Amulets to attract money and good luck with the hands at home.

People at all times believed in strong support of external forces through a variety of amulets.

With the positive energy of the amulets are in a position to win in the life of the people happiness and wealth, about which he dreamed for a long time. Magical talismans can not only acquire in shops, but also to do with their hands.

Features talismans, made with their own hands


The amulet is a magical object with a certain force. The amulet fulfilled his tasks, his owners believe in such magic. Otherwise, the amulet is just a useless ornament, and not more.

Each mascot carries a specific purpose — to bring in the life of the people of happiness, health, money, love, etc. the Biggest strength of the products, created with their own hands and not bought in the store. This is due to the fact that in the creation of amulet, a man in full trains him, gives his positive energy, go to his own interests. The production of the mascot for the love of people allowed. It is important that giving the amulet of the person has it only with good thoughts.

Made at home mascot quite simple. The main thing — to have all the necessary materials at Hand, and patience. Do amulet can be made of wood, stone, fabric and other materials. Important when you create the mascot faith in his ability, only in this case he is the successful act for the welfare of his master.

There are many different variants of talismans, the lucky. The most popular amulets for good luck and wealth.

These worldly goods are most in demand in modern humans.

In the creation of talismans with the hands, it is important to take into account a number of conditions, compliance with which allows you to maximize the effectiveness of the product:

  • Mascots are to act in a positive manner only if the owner trust in the magical properties of the product.
  • The best amulet to create at midnight. Created in the moon light talismans endowed with particularly strong magical energy that permeates you with the light of the moon.
  • It is important that the mascot from the materials, the most the soul in its owner. The amulet is intended to evoke positive emotions in your appearance.
  • In the creation of amulets, it is desirable to take into account the signs of the zodiac. Each character corresponds to a certain color, this is the cheapest for the representatives of this sign.
  • Should not be telling other people about your amulet and demonstrate. Also, give is to keep strictly uninvolved prohibited. All of these measures lead to the Migration of other people, your energy mascot, and to the destruction of its magical properties.

Amulets for luck

There are the following possibilities amulets for good luck that are easy to do with the hands.

Stone from the source


You must have a valid source and directly at the source, pick up a small stone. To draw on the surface of the stone, a picture, олицетворяющее existing desire. This is the purchase of apartments, cars, trips on the sea, etc., can

After that, stone is stuck firmly in the fist and deal with it, the source counter-clockwise three times. All the time the way it is important, on its request and, on request, about the fact that fortune favors the achievement of this objective. After the third circle, a pebble, as an amulet, you throw them back in the source of go and home.

Braid, of man-made fibres

This amulet is best on full moon or waxing moon. To create it you need to have the threads in three colors: red, blue, and green.

The red color, in this case, the force of a wish to embody, blue — to — win guarantee for its fulfilment, and green-the perspective of the wealth. Three threads to braid a small braid and connect the ends, so that the result was a bracelet. Strap dress with the knuckles on the feet.

To think about during the weaving is important to focus on his desire and at the request of the higher powers, that they are attracted to happiness for the fulfillment of this wish. It is recommended to present a picture in the head, corresponding to the fulfillment of desires (for example, present time of the feeder into the new house in the presence of the dreams of a new house).

If it does not work the image is only allowed to pronounce the request, according to the plat of the cornrows. When the product is finished, its tie to the ankle of the left leg. Important to wear the amulet all the time, not decreasing. Remove the mascot can only be made after the wish will come true. Amulet you need to burn after the use by mentally gratitude to the higher powers to aid in the implementation of its plans.

Mascot out of cardboard

You need to take a piece of cardboard and a pen with bright rich colors. The cardboard is recommended, a Golden color, because this color symbolizes good luck. At midnight, you have to sit at the table and drawing pen on cardboard special sign of the pentagram. This image of a special character, inside which is a wheel of fortune. This image aims to bring to the achievement of the cherished desires, and happiness.

It is believed that the pentagram serves as a Magnet, attracting into the life of the people of happiness. Example images пентакля you can find on the Internet. During the creation of the drawing on cardboard speak mentally the following Text: "the amulet helps me everything what I want". After the completion of the picture, him in the circle of close symmetrical Form. The resulting circle is neatly cut out. To increase magical power created amulet, you dip candles, the resulting circle out of cardboard in wax. The candle should зажжена immediately prior to the creation of the amulet.

After you have performed all the steps, hold the amulet in your Hand and mentally ask for help from the higher forces for the attraction of happiness. It helps Talisman charging necessary positive energy to work for the benefit of the owner of amulet.

Amulets to win money

The following ideas, you can in the creation of amulets for attraction of riches.

Cash Pouch

Denezhnyiy-a sack

For starters, you prepare a small bag for money. It can be white from a dense piece of fabric in the color. The finished bag must be three times drizzle with Holy water and whisper the Text "father". Next, you need a couple of coins. You can have every virtue. The main thing is that the coins was as much as possible and you will be full of bags quite weighty. Each coin must перекрестить, drizzle with Holy water.

After this coins arranged on a flat surface (not the table) and approaching alternately in the face. Each time the following Text say: "the kopeck to kopeck, rouble ruble, all to the yard". After the spoken text on each coin, all the coins add up in the bag. Bag tied, and place in a closed from prying eyes. No one should know about the existence of the amulet, and the place of his stay.


For the production of this amulet, any pen (ball-point pen, Helium, spring), each Banknote is. The money is in the narrow tube, so that the diameter correspond to the handle of the circle. Tie Banknote eagle must be inside. The resulting tube must fix it with duct tape. In this Form is a Banknote as a cap on the handle. Each time after using the grip necessary for the intended purpose, you dress a "money" - cap.

Luck in financial matters will come to the owner of the similar mascot immediately. It is important to take into account that the length of the whole of the amulet (handle, put on your cap) must necessarily the size of the fourth Imperial.


This amulet is very popular and long-established practice. All that is required to create it — it is a money bill. The higher of the nominal value of the Banknote, the more revenue it will attract. So, in the selection of the certificates of low cards as a means of pressure, it is important to understand that the level of happiness in financial matters is fairly low.

- Prepared Banknote must not sign randomly the monetary and valid means of payment that went to his master in the most successful coincidence of circumstances. For example, money donated loved one could be. by winning the lottery or earned as a first profit in the new business, etc. Similar to the positive aspect of obtaining the licenses significantly strengthens his magical abilities Banknote should be placed in a separate division of the purse, in which they are not directly in contact with the other hand, the money in circulation.

This Banknote will always be in this office, stored, and not to leave him, pulls to the owner of the wallet, the financial happiness and prosperity. It is important to note that the encapsulation of the Banknote in your wallet, you must at the rising moon.


Elena: Used as an amulet for luck, pigtail yarn in three colors. While in front of me, the task of the protection of the diploma, and I moved to protect the happiness for good. I think my amulet helps me to believe in their own strength.

Vladimir: for many years, I even carry in the purse of thousands, which is not used in a separate bag and I never have. Apparently it really works, because with the finances with me getting everything in order.