Mascot with your hands: happiness, health, wealth

Mascot with your hands

Since ancient times, we know that signs and symbols draw energy, can influence events. The people have learned to use, to change your life for the better. Often used as amulets, lucky charms used in Kabbalah, in the opinion of experts, concentrated in the ancient wisdom of Hebrew, Arab, European occultist and magician.

In contrast to conventional amulets, lucky charms, Kabbalah must not be necessarily beautiful or for any special materials, which is the main thing that they helped. The amulet's magical powers had to be made, and each of its pages, according to all the rules of the arcane arts. According to parapsychologist, these old characters (total of 60) to help in almost any Situation, you just have to learn how to deal with them. For example, Kabbalistic amulets can help make the right decision, the relations with the boss and colleagues, to win in a raffle, protects against bad dreams and fears. Also in the power of talismans the device personal life and fidelity in the family. You protect on-the-go and travel, curses, help in their studies and in the economy. We just have to believe in your magical power.

In the departments of fashion jewelry, the weight of the various charms is sold. "It's only decoration is an imitation of an ancient Symbol – says the parapsychologist. – Good luck charm Kabbalah better. It is not important from which Material: cardboard, clay, or metal. The main thing is to be applied, very precise pattern. If you don't, choose an amulet for one of the other people on the back, you forget to write the full name, father name, family name and date of birth".

In the manufacture of amulets, magic figures: cross, circle, pentagram, hexagram, and special characters, and hieroglyphics used. Parapsychologist says that the mascot can be worn around the neck, in the pocket or keep it at home. "If you are afraid that the cardboard amulet spoil, seal them with adhesive tape, says parapsychologist. – In any case, the mascot should not be a chain with an Orthodox cross. In this case, none of the talismans is not functioning. If you can wear on different threads, then it is advisable to have a shorter and shorter, the other longer, to the followers of touch".

Also, the self-made amulets

Also, the self-made amulets

Talisman of VENUS – sign of the zodiac, providing love, happiness in marriage, there is harmony and mutual understanding. Women Protects. The Planet and the goddess Venus to protect the fair sex from the machinations and intrigue, diseases, but also beauty and attractiveness. Mascot, embedded in the drink of the enemy, it changes for a short time in a friend "to the grave". Juggler thrown (gifted) of the desired Person stimulates the feelings. "It was a case, says the parapsychologist. – The husband left the family. Mascot gave not only him but also the family happy. If earlier the man for the night, went with friends on a fishing trip, now is the time to spend with his wife, literally on hands".

Since ancient times it was believed that the cross brings the Person, the health and protects from damage. The Egyptian esoteric Tradition calls it the sign of life, the gift of the gods. The shape of the "cross of life" emits a wave of frequency identical with the radiation of healthy human cells. To this effect, the use of the cross as an amulet based on the wear on the chest as well as the Christian cross. He gives you the longevity, health and a happy life. The energy balance sheet, and fixes the causes of diseases and fatigue. Another Talisman – the staff of Hermes (mercury). As the cross of life, he takes care of the health, and brings prosperity.

There are many different techniques that the profits gain, improve the well-being. For example, with the mascot, it's called a pentagram. Start its production necessary, in the solitude of a full moon or the waxing moon. And day of the week special – Wednesday. Soak up this opportunity to get a piece of cardboard, Golden or green color. If you need a Golden cardboard for the application of labels and drawings, black pen or black Marker. When the cardboard handle green with Helium to a Golden brown filled. You kindle during the creation of a mascot good luck, gold or green candle. Burn add some cinnamon incense, and then you get to work. This Talisman helps in gambling, for participation in sweepstakes. You can feel (or even hear) his request: where and when will you buy a lottery ticket, what numbers to call, how to behave during the game. In Kursk the man and a player. A regular guest of the Casino addicted to slot machines. The effect of the mascot, lucky decided. And for an evening of machine has 12 thousand rubles.

There is a special amulet for children, donors, talent and success in the training. "Me, the parents of a young boy turned, – says Elena Devi. – The child can not cope, had problems in school, with peers, had a fear of answering lessons. We made him the amulet, and after a while everything is back in order. When he brought home earlier in the Troika – fours and fives. Yes and classmates established relations".

There are signs of the favourable relationship of strangers, colleagues and superiors. To make mascot simple: there are small signs. "This story may seem far-fetched, but it's all been so, says the parapsychologist. – I asked a woman, the significant problems at work. Staff wove intrigue, gossip spread. Everything, the place of my client. We have a mascot, and what do you think? After a few weeks of rival, drew. In addition, the Director of the company moved to a different Position, and the woman instead of the appointed head".

How to load a mascot

How to load a mascot

The load process is done in 2 steps. During the creation of the mascot, brings you incomprehensible lines and names, you think about what you want to achieve, passionately want to. The second stage of the charge you spend three different ways, by what you like best.

1. The finished print needs to delve absorbed in the melted wax – it and stores the information. Then place it on the left palm. With the fingertips of his right Hand in a clockwise direction about the amulet, and think, constitute what she has created.

2. After extracting the pressure from the wax, put a gesture, you surfaces between the hand and join you in the prayer. The thumb must on the collar of the inner area. In both cases, spell O, pronounced: "the eternal and infinite spirit! I call you with love, with faith, please: fill out this sign of strength and energy!" Spell pronounced three times.

3. During the full moon fill a large bowl with water, so that the moon's disk was reflected in their center. They fold out of the index and the thumb of a triangle (thumbs to form its base). You close the mirror image of the moon in a frame of your fingertips and within 15 minutes you can repeat: "Oh, the power of the moon, patroness of magic! The Energy Of The Full Moon Energy. A wealth magic triangle! Fill in the "magic triangle"!" If the allotted time is expired, imagine that the mirror image of the moon is not on the surface of the water, and in the triangle on your finger tips. You try to see this and slowly transfer the "moon" to your Talisman, must be in addition to the Cup. You move the triangle from the fingers of Talisman, so that it exactly into the triangle. You close your eyes, take a deep breath, hold for a Moment, the breath, attention and sharp transfer exhale, mentally, the end of printing of the stored energy. Repeat this action 12 times.

After the consecration of the talisman, no one except the owner, do not need to touch him. Even better, if you see and it is also no one. The Talisman, a couple of times a day should touch his Hand and for 2-3 minutes, to focus on his Mission.

Such as strengthening the defense?

Sometimes the mascot will not work. So the man is "no affinity" with the amulet, or not found for him in the right place. This thing should cause you only positive emotions. Where, you know, not for any other purpose. After the amulet has spoken of the energetic connection with him, figuratively, "to each other to marry". To do this, place it between two burning white candles, going to him in the face, crossed arms in front of chest, and three times gently, but firmly, they speak according to the following conspiracy: "In the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy spirit. Bless this house and all who are in it from the wizards and witches, blasphemers, and Gossip Girl, one of the oldest and oxbow lakes, and from any evil people. Don't let outside with malice and envy, mortification, and Hexagon. May grow in your strength, protecting from day to day, now and forever and to the ages of ages. Amen."

Now you can choose to ward off the most appropriate place. It should be hidden from prying eyes. It is your bedroom or a corner where you feel comfortable. In addition to the amulet, a cross and candles are placed. Strengthen the protective effect of the defense to help various magical talismans that bring good luck: clover with four petals, horseshoe, turquoise. In the summer, you can sit next to him flowers or a couple of green branches.

And the last one. Remember that after you is always in connection with the amulet, he takes your energy. Therefore, they try to be friendly, honest and smart. If you, by nature, vicious, wrong, impatient, or weak-willed, it will be difficult to protect them from the evil.