Amulets from Israel: Jerusalem candles and labeled trailer

Because in our world, there are invisible negative of substance, which can easily cause irreparable damage to our health and the health of our members. And not a battle to be stronger to protect in the present day as the true Jerusalem, 33 candles, the Promised Land.

Candles Amulet

Their power is so great, that already a few days after the execution of the ritual candle in life to burn, and begin the long-awaited changes. You immediately feel a surge of strength and energy, your health will be much stronger and the mood is always on the height. Family disputes that have taken place in your life recently, all of a sudden somewhere lots of rest and really coziness will disappear and example, occupy the most important place in your house.

For a 33 candles need to visit the Land of Israel in the holidays or you are the proud owner of gifts of pilgrims of this country. If this is not possible, and the 33 candles conquered already her heart, and to get a question of honour was not for you, then you despair, as the Original Israeli amulets, which can be from the Holy Land you can buy Online.

These Jerusalem candle characterized by the following features:

  • Their number is strictly limited, and is exactly 33 candles — you can't pieces a couple of: one, two, or three, namely, 33 candles, which are connected to each other in a bundle, as a Symbol for a particular number. We also offer a large and small candle of David, which help to clean and protect your home or office from negative energy and it. No wonder that the star of David was with a shield of king David, one of the greatest Governor of all times and peoples.
  • Real Jerusalem candles have to be made necessarily in the Holy Land of Israel. These candles have to be bees of the monks manually exclusively from the wax. Thus, the Israeli candles in the combustion process, there should be little radiation is undetectable by the subtlest scent of sweet honey.

Name Plate Pendant

Certainly each of us at least once in life thought about the value of one's own name? Because it is the name, which carries us at birth with the love and care of our fathers and mothers, is the energy necessary to charge the us with the clear-cut lines of life. Not for nothing they say: "the name of the ship, so it will float" — this statement has a direct relationship with us and with you!

Unique sequence of letters of the alphabet — the building is their, and only their names, which is similar to strong magic, able to customize the fate in a better direction, it pulls the joy, happiness and love,the life for you woman.

Therefore, you should not use this Israeli luck, ignore providers, such as the Charms, and pendants that made of silver magical hands of the famous master-goldsmiths Promised Land. It is really the amulets, which are in accordance with the practice of the Kabbalah, and carry the secret and the magical power of your name. All products Code-names do not preserve and protect, by disturbing the harmony and peace of mind to your inner world.

Registered supporters from Israel's own protection from the evil looks, words, and negative energy, which would in any way harm your life-happiness and harmony of the soul.

Believe me, it is very important and always up to date for every human being, no matter what, we belong to a Religion, what we, the country, and what is the Status in the society. All of this is nothing compared with the power of the name that is given for life, and if you are charging the correct mascot and correctly, then everything is what we want to do and what we dream — sooner or later come true!

Not only is it a RANT is a truth that should bring a positive change in the fate of the ordinary people and whole Nations to make them happy!