Amulets for attracting money, wealth, happiness and success

They use amulets and talismans to attract everything in life is good people began, in ancient times, when man was with the science, technicians to Management of own energy had had the spiritual connection with the higher powers. An amulet could be anything from a bird feather, coin, coin, thread, attached to the Hand. Previously, very often, amulets were used against the evil eye, protection from evil forces, of the house and the children. In the present time with the current growth of the competition in the professional sphere, people increasingly resort to in order to win amulets to money and a lot of luck.

What the amulet is

The amulet is a special item, ready-made or self-created, has magical qualities. It is these properties of the carrier of the amulet at the time of creation. If the mascot was purchased, it may already have the necessary energy charge, however, you need to keep working on him to get the program for yourself.

The main thing is to believe in the power of the amulet. The stronger the mental promise, the more power he gains. An important point is the appearance of the mascot, and the relationship to him is not. If he doesn't like for any reason of the owner, made all of his properties destroyed. This happens due to the negative energy on the subject. For the same reason, should not be disrespectful and to Express doubt about the power of the amulet.

To spread the creation or acquisition of mascot better, even the closest people about its presence. Some have the evil eye, themselves without knowing it. Envy and promise is no good energy can also have an impact on the amulet.


For the attraction of financial health, there are a lot of different talismans. Some of them will cost you to carry, the other on the body, and some hide in a remote corner of your house. Even items, an amulet, is not the solution to all problems. Rather, they help in creating a Situation that lead to that intended. A Person can not a certain amount, and, for example, promotion, winning the lottery, sudden inheritance.

To gain the most in the creation of talismans to money, use the red, green, and purple colors. They symbolize prosperity and success in financial matters.

The monetary turn well-being and essential oils can help. Oil droplets, is applied to the invoice, on the wave of wealth to adjust to the subtle level. This is considered the best oil of the Patchouli, but also for the purposes of, mint, ginger, nutmeg, cedar, orange, Basil, sandalwood is.

Natural stones have a strong energy, and some of them contribute to the increase in income. The Beryl, Jade, Carnelian , Malachite. The wearing of jewelry with them, attracts prosperity, and works like a Magnet for money.

Help Finance and house plants: money tree, and zamiokulkas (dollar Tree) win. For this before planting the plants should throw in a pot a few coins of different denominations, sleep position from your floor and from the top of the plant itself. There's a flower will grow, will increase the income.

On each financial character symbols can draw. This old sign came from Scandinavia and they are with great mystical power. The Cash-rune is considered as a synonym for wealth, which means "wealth". The same purpose RUNE Dagaz ("prosperity") and Otal ("material goods"). As a mascot RUNE suitable, painted on a sheet of paper. You have to bag in the letter, and wear.

The whole bill

The easiest mascot for the attraction of prosperity. This Bank note or any coin you carry in your wallet to spend far away from the eyes, accidentally. The higher the denomination of the bills, the more revenue it will attract. Therefore, coins, even though they use for this purpose, but they are not likely to be able to the necessary, large sums of money.

At best the bill is to earned as a Premium service, with a new wallet. You have so much positive vibrations. In addition, the load at the new moon, full moon or in the days of the waxing moon. Lightly greased ticket "money," oil and the night need to put on the window, it moon of energy from being absorbed. The most appropriate day of the week for the conduct of financial transactions is Thursday, as this day of Jupiter, responsible for the economy, the money and success in all endeavors of the workers.

Cash Pouch

We need:

  • Pouch red, green, or white;
  • the green thread;
  • green candle;
  • Mint, nutmeg, Basil;
  • 3 Malachite Crumbs;
  • Pogostemon Patchouli, mint, and cedar;
  • 3 coins.

You light the green candle in a bowl and mix all the ingredients, add 3 drops of essential oils and свечного wax. Tie green thread.

Monetary Bottle

To take:

  • Bottle made of green glass;
  • green candle;
  • 5 Coins Silver;
  • 5 Coins, Copper Color;
  • 5 grains of wheat;
  • 5 Grains Of Sesame;
  • 5 Sticks Cinnamon;
  • 5 cloves;
  • 5 Peas Allspice;
  • 5 Nuts Peanut.

Light the green candle, then pour all the ingredients in a bottle and you pour the hot wax of a candle. Seals mascot is not necessary to the flow of energy close. The bottle can be put anywhere at home.

The old Ward money

Each day of the month, amount of money must move in an extra box or bag, in accordance with the number of the day. For example, 1 ruble on the first day, 2 rubles — in the second, and so on. Companies should these steps daily, preferably at the same time of the day. At the end of the month all the money convert to an invoice.

Probably Shui in Tradition of Feng

In the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui for the preservation of the military duty and wealth, there are many talismans. They all promote the circulation of the monetary power:

  • Golden toad with a coin in the mouth;
  • to RUB a statuette of the god Hoteya, the FR is the attraction of success and money abdomen;
  • 3 Chinese coins, impaled on the red thread;
  • Aquarium with fish;
  • Rooms fountain ;
  • the ship with the sail.

Rules for dealing with money

The effect of the talismans that increase can be based on the characters and the rules of dealing with finances. This Omen for the money — very strong:

  • On the new moon of the month of the open wallet, with its rising incomes grew.
  • To acquire new wallet better green, red or brown. To give away — with the money inside.
  • If the letter is worn-out bag, you should not keep it, it makes sense to replace immediately.
  • Coins and bills in different branches, store. Paper money of the Banknote to fold the Banknote, in ascending order.
  • You may not shake the garbage and sweep the floor after sunset, with the Hand of the crumbs from the table.
  • If you move to get your money and have to regularly re-calculate, not to report new, the energy of wealth to stagnate.
  • Lend worth on the growing moon, but on the contrary, repay debts and better small bills.

To win amulets for good luck

Happiness and success you can attract by talismans. Our ancestors, for this purpose, a four-leaf clover and took with four leaves, Maritime pebble with a hole, paw hare, hung a horseshoe over the door openings. These amulets have the power, over the centuries, proven, significantly increases your energy.

Like all amulets, talismans for luck, are not transferable. Amulets wear better contact with the body, the investiture of you with my energy.

Such as money, talismans for good luck will bring on the growing moon. Not to forget that the talismans cleaned and charged. For this purpose, put them over night in water or dry salt. And loading of amulets by pillows, with a full moon on the window sill or hidden on the night under the head.

Happiness help:

  • Herbs and oils: orange, bergamot, ginger, cinnamon, Bay leaf.
  • Stones: Carnelian, Amber, Tiger's Eye.
  • Colors: orange, yellow, red.
  • Week Days: Sunday, Monday, Thursday.

Through the creation of various combinations of herbs, oils and stones that you can collect, a unique Talisman, happiness and success.

Spices on luck

Bay leaves, in ancient times known for its many magical properties, among which the fulfillment of desires, the attraction of money, success and happiness. To do this, take five sheets of Bay leaves and bind them together for cuttings of red thread. This amulet is hung over the entrance to the apartment or house. It works well in situations when it is required the fortune of working with people in creative projects.

Cinnamon is used in rituals, the on luck. Before an important transaction or service can be cinnamon chewing rod. To bring good luck in all your endeavors щепоть ground spices, you pour your left Shoe.

Magic Needle

In the evening, in a shallow dish, and pour alternately with 3 tablespoons of salt, sugar, and rice to a slide. In your place, the open safety pin a head downwards, and do not touch until the morning. After a pin you can attach to the clothes, from the wrong side, away from prying eyes. The needle will work like a Talisman, attracting good luck in any case.

Bag for good luck

On the first day of the new lunar month cloth bag with yellow, orange or red. The next day, you pour in a pinch of Laurel and cinnamon, and 3 drops of the essential oils of orange, bergamot and mint. For the activation of the amulet must recharge within a three-phase full moon the moon light. Then happiness it brings.

The stones that bring good luck

Each sign of the zodiac correspond to certain precious stones and gems. It depends on the influence of planets on the people. What suits one, another will behave diametrically opposed, so before the selection of the mascot, it is necessary to know to buy which is the stone worth it.

  1. RAM: Agate, Heliotrope, Ruby.
  2. Taurus: Sapphire, Onyx, Topaz.
  3. Gemini: Rhinestone, Amber, Pearls.
  4. Cancer: Cat's Eye, Amazonite, Emerald.
  5. Leo: alexandrite, citrine, beryl, yellow.
  6. Virgo: yellow agate, Jasper, jadeite.
  7. Balance: Aventurine, Lapis Lazuli, Diamond.
  8. Scorpio: Coral, Serpentine, Carnelian.
  9. Sagittarius: Garnet, Red Jasper, Tiger's Eye.
  10. Capricorn: Obsidian, Tourmaline.
  11. Aquarius: Amethyst, Turquoise, Cubic Zirconia.
  12. Pisces: Aquamarine, Moon Stone, Opal.

The main thing is that оберегу soul. If you think that you suit you stone another character, and it is intuitive to trust the feeling of contact with him, it is better Intuition.

Chinese recipe for happiness

Performing this Ritual daily, but it is important to do this in a good mood. Take the three candles and pleasant incense. Candles and sticks and light sticks of incense to go with the smoke the room in a clockwise direction, whisper any of the conspiracy, with the prompt of happiness in your house. After that, candles will have to pay back, and a stick of incense, until complete combustion. After the completion of this Ritual, luck, happiness and success in your life.


You can choose any candle that seems intuitively suitable, regardless of size and color. Midnight on the moon, they put a candle in the glass Cup and light it. While the wax is liquid, you give your own words, in what area you would like to help the wheel of fortune. The wax absorbs their energy and programmed to attract whatever you want. The candle should be fully burned and the wax, after cooling, is your amulet for good luck. It is important to never transfer and always wear.

Amulets and talismans — a wonderful help for success in life and finances. But do not expect miracles, it will not happen if you sit idly by. Work, form a positive relationship with the world and remember, the idea is familiar, and all of our plans will be fulfilled!