Magical amulets and talismans

Magical magical amulets and talismans – is a topic of interest for many people. Prior to the selection of a suitable amulet, you need to know – what it is and how it works.

Each object has its own special energy. Some of the properties of the natural origin, some are assigned to. Their effect can be beneficial and may cause harm.


The choice of his magical amulet depends on many factors. It is the age and gender and personality and Temperament. To change if you listen to all the tips and Tricks to pick up and mascot correctly, for the better in his whole life.

Each amulet – his purpose. Some are aimed at improving the financial Situation, others – on the maintenance of health, and the third – on the attraction of happiness and joy. Try to understand more Details.

Magical amulets to money and wealth

Who does not want to be rich and successful? To buy afford to go abroad to rest, a prestigious car or buy a large and comfortable house for your family? Perhaps these questions do not require a response – it is obvious.

It turns out, you can help yourself and money attracting energy by the magic of Cash-amulets.

Very good action figure toad sitting on a mountain of coins. And if it's garnished with a few small fish with the Golden color, the result is immediate.

In the purse money, you had to put in a separate bag, three Chinese coins, by in advance a thread.

The ancient Slavs preferably, wolf Fang, bear to be rich. The Wolf is characterized by its wisdom and power – no matter what the circumstances, he achieved his goal. And you don't get out of the way, while its assets do not reproduce.

Still one of the most powerful talismans – wheel of fortune. It is especially necessary for those who solve financial problems in a short period of time.

Magic amulets for good luck


Magic talismans and amulets of the luck, will not prevent any of us. There are several ways to find such a wonderful thing: to produce, to buy in a special Shop or find.

The amulets found are considered to be very strong. All of the well-known Symbol of good luck – the Horseshoe. Who have the good fortune you find a used horseshoe that is a real child of fortune.

The same effect has and leaves of clover with four petals.

We've all attempted in childhood, this Symbol for good luck and pushes the bushes and clover.

If you succeed, make this sheet, and then drying, invest it carefully in the wallet or purse.

And sometimes a Person pulls on a stationary object – for example, in the stone. It activates the Intuition that says that this Mineral fulfills your wishes. Listen to listen to the inner voice.

Self-made amulets are also effective, because in the creation you can swap with the theme of energy.

This should enable the subject, with uncomplicated plots, or just in thought, with the remark that the right words. But the amulets are bought and are still in need of pre-cleaning (fire or water).

Magical amulets on the health

An amulet can be absolutely any subject – the main thing, the belief in his power and to always carry.

The preservation of health and youth, the natural amulets. There are all kinds of stones, teeth and teeth of animals, leaves, and roots of the plants. Not less strong is the magical amulets, self-made.

In the Eastern countries is very protective to the question about their health – care from a young age. Particularly positive effects on the human organism, the charm of "the Chinese dragon".

Apart from the fact that he portrays a magical creation, in him, two energy Start-up (Yin and Yang combined). The male energy is strong poultry, as well as women represented – the wise snake.

The uniqueness of the snake is that it is very dangerous, and threatened with a fatal bite. But also by the snake, the pain can be poison to get rid of, and suffering – the main thing is to know how to use it.

Solar energy sun amulet personalized – it fills its owner the power and the thirst for life. Found that such people colds almost never get sick, even. And about serious diseases and you don't remember.

Talisman supports, and the physical and mental health. The strongest Depression out for a few days to wear frost!

It is assumed that each round object stores the vitality of the people. If you don't like wearing jewelry or amulets, you can use a normal Ring or a thin bracelet. Your energy is in vain, wasted.

Magical amulets for love


Every woman dreams of a beautiful feeling of love – even if it is negated. Magical Talisman for love draws the eyes of men.

This happens on a subconscious level. The amulet of the special Aura, the thought of your voice collects. And the woman gains power over the mighty of this world. A line with long lashes you can order it, do what you want.

Thanks to the magic of love amulet you will forget about stresses and be able to your true character reveal. But still, caution can not hurt, pay attention to your behavior and don't let love seductions damage you caused.

A very good result in the attraction of love is a beautiful Mineral of rose quartz. In his shimmering concentrated universal love.

In many, the about the love relationship between a man and a woman, often moonstone adularia. He is capable of arousing, even in the soul unfeeling warmth and tenderness.

In ancient times, the shared love of charms with this gem, so they swore eternal love and fidelity. It is believed that the magic of Minerals is particularly arouses strong during the full moon – energy of night-time star in the heart of the dreaminess.

All of the pairs of amulets and talismans to draw amorous feelings. They are also suitable for those who in search of his half, and for those already in a relationship and want to support you.

For example, two hearts grown together, or two doves, and beat each other with their heads.

A magical Talisman for love is a butterfly. If you are looking for your bedroom interior, don't forget this Symbol. Select delicate image with fluttering butterflies, lamp, or Statue. Believe me – your sex life is always varied and passionate.

In China, a tribute to colors. In this country, the peonies are a strong amulet on marriage and help to marry the girl. These flowers symbolize the flowering, the renewal, the spring – fresh fragrance of emperors revered. Hang in your bedroom a picture with peonies or backgrounds on this topic – so that you attract into your life love thin vibrations, and as a result, the life partners.

Cash-amulets for companies


People who know exactly what they want, understand well that without money, and productive work is impossible to be successful. It is not only important to earn money, but also be able to be intact and lead to a profitable business.

Very many rich people enjoy amulet "Monetary swastika" is a very powerful and effective magical Talisman, indispensable in the management of the business.

Experienced entrepreneurs call it the key to financial prosperity.

The most common amulets for business – Bronze SWASTIKA, but are very popular and other materials for the manufacture of talismans.

Such a magical Talisman chetypeh:

  • Algiz – the embodiment of the great energy of the universe. When the man fills his power, his life's potential grows. The old icon also protects its owner from evil people, of negativity. Merchant, the algiz, can not worry about unhealthy competition and jealous meanness – the RUNE is of all the enemies.
  • As a synonym for wealth is the RUNE that gives very good results in the monetary field. It helps to deal with problems that leads to the right answers, which aims to a correct solution. This RUNE is a guarantee of stability.
  • Soul is the Symbol of victory. It is filled with the divine flame, does not burn and produces the spark in the heart.
  • Gebo – all the previous characters together. Thanks to the Gebo rune can work in full force – and always fully activated.

Runic formula for company a includes 13 runes: algiz, as a synonym for wealth and Soul repeated four times, and born.

Monetary swastika has a different name – guardian angel millionaire. With time, they become enormous wealth and prosperity of the business.

Such amulets are known worldwide and the most successful people aware about you.

Runic amulets for magic

Sometimes people are skeptical to the characters, the runes, but in fact, they are a great power that has long been used for their own purposes.

In the ancient world, the whole magic system: Stawy, amulets with runes, magical formulas and magical images.

Some of them came to our time, but, nevertheless, in spite of several attempts by the Inquisition, and representatives of the authorities to destroy the ancient symbolism – the majority of the characters used until now.

All the magical charms (made of wood, metal, leather), which is applied to runic formulas, generators, transform into spiritual energy. The magic of the runes works in wonderful ways to the people and to all areas of its activity.

It is important to remember that the influence can be both positive as well as negative. Before you begin to enjoy the magic of the runes – talk to an expert on this subject.

If you restore all the secrets of the runic symbolism, in the situation, even magical items.

The rules for making magical amulets


If you make the inner feeling that they are trying to be fully prepared, personal protective object.

I recommend sticking with a certain set of rules during the production of the freeze:

  • Precisely defined – what do you want to buy the mascot.
  • Prepare carriers in advance of some of the so-called natural energy. Each of them will have the identity of one of the elements – water, fire, air and earth. This can bar a glass of water, candle, Aroma, a handful of earth.
  • If you want an amulet made of metal, melt it, and giving it the desired shape. When you speak (mentally or aloud) his desire. You try all your energy to focus for the next amulet. If you are cutting for wood as a Material for the manufacture of – slow you all the Details and symbols.
  • Now take the magical object in the hands, and imagine how the energy through the palm of your hand and penetrates into the defense. You continue ten minutes. Activation is required upon the first use of the amulet, and repeat at least once in a month.