How to get to the amulet on the money with their own hands

Each Nation has its own charms, the promise to go with their owners to financial well-being and prosperity. The right way to deal with the financial energy is, is the whole science.

In the case of the Slavs of the monetary amulet has always been the horseshoe, the Chinese was the frog on three feet with coins in the mouth. The amulet, the magical power had, it is important to him with their own hands and positive energy to recharge.

How to get to the amulet on the money

Manufacture the amulet for the money you can out of coins, precious stones, wood, cloth, essential oils and other auxiliaries. We consider, as we have amulets for the money with my own hands.

Amulet is on the money: "the bag with the money"

The amulet on the money

For the production of amulet, you need to prepare in advance: coins of different denominations, eucalyptus oil, and textile bags. Each coin should oil the eucalyptus and folded in the bag that you are sewing by hand of any fabric. Thereafter, the bag with the money, the rope and tie the hide to a secret place. Regularly take your amulet and unleashed not, hold in their hands. It is important to think about your own financial well-being and cash flow.

Amulet is on the money: "Non-exchangeable coin"

The invoice in Cash-an amulet, a coin on the street-found and put them in the Department of the wallet or purse. This magical Ritual, you must perform only on the growing moon. Non-exchangeable coin will help you to increase your income, as well as in your life to attract new Cash flows.

Amulet with his hands: "Cash envelope on the financial well-being"

This amulet you need to only on the growing moon on Thursday. For its preparation you have to prepare the cloth and the candle is green, tablecloth, red, coin, eucalyptus leaf oil and bergamot. At midnight, on the table she spread a table to the ceiling in the color of red and light a candle. On the table lay the green cloth, and on it - a coin, a greased bergamot and eucalyptus leaves. Then repeat three times the following magic words: "the wealth is going to, the way I want". Then fold the green fabric, with a coin, and eucalyptus leaf in an envelope. This money amulet always should wear.

Amulet with his hands: "Cash-Box"

This amulet attracts not only money, but also their number multiply. For the production of amulet you are preparing a small without pictures, and inscriptions, Amethyst, coins and Bank notes, several Chinese coins with a ribbon in red. On the growing moon, you fold the box in to the monetary all the above-mentioned objects and hide them from prying eyes. Once a month you put a little bit of money or coins in a Box.

Amulet is on the money: "Perfumed Talisman for wealth"

Mages claim that some of the scents are in the position to win the money. For the production of aromatic mascot, recycle fabric bag, an invoice of 50 Euro, three coins, a powder, Basil, and cinnamon, and two drops of the following essential oils: bergamot, sandalwood, Patchouli, pine, eucalyptus, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

In the glass container all the specified essential oils to the mix. This Manipulation you need to on the growing moon on Saturday. Then in the container with the mixture of essential oils, you should bet three coins, and leave them there for three days. After this, the coins have to get out, and wrap them immediately in the monetary 50 ruble note. The package is then put in the cloth bag and pour it in the powder of cinnamon and Basil. Aromatic mascot should always carry in your wallet.

Amulet is on the money: "the magic bracelet-amulet"

The Magic Bracelet-Amulet

For the production of this amulet you can buy new threads in the following colors: red, green, and blue. These colors are not chosen randomly, since the red color will help, the power of desire, the green color is a Symbol of the monetary well-being, and the blue color will desire to assist the execution of cherished. This thread on the growing moon is weaving braid and secure the ends to the bracelet.

In the process of weaving it is important, of its own free will and only think about the financial well-being. Bracelet to wear the amulet on the ankle of the left leg. After receiving a large sum of money or a successful transaction-bracelet-amulet should burn.

Amulet with the hands of a "Cash Ball"

This amulet will help in your house of money luck. For its preparation take any coin and yarn in the color green. Wrap the threads of the coin to the ball. Fix the ends of the thread and money amulet, the front door hanging from the inside. Regularly on the Ball dribbling can be essential oils, which are the money and financial well-being.

The amulet improves on the money, your financial Situation, you must not only make his own hands, but also to correctly charge your positive energy. If you do not do this, the amulet of magic power, and is in the usual decoration.

As the recovery of the amulet is on the money

There are a lot of opportunities, money, energy-boosting amulets. We consider the most popular methods in Detail.

  1. Charging amulet energy of the elements: earth, water, fire and air.

The amulet is on the money received the force of the water , in a glass of water from a natural source and lower him in his amulet. Then the glass with an amulet placed for 3 days in a secluded place. After the completion of the ritual, pour the water at the intersection.

To charge a magical object , the energy of the fire , you must light a candle and wear the amulet for three times through the flame.

If you want amulet to recharge the energy of the earth , digging in a quiet location in a small hole and put it in your magical Talisman. Then the hole, sprinkle with a amulet of the earth and leave it there for three days.

To charge the amulet on the money, the power of the air , place it on the left palm and held it to her lips. The owner of the magical item must.highly burn on the amulet

As the recovery of the amulet is on the money
  1. Charging amulet on the money, by the power of your own thoughts. Within a few weeks often you hold your amulet in the hands and set the desired amount of money.
  2. Charging the amulet the power of the moon light. At the full moon or in the days of the waxing moon you make your amulet under the moon light. In this way, you will not only download the magical item with the power, but increase its performance.

You preserve charged money amulet in a secluded place, or always wear.

Don't allow other people to your magical Talisman. At regular intervals, invite new energy and you do not forget the amulet to thank for the assistance in money matters.