How to make an amulet for good luck and money with their own hands

For the production of "Happy object" you can almost all of the available materials. We will inform about the simple and cost-effective ways on how to get to the coveted artifact. Cash-amulet, made by hand, in the situation of happiness in your life, to not believe even if you to its effectiveness. But remember – it should be kept secret, away from prying eyes!

The Wallet


A very strong amulet for money can be your own wallet. No, this does not mean that you have to sew the purse with his hands. Enough in order, by the way, put some items in the purse, pulls out of luck:

  • Leaf clover (Irish Shamrock) or a cinnamon branch;
  • The three Chinese Feng Shui coins with red ribbon;
  • Square paper red (this color symbolizes the financial wellbeing);
  • A Dollar bill - it shows the Masonic sign of power and abundance;
  • Picture or photo of property for which you collect money.

Not necessarily in the purse among all of the above will bring good luck charms. Simply choose one or a few charms that you will love. And still - keep in your wallet to accumulate all types of checks, business cards and other advertising waste. Your money is not like the neighborhood explicitly!

Plant mascot on money

The easiest way to "grow" the luck – plant room plant with your hands. You take a couple of metal coins of different denominations, from cents to tens of Euro. The money you place in a pot with soil in which the plant is planted. Carefully pay attention to the flower, because of your condition depends on the growth of its material well-being.

It is important! As a "happy" plants, cactus can't be used because it has the ability to absorb positive energy. The best plants of Jade, which is otherwise called "money tree".

For the manufacture of amulets for good luck and money-with your hands, you can play with a normal map, it's not played so far. A ten of diamonds should be, and the surface of these cards, lubricate the essential oil of Basil or bergamot. During the execution of the procedure must so want to clear as possible imagine. For example, winning the lottery, buying a car or a cash prize.

If you want to know how to try a Talisman for money, then "Happy bag". In a small pouch made of pure cotton you will need three coins of any value, but also a few petals, daisies and roses. Amulet of thread, green or yellow tie. If you are constantly subject to wear, it helps to make a good career.

You have financial problems or health problems? It is possible that this is a result of deterioration or other negative magic influence. Protect, help, save from envy and the evil eye, which is commercially available or self.

Characters in connection with money

The most beautiful mascot for money will not function properly if you neglect these recommendations:

  • Can't a wallet or money to put bills on the table where the family eats;
  • Money exchange under any circumstances must not be empty;
  • In the case of a purchase in the store of money, the expansion of the right Hand and to take the surrender should be left;
  • Not as invoices after sunset;
  • In the night you not enter into debt;
  • Keep the finances under the mattress;
  • Don't take neighbors when salt was on the road dark, otherwise they will give with their own hands, happiness, and health.

Non-disclosure outside the family, the real amount of your income or of the income. If the need arises, it is better to reduce, in order not to accidentally cash flow lock.

Lucky amulets different countries of the world

Amulet for luck

The ancient Slavs were a pragmatic people. You used to be happy, the items in the figures, associated with fertility, the harvest, the abundance. It will be the image of ears of wheat, a statuette in the Form of a horse or a bull could. It is also believed that the clay figure in the shape of the sun can in order to happiness in the house.

Scarab Talisman was held in high regard in Ancient Egypt. Figure in the Form of this beetle was on the chest of the deceased in the hereafter he might be in luck and wealth.

Indian amulets for the extraction of material prosperity is a semi-precious and precious stones in red. And in Ancient China, with a similar purpose, orange tree grew. By the way, according to the ideas of the Chinese, the bowl of oranges is a Symbol of wealth. Therefore, be sure to on the table on the eve of the New year.

The inhabitants of the countries of Western Europe used as talismans figures, dwarves, goblins. It is believed that it helps attract the attention of the capricious Fortuna. According to Folklore, these mystical beings carry in gold coins in small bowls or bags.