Easiest way to get the amulet on the money

Finance and money in all times, the second most important took one of the first places in the life of a people. Exactly for the purpose of enrichment, and financial stability people are willing to work much and hard, but even in such situations, it is not always possible to realize your dream about a certain sum of money. Because in this matter, as in many other situations, it is important, a little luck and a lot of luck. To solve this difficult question help enrichment can Cash amulet to do this for more efficiency in the best hands.

how to get to the amulet on the money with their own hands

Amulets for attraction of money have very many varieties: they meet almost all the known natural materials, and give the most unexpected forms. This is necessary so that you can each Problem be able to decide almost in connection with financial issues: some of the talismans will help you a certain sum of money, the other will remain in a piece of already accumulated wealth.

The basic rule – mascot made its owner should be with the Hand, since only in this case, a similar amulet, a maximum force will be, and already be pre-configured exactly to your Aura.

In addition, compliance with the entire process of the ritual, it is important to carefully according to the defined recommendations. In this case, you can not be afraid that the creation of such a Cash-amulet is for you to be negative.

Cash Mascot

With this magic Ritual you can use a special item, like a Magnet pulls him to you with the required Finance. But the ceremony itself is time-consuming, should you prepare in advance to collect the necessary items.

You need these things:

  • Candle wax is green.
  • New fabric red tablecloth colors.
  • A small square piece of fabric in the color green.
  • Fresh Eucalyptus Leaves. If such a thing is not possible, then you replace it on a normal sheet of Laurel.
  • Coin in one ruble.
  • A little essential oil of bergamot.
  • Red Silk Ribbon.

Even the Ritual is only in the Phase of the waxing moon to come with her together, you and the long-awaited wealth. It is also very important, the day of the week you have your Cash-amulet: traditionally, all manipulations with the finances of magical origin are rather, only on Thursdays.

how to get to the amulet on the money itself

If you have all the items collected and the desired day has come, you can join the Ritual. To do this, wait for the sunset and stay alone in an empty room was a new tablecloth on the table and light the green candle.

In front of the candle, you need to the green square fabric for the top sheet of eucalyptus or Laurel place. On the leaf of the plant, you need to have the prepared coin, prior to treatment, your a drop of essential oil of bergamot.

After all this Manipulation, you need to desired, to mentally focus on that made you decide, at the completion of this rite: look at the coin, think again, what sum of money you need and for what. Your thoughts should you build, how you have this amount already received and their problems successfully solved.

When you are done, wrap the edges of the green matter, so that the sheet and the magic coin inside a homemade envelope. You should pronounce these words:

"All gathered, the Big names of Ahaziah, In yarat luck tulit iuramentum".

Now the square will be surrounded once again with your amulet as deep as possible in the fabric layers. This action is also accompanied by the words:

"The money will what I want".

Such a Manipulation is necessary in order for the second time, after already another term:

"The truth and not a lie! A lot of money, and not a Penny".

Now you should carefully bandage the resulting bundle of red ribbon. These Cash amulet with their own hands, it is best to wear all the time and safely hide in the place where you can spend your working time or store the savings. Periodically, you will receive phylacterium, with the request that, or just hold it in the palm of your hand. Also, don't forget to thank him when you get unexpected money.

Monetary Shell

This amulet will help you not only to new resources, but also effectively preserve the already accumulated, especially if you are prone to squandering. However, a similar Ritual is not so easy, because you caught an unusual thing: for the production of the amulet, you should be right by the sea beautiful large white shell, consisting of two wings.

If you are lucky and a similar object fell into their hands, store it, come home and spend a magical Ritual on the money with their own hands.

Next to the sink you will also need a coin of value, if you take well, your lucky coin, and a little essential oil to your taste. Also you need to buy the green candle.

Even a magical Ritual that allows a sum of money amulet with his hands, and is carried out as follows:

how to get to the amulet on the money with their own hands a clam
  • Originally, you should concentrate to and make a part of their energy in the metal is boiled coins. So you activate the amulet. To do this, you need to focus on your thoughts about the required amount of money.
  • After that, take one of the wings of the upper part and locutus coin.
  • Out a few drops of your favorite application of essential oil.
  • Now, your mascot is almost finished, it remained to fill the sink with wax. To do this, tilt the lit the green candle and wait until it is full with wax.

After the wax has cooled, your amulet on the money. The first time she gets to wear all the time, and then leave you in the place where you earn money: Desk, beside the Computer and so on.