Power amulet of Vanga on happiness and money

To gain improvement of the financial Situation and stability, helping the amulet of Vanga on happiness and money. Tips, visionary, distinguished by the simplicity of the implementation and require no special magical knowledge, the gaining of supernatural powers, able to pick up all their belongings. To perform them easily at home.

Amulet of Vanga on happiness and money

General Recommendations

Talisman for good luck and money is kind of a mouse. He pulls the positive energy and holds it firmly. Pick up Cash-Magnet, pay attention to the naturalness of the material. The ideal variant — a stone, a suitable sign, or figure, the corresponding year of the birth, made from silver, Gold or wood. Strong attraction to practice old coins.

Conspiracy read in the Phase of the increasing moon or a full moon. It cable on the name of a specific Person. The main thing, the conspiracy, the belief in its effectiveness and compliance with the rules of conduct with the money read.

Coin for good luck

Wang amulet offers the manufacture of coins. You take a coin, salt, Holy water. In the evening, the window opens. Pour water into a glass, set it on the window-sill. Liquid salts, throw a coin. To start reading conspiracy:

"The house — a full Cup, my not your. As the water stones of the salty sea is rich in fish and precious, so my hut is rich in money, Yes, various advantages. The same will be attracted to sling money. Therefore, it will not tell anyone".

In the coin-rope route in green. Worn under clothing around the neck. At regular intervals, the mascot moon light download.

Safety pin for good luck and protection

In order to save the money and good luck charms, amulets, need. The needle of strangers envy preserves and helps draw you into the house of wealth. Beautiful new pin chosen is made of real metal: iron, Gold, silver. Prior to the start of the ritual prayers of the Saint Nikolay. Conspiracy on the attraction of money, it should:on the full moon

"As the needle acute tunic hurt, Yes, so me, my enemy there's nothing. You will bring me happiness, saves money, and wealth from the eyes of strangers to hide. Well-being of my dependent on it".

The pin in a prominent place to wear. Replacing clothes is the predominant attribute. Periodically forget to pin the moonlight and the clean under running water of accumulated negative energy does not recharge. Wang convinced, that such an amulet is able to bring happiness in all areas of life, and keep you from evil.

Cursed stone for attracting prosperity

Cash-conspiracy Vanga on bread can win prosperity and true friends. She said that without a positive impossible for people to be happy and gain in the lives of the currents of the correct energy. Ritual to spend early in the morning: it is the right time to take up a new life on a new sheet.


  • taz;
  • Water;
  • Bread;
  • Stones, matching zodiac sign.
Cursed stone of Vanga

In a bowl, pour water, and bread to put on the stone floor, and begin to whisper, to read:

"Whatever happens, will not happen. Me good happened, and in the house of grace. Wheat grows tall a lot of bread for dinner. To clean as the rain washes away the dust, the dirt, and I with all the new day begin, a friend of the good in the house".

From the edge bite of a piece so that the stone fell in the mouth. Bread chewing, and the stone spit. Bathed in icy water. The rest of the bread to share between the members of the family. Crumbs to give to the birds. Stone put in a purse, always carry it around with you. He is a Talisman.

On the success in the Business

Tips Vanga allow, to the good luck in business with a unique charm. It should be in new moon. Black bread, inside a silver figure of a dog, laying under the moon, so that the incidence of light. Start to read:

"The merchant-Daredevil, all joined in the trade. He buyer is attracted, the bread freshly baked. She ran to the scent of steel, just the track, do not want to go. On other benches not to go. To run only me, only my God".

This evening you can't say any more. In a house, and go to bed. In the morning, open your eyes, eat a piece of bread, the Rest you take. Birds to feed, give a piece of homeless in the vicinity of the temple. Amulet is removed, pull on the neck, not to take, even if going for a swim within 40 days.

On prosperity at home

Cash-conspiracy on the well-being in the house read on the growing moon. In this case, the mascot, and Bay leaf. For the implementation of need:

  • hand-baked bread;
  • a whole pack of salt;
  • Bay leaf;
  • green rope made of natural matter.

When it gets dark, sit alone at a table, lit the candle. The bread has a hole in it, put the Bay leaf with the inside of the rope, and salt sprinkle. Read Conspiracy:

"The Golden grain grew up, Solar energy has been nourished. The bread it was delicious, soft, I will live in abundance. Eat with salt, the wealth multiply. Money in the account is always white. The bread with the salt here now, so the money in the house, there is always".

The action is on an empty stomach. After reading big bite of bread with the salt to eat, so that no crumbs. A piece of food, chew food thoroughly, with pleasure. Attract money into the house, hung in the kitchen spikelets of wheat. Bay leaf on a string in the wallet — he is the mascot of prosperity.

New Wallet

With the tips Vanga, in fact, to prosperity, and you don't dispose of it properly, to waste in vain. When you purchase a new wallet the spacious choose, comfortable. He should be beautiful. Check carefully the locks, otherwise the money will escape. Purse — this is the amulet that is capable of or cash flows to reflect, depending on how you handle it.

Successfully the purchase of the purse in the middle of the week, the Phase of the increasing moon, on the eve of the new year holidays. Select the invoice in any value on the number plate, the number of birthdays symbolize. The night before, before you purchase, started coin:

"All the spikelets of a grain grow, so from a money other to get to the sea. No need to walk them on the will. I collect a house prikuplyu, all of them. Each mark on a cell. The house was like a fortress, collects money for nothing is not published".

Wallet schizophrenic and cash flows reflect

Talisman for success in work

In order to improve things at work, you get more money, make cursed amulet. Took the wooden figure as a Symbol for the signs of the zodiac. The day before the payday the conspiracy, read the figure holds in his hands:

"(Name of character) to me happiness at work. A lot of money to get home quickly. On the way to meet anybody, the enemy will not receive. To spare wealth, from foolish purchases escape. Full bowl of goodness, I go on boldly, and funny enough, where, also, money everywhere".

Salary to bring home. Counting the money, put it in one place. You can spend the savings only 24 hours. Go to the grocery store, write the list and say:

"Spend wisely, buy what is necessary in the house. Do not buy, money is in Reserve leave planned".

Your zodiac signs they always carry with them: now it attracts money. Exactly a year later, you repeat the Ritual for the increase of the power of the amulet.

Prayer for the activation of the frost

Through prayer, is really the effect of a Talisman. Appeal to the Saint Nicholas helps the miracle worker, to improve their financial Situation and avoid problems at work:

"My prayer is sincere. On thy mercy trust. Nicholas glorify, for its just cause. Show me your miracle, sincerely and conquered. All of the instructions, going to sermons, get — of you on a stage, I'm in the money".

The prayer on an amulet to read, in a half whisper.


Back give you can financial well-being, when in the vicinity of the people who come to the rescue in a difficult Moment and cast a spell and an amulet for luck of the seer Vanga. Talk mascot is, how to succeed in the higher powers. Pulling the money is in the location, positive minded person. Forever wailing people from themselves repel.