three times. After a blue ribbon tying and placing them closer to the place of storage of money in the house or in the workplace. At regular intervals, you can a small bag in the hands and repeat the sacred words.

Bring Good Luck

Bring Good Luck

Many people participate in lotteries, games, and make the high prices in the business.

In the profits you help, happiness, and happiness brings good luck, as used in the rule:

Goose feathers.

Should take 1 pen and carefully cut the bottom part, where there is no hair. You need to fill in the resulting clean up of the seeds of the plantain, and close to the hole melted wax of a burning candle. During the entire ritual, it is important, in the back of my head is the image of happiness and the incredible luck keep. Statements of significant transactions, the purchase of a ticket, or betting at the racetrack, you should keep the finished mascot in the vicinity.

Black pepper.

You need to take a new blank sheet of white paper to write the desired sum of money. Then, three times to turn the words inside and put it in a small glass bottle. Further, the small phial of pepper grains fill exactly half and carefully close it. Prior to the bid or the purchase of a lottery ticket enough to shake the bottle with the left Hand, and happiness will surely accompany it.

Jack Of Spades.

You need a new card stack, remove the Jack of spades. On the T-SHIRT in red ink, the necessary sum of money should write. Next, you need to put a card in a small cloth bag, sewn with his hands. There you put on a few peas of black pepper. This mascot works perfectly and helps to make the right steps in terms of the game or business.

Catch the "tail" of happiness, many people, that by far not all. But properly made Talisman can help to get rid of bad luck and start a new, bright stripes in life.

Various talismans for good luck and money are able to dramatically change the life of every human being to change. With their help, you can acquire the success in the work, material goods, to find the love, and much more. But the main thing is to remember mascot must try able, miracles, you.

Is it necessary to have a zeal in the work, find the sources to earn extra money, meet new people, and so on. You need to yourself a Magnet which attracts money and luck.