Charms to attract money with your hands

Good luck charms for money procurement are actively used by people to increase the welfare. This is an effective way to make money. Attach the effect of the talismans with the help of special plots on the wallet.

How to get Cash mascot with your hands?


If you want to cash flow, flowed in your family, a simple Talisman that will help you do exactly that. For the creation of the magical amulet:

  • Coin;
  • Wire (thin and thick);
  • Pliers.

For the production of this freeze is by a special technology. Apply can be the mascot for attracting wealth in the home.

First and foremost, you need to take a thick wire and make a circle. He must be fully fit for the selected coins (it should be inserted into the prepared bezel). The tips of the wire up and twist them together. You can leave a piece with a length of 5 cm, and the remaining wire to cut.

Next, prepare an amulet with additional decoration. Take a thin wire, cutting it into small pieces and roll them into rings. The next step is to take the finished skeleton and thin wire. You should wire like a snake, weave the finished skeleton. Through a loop, attach a thin wire to the Ring. You don't need to turn very tight to the inside. With a thin wire all of the small limbs attach to each other.

After that, you take a thick wire and make another Ring. In the size it should be a little smaller than the previous one. Now the edges of the wire, turn to the inside. This Ring mount has to for the first. This is done with the help of a thin procrastinating.

Bind the second Element to small rings. So you have a double bezel. It is the role of the front of the rim for coins — it is a small Ring in the large. With the wrong part of the coin of the wire should attach. Select a aesthetic way. The rest of the tails, turn the wire so that the amulet was fastened to the chain.

Why such difficulties? The more work you invest in Mascot, the greater your energy that it absorbs. Or, your magic item is purchased a lot more than any.

If the Cash mascot is ready, it is necessary to speak. The spell is:

My dwarf me spins the amulet for money and wealth. And I say to him in return, that I have a lot of luck. And every hour of every day flock to the money in my pocket.

Strong talismans to attract money


The money flowed into the hands of the river, you need to speak in a special way. So you can well-being gain in your home.

Magical Glow

For the implementation of the rite think, to speak of what invoice you. It is desirable, that it has big advantages, but you should not your pity. Of the money which you would choose depends on your assets.

The smaller the advantage of the selected notes, the less money you will move to at home. Selected money is allowed to spend in any case. After the ceremony, you need to hide in a separate pocket in your wallet and not grab them from there.

Please note that the money must be received, in a special way. For example, you donated to a certain amount, select a coin. Or you realized a new project, have got a new Job and the first salary, take a Highlight from the whole sum of a Banknote and speak.

12-15 lunar day, you can take advantage of the prepared statement, you go with her to the window and whisper:

How to grow a young month, and the money will be more in my house.

Repeat the Text five times. To keep this certificate safe so that the light of the moon fell on you and on you. With the help of this ritual, you will be in the position of money and increase your well-being. You don't think that it is important, only to spend the money, but not she never shows to anybody, neither a stranger, nor the close relatives.

Bag with money

For starters, you need to a house for denezhek. For this arm of the white rough matter and you make a small pouch. When the bag is ready, you need to three times with Holy Vodice, read the "our father".

After that, take the coins to your wallet a couple of. That you a weighty handful. No matter what coins you would use. Prior to the rite of each coin crossed to scatter, and the Holy Vodice. Then put them in front of you (on the table) and hold each coin in succession to the face, say:

Penny pulchellus to denarium, Piglet to Piglet, and Fifty dollars to quinquaginta, the ruble-rubles, ducats to chervontsu, all to the court.

After the words are spoken, set all the attributes in the prepared bag and place it as far as possible. Bewitched attribute for attracting prosperity, no one is allowed to see.

The Ritual has a stronger cast, you should additionally use a horseshoe in the role of the amulet. Post it at the front door must be turned over so that it was upside down.

Purse for coins with their own hands


Hand from the time of paganism was closely associated with magic. The rule here is to be invested — the more work in, the magical thing, the stronger it will be. So, with their own hands made purse for coins and bills can be as a mascot, pulls out the money.

How you restore them? Choose any Material, which is the cause of your sympathy. In addition, you and your skills into consideration. If you are not able to work with leather, beads or, for example, stopping the choice on the Material from which you will be able to make a beautiful thing.

Such a hand works just need to the moon rising. If you do not have time to the purse for this period of time, you need to take a break until the next. After production, it must address, and this is also on the growing moon, in a cloudless night — a month to be visible. You put in a handbag a handful of any coins. From the window you show the contents of the month and say to you:

Month-to-friend, the legs are silvered, the horns are gold plated! Give Gold-silver I'm fine, grant, profit, and prosperity! My purse soon, And wanted to see goods poured! Amen.

Open wallet you leave on the window sill in the night. At sunrise, you close it and hides it under his pillow for three days. Only after a simple rite of handbag you can to the destination.

Ward the money "Full bowl" with your hands

This simple and effective mascot, you need to take:

  • large metal bowl;
  • Pile of coins (you need to from the purses of all, who lives in the house);
  • Wax Church candle;
  • a little Holy water.

Place over a candle, light it, and whisper the Text "our father". Dagger, sprinkle capacity consecrated Vodice, and take turns to put coins. You can also use plots on the coin in order to win money.

Each took one of them in Hand, thinking about that it is not small coins and large bills. And you fall into a large bowl that symbolizes your family budget.

When the bowl is full, you should whisper about her:

As this Cup is full, and my house is full of wealth and joy.

How easy to attract?


In the family the whole time was the prosperity, you should have a special mascot. For his creation by equipping the magnetic powder. You can buy or make yourself.

For this purpose, should, with the help of a file, you make a powder out of a magnetized piece of metal. If possible, it is desirable to use powder paint in Gold color. It increases the magical properties of the mascot.

Fold the resulting powder in a small baggie (it can be Golden color painted). You can hide the resulting bag in the hallway so that he is not in the eye, and make sure that the money will soon arrive in your house.

Ritual with water

Is performed the Ritual, only 12-15 lunar days. You should take a shower and wash all the negative energy for the whole day. After that, enter the full bath and submerge the coin. It is important that the was silver. Then you dive into the water and whisper:

Silver Vodicka, bring wealth, prosperity and happiness. Amen.

Take a bath should not exceed 10 minutes. Now the water should be drained, and to hide a coin in a safe place. It is not the only Ritual with water, which is carried out in order to win money. A lot of popularity, Simon rituals have been held, to increase the prosperity and happiness in the family.

Easy Cash Mascot

There are a few simple ways, the Status in the family. It is not necessarily the ability to perform complex rituals to attract money. It is sufficient, with all of the attributes.

Blue Bag

In every home a similar bag. He is able to make prosperity in every family, and you will notice soon how the money will come to you in the hands. In blue leather case fold these attributes:

  • Tourmaline;
  • Anise;
  • Cardamom;
  • Wormwood;
  • Saffron;
  • Cinnamon;
  • Feather of poultry;
  • Magnet in the Form of a horseshoe;
  • a little bit of pine nuts.

This bag put them in your bedroom and you don't give someone in the Hand.

The Magical Toad

Monetary toad is the most popular amulet, Feng Shui is used for attracting prosperity. If you have decided to stop your choice on these talismans, then choose the statuette, which is only made of Onyx or Jade. Such talismans gain wealth in your home.

Financial toad are standing with the back to the front door, as if just jumped into her house and brought wealth. But you can put them in the South-Western area of the house, which is responsible for the prosperity. With the addition of a suitable mascot-site Lounge. If you have an Aquarium, put the toad next to him. These two positive characters will mutually reinforce each other.

Toad is afraid of the height. Therefore, you put it on the low coffee tables or shelves. Under the statue you put a pinch of each of the Cash-crops — for example, mint or Basil.



Still one of the most popular talismans the hair dryer-shuj. Hotei is known about the world, as the God of prosperity, of abundance, of joy and happiness. Is carried out, the figure can be made of different materials:

  • Wood;
  • Sound;
  • Stone.

On the magical properties of fun Bozhko no influence of the Material from which it is made. It is important that the mascot Stand in your hallway, met by cash flows and not from the house. He should have turned his face back out of the house. The figure choteja also placed in the South-Eastern part of the apartments a Zone of prosperity. In addition, it can be on the home page.

Daily special procedure — Ironing burn to spend on the belly, his persuasive and draws luck in financial terms. The dream fulfilled, you should the belly burn 300 pet it, thinking about it. Feng Shui experts advise to do this, and before you leave the house to attract good fortune.

Super fruits for enrichment

Gold and orange – the colors of wealth. So try to have the interior of your home, you have met often. If there is no way to do this, use the magical fruit:

  • orange;
  • Grapefruit;
  • Apricots;
  • Papaya;
  • Quince;
  • Tangerine.

Let a few of these fruits are always in prominent places in the different rooms. It helps stop the cash flow and you teach him in your apartment. A condition — the fruit must be fresh. You can buy food, and then new. If you don't fruit, you can the replicas.

Coins in plants

Select a few coins from his wallet (the number should be the number of plants in the room). It is desirable that you have great benefits. Each coin will scatter Holy water and dig a in each pot.

Talisman for money to help the well being in your home and redirect positive energy flowing to you. They use a simple and effective talismans, Tune in to positive emotions and enjoy life.