Talismans, the gain and save money

Modern man, if you want to achieve something in life, working tirelessly up to 18 hours a day, so 6 hours to eat and sleep. This is not normal! You have to live to work rather than work to live, but to survive.

Good luck charms to win money


Every person wants his desires and possibilities match. But normally, we see a very different picture, if requires the fulfilment of every desire for significant expenses. Therefore, man of today is, if you want to achieve something in life, working tirelessly up to 18 hours a day, so 6 hours to eat and sleep. This is not normal! You have to live to work rather than work to live, but to survive.

The bill, which can not be replaced

Talismans are different, one of the most effective talismans in order to win money is a money bill or a coin that can not be replaced. The nominal value of money is not important, but it is better to use a large bill, as to attract the large yield, and 5 cents only win a little something. But to each his own. The main thing is that this Banknote was jealous and not in the field under any circumstances.

What to do and how to the invoice in Cash mascot? You take the coin, as in the happy combination of circumstances, for example, gave it to her, along with a new purse, or do you have the first significant revenues from the new case (the first content, the first profits).

Selected note or coin put in a separate compartment of the wallet or purse, where they wouldn't be able to make contact with the rest of the money you use in General language use. So you sit in front of your mascot task of propagating and increasing your income, as well as the inclusion of the new sources of wealth.

Runic Talisman

Cash-amulets and talismans you can from the runes, one of which in financial matters is the RUNE as a synonym for wealth, for material wealth, and for the reception of money. This RUNE helps to look at the Situation, from which is extracted the financial benefits can be so that you will not over money. As a synonym for wealth is able to pull itself out of its severe financial Situation, because you start to have the nose of merit to feel the possibilities, by enhancing the sweet scent. Also as a synonym for wealth helps money, but not only receive. For the RUNE to activate lucky charms, runes image must.be applied on a Safe, and a purse

Also RUNE can be drawn on the Stick, the bracelet, the Instrument, such as a Laptop, if it is for him to spend all the working hours. The inscription can also be on the phone, if your income depends on frequent calls.

The main thing is that the item was marked with the RUNE to contact you if not around the clock, most of the time, you have to constantly in touch with him. When applied to image with RUNE you have to talk and explain what they expect from you, how you can help them and what. Only you don't know that RUNE will help, crime, fraud, speculation, and usury.

Chinese Good Luck Charm

Today, Cash mascot, made according to Feng Shui is very popular. Information about the Eastern talismans on the Internet a lot, so we will only share your lists:

  • Pink clothing or accessories.
  • Gold fish, and live Aquarium in a clean.
  • The well with the circulating water symbolizes not only money, but also your circulatory system in life.
  • Trehlapaya the map with the coin on the front of the paw.
  • Ship with sail, the nose looks in the middle of the room.
  • Money tree (lignum with coins, not Crassula).
  • Hotel – pot-bellied monk with a Sack of wisdom and of wealth.
  • Three Chinese coins with holes, twisted red ribbon.

Rules for the preservation of money

As a synonym for wealth

To ensure that you will not be fit the money only, but also stored, and grew, and took only Cash-mascot not help, even if it with your hands. But rules can help, money-saving, together with the mascots or talismans, and their work benefits you a well-to-do man. Here are these simple rules, which prohibit:

  • bear in the evening, the garbage;
  • you throw something in a window;
  • as the money after sunset;
  • Revenge in a house or an apartment with different broom;
  • Dealers sell, the first thing the woman;
  • the crumbs you sweep off the table with the Hand;
  • borrow in the evening;
  • Cleaning up after sunset;
  • you give a little after sunset, on the threshold of the house wrong;
  • self-cutting hair, including cutting the bangs or the tips of the hair;
  • By borrow money on Sunday;
  • on the table, gloves and hat;
  • sitting on the table;
  • you take the money out of the hands of the curious (often damage);
  • in order to save money "on the bag", it is better to do it through the Bank, since the money must be in circulation, because it is your Medium;
  • Money with regret;
  • You have to aim at the accumulation of money, money can't be the target.


  • on the young moon's light to show a purse with money, or the glow of the great advantage to money grew up together with the moon;
  • the thing is successful, in the room in which you take place to sign the contract or negotiations, the first, the man must;
  • with borrowed money to the smaller bills, as the course says;
  • Lend money to new moon and back to inferior;
  • you take the money with the left Hand, and give with the right hand;
  • Money with joy and pleasure;
  • polite to deal with money.

Money bag

In a small pocket you can collect coins in various denominations currently in circulation.

Each coin in the lubricating oil of eucalyptus, said:

"The kopeck to kopeck, a coin in the pyatak,
fifty dollars to quinquaginta, the ruble-rubles,
Piece of gold to chervonetsu, all to the yard".

After reading conspiracy, and brushes all the coins, you hide the bag away from prying eyes in the Northern part of the house.

The attraction of money into the house


To attract money into the house you make a magnetized metal with a file magnetic powder that you put in the bag and keep as a mascot. Greater force Talisman is a Golden color, which should be covered in all the submissions.

The attraction of riches

Attract wealth, help the following steps. You make a bag with the blue skin, put it in a Magnet in the shape of a horseshoe, tourmaline stone, a bird's feather, dry herbs: mugwort, saffron, cinnamon, milk Thistle, fennel, anise, cardamom and a Cup of pine nuts. This bag is a must-save in your house or apartment, came up to him wealth.

The cultivation of money

In order to improve their financial well-being, collect the metal coins of various denominations, which, at the Moment in your country, and place them in a flower-pot with earth. After planting it in a cactus, geranium or marigold. How to grow a flower, will increase your income and improve the financial Situation.

As good luck and attracting money

In the bathroom the hot water and throw it in a silver coin, then you put yourself into the water. If he is in the water, imagine how the silver sends and gives you your mood, and the attention to money and happiness, as well as all sorts of physical well-being.

Cash Mascot

Above the entrance, in your house, with the inner side of the door, nailing horseshoes to the full shell lands, you formed "". They speak:

"Like this Cup is full,and my house is always full of prosperity and happiness".