How to get the amulet for happiness with your own hands

The amulet is an object that has properties brings its owner luck, protection, well-being, etc., you can a variety of things: it can even "pull happy" dress or SHIRT, the important events to luck.

Manufacturer's Amulet

Most commonly used as amulets, small objects: stones, shells, pendants, Charms, lockets, hair clips, statuettes, coins, bracelets and other.

Such a "happy" items, are usually. But also the amulet can be purchased, or, what is much better, such a good luck charm for happiness with your own hands. In this case, the highest power, because you can soak up the positive energy of his master in the production.

Rules for the production of amulet

There are many ways on how to get to the amulet for luck, with your hands properly. But there are some General rules, you note in the production of:

  1. The amulet must be produced only from natural materials.
  2. You should consider the materials for the amulet choose to touch the pleasant and cause a pleasant feeling in contact with skin.
  3. Amulet should produce on Sunday during the growing moon (any time of the day).
  4. During the manufacture of the mascot must only think the good, if it is to move any feelings, and bad thoughts, the process on another day.
  5. The production of the magic item does not tolerate the hustle and bustle, you should do it quietly, without hurrying up.

Enjoy the mascot need to have, as well , in compliance with a number of conditions:

  • Mascot must always wear;
  • if the object is not located on the body (for example, in the case), then you have to get on a regular basis and hold in the hands;
  • you anyone need to show amulet and tell about his appointment;
  • to give his amulet to anyone or to give.

Talismans that you can make the most


The amulet, which you do, can have any shape, but there are symbols on their own.

The pyramid of desires. One of the forms that bring happiness, is a triangle. So the pyramid of four faces brings good luck and attracts positive energy. To make it easy to home out of the usual cardboard.

For the manufacture of the amulet is needed to your photo, and in the image of other people and animals. One more condition – the photo must be made, more than a year back. From the cardboard cut according to the sketch Detail, collect a pyramid and glue.

Then on one of the surfaces you can draw a picture, your zodiac sign. During this time, you should think about the area in which luck most of the. If you need to have the luck in matters of love, character, drawing, felt-tip pen or red color.

For happiness in connection with travel or vacation, you need to use brown Marker to the material plane – green, for the relocation or business travel in blue, and if you luck in communicating with loved ones or colleagues – yellow.

The resulting pyramids have to choose a certain place, where you constantly (e.g. on the Desktop). Under the pyramid, you place your photo with the printed side facing up. To hide the mascot, optionally from prying eyes, but outsiders tell about his appointment.

Bag on luck

A further simple embodiment of mascot bag for good luck. It must sew red velvet and sew it brackets.

Golden or yellow threads on this bag, your initials or name can embroider.

In order to gain happiness, the bag must not be empty. In it, you can put:

Bag on luck
  • Stone.
  • Wax.
  • A Horseshoe.
  • Figures of animals.
  • Coins.
  • Herbs or plants (clover, flowers, violets, Narcissus, or Apple, orange peel, cinnamon sticks, peel of the pomegranate, leaves of the strawberries).
  • The pentagram on luck.

For the production of happiness and success in the bag, you can lay the stone, using the appropriate sign of the zodiac:

  • for the RAM, Amethyst and heliotrope;
  • for the Taurus, Jade, and agate;
  • for the twins, beryl and garnet;
  • for cancer – emerald and calcite;
  • for the lion – ruby, and serpentine;
  • for the virgin – kyanite and Jasper;
  • for scale – diamond;
  • for the Scorpion, the cat's eye and Opal;
  • for Sagittarius – turquoise and lapis lazuli;
  • for Capricorn – malachite and Onyx;
  • for Aquarius – sapphire, and Obsidian;
  • for the fish – moon stone and Peridot.

Universal stone — turquoise, it all fits And if it good luck good luck charm must attract and the money, together with the stone in him the coin. Better if it brought a special coin, for example, from the holiday.

Magic Wax

The amulet to its owner luck and wealth you can bring out of wax. A small candle has to acquire. What will be the shape and color doesn't matter. The main thing is that you liked, and at sight of her only positive thoughts appeared.

At midnight, the candle must be put into a glass and ignite. While they burn, we need to think about their desires, about what you want to achieve in life, what events to avoid.

When the candle is lit, you must wait until the wax cools and hardens. When this happens, a figure made of wax need to get and place them in the prepared red bag. Instead of the bag, you can choose a small toy or a locket.

Pendant made of coin

Most popular amulet for good luck and wealth pendant made from coins. Purchase a special coin with a hole for the cord, and you can learn how to make a coin with your hands. For that you need a coin, a piece of plastic and lace or a durable thread.

Good luck charm good luck

A piece of plastic should be slightly larger than a coin. The edge of the coin should be the glue smear and stick to the plastic , so that the top of only a little space. On this page, you should make hole and insert it in the tip. This amulet should be worn around the neck, or not to tell about him.

Nodules on luck

For the extraction of luck spider bracelet leather top. The main thing in this bracelet – nodes, each of which you can bring, you should think of a specific desire or field of activity, in happiness.

The bracelet should hide from prying eyes. Where it is not wear on the Hand, a shoulder bag or a secret pocket fits.The bracelet can be stored in a secret place in the house.

The next Talisman can not only themselves, but also for your loved ones. It is embroidered on the Band-selectable characters, the natural elements – the sun, earth, air (wind) and water.

You can item only one or more. But if some of the selected items, embroider should be the drawing, in which they merged. Should not embroider in the tents of the characters.

For the amulet are in need of silk or cotton ribbon of scarlet or Golden color. Threads must also be natural (silk, cotton or wool). The moon can be yellow embroider silver or orange thread, earth – brown, water – blue, and the sun.

Amulets for good luck and various "lucky" things give a feeling of security. Not so important how you look, whether you prefer a birthstone or made with their own hands-a bracelet with a knot, the main thing is that the owner of the mascot believed in his power.