How independently the manufacture of coins and a charm of its wire home

A lucky charm for attracting money and prosperity for many centuries made Scottish magician. It is believed that the recipe for making this magical amulet got lucky in the ancient times, a Scottish hunter from the tribe of the local dwarves. Recipe for the preparation of the mascot for the attraction of money dwarfs gave to the hunter, that he has saved them in the Highlands of Scotland, an old dwarf, the heavy stone crushing.


It is believed that the race of underground dwarves is actually existing inhabitants of foggy Albion. At least in the UK and Ireland, every second person believes that dwarves and trolls are the real inhabitants of the underworld. In reality, the ground of our planet's treasures is not to be investigated and what is there in reality, under the earth, it is hard for us to imagine. As you know, the dwarves, the rich and the economical character of this hidden world. The greatest part of his riches to acquire under the earth in the Form of precious metals and precious stones, or employ himself with magic in order to win money.

How to get the amulet from the wire with the hands

For the production of amulet to win money, we need every coin and copper wire with different diameters, 0.8 and 0.3 mm. Tools: pliers, side cutter and round nose pliers. And now we begin to understand how to get to the amulet for attraction of money in a magical Scottish technology with the hands at home . On the photo is a perspective of the process is the making of this mascot. It is believed that this is the braided pattern wire is a type amplifier and the antenna, in order to win money.

  • First, make the frame for the coins out of a thicker wire, turn to him the size of a coin. We turn the tips upwards, so that 3-4 inches, for the formation of the suspension of the trailer , cut the excess.
  • Prepare the wire 0.8 mm small, fixed rings, with a diameter of about 0.5 cm
  • Take 1.2 metres of thin wire, so that a free end with a length of 50 cm and begin wrapping the framework of the mascot.
  • Every 3-4 turns tightly fasten the ring. Then 3 rounds on the Ring, on the page, with the following attachments, him, bolted to the first of three tight turns. Next, we get the two coils on the side of the second ring to the frame and secure it with five tight turns. Then everything is repeated until the last Ring, the circle is closed. We combine the first and last three turns, and winding ends of the primary five turns on the side left.
  • Suspension Form. A short distance from the monetary mascot to make the wire small curls. Thin wire, the in free the first steps to begin sealing the two parallel procrastination dewlap wrap. After the braid, remove the wire and tightly presses.
  • For the preparation of the downside of monetary amulet made of wire 0.8 mm, the skeleton, the shape is the same as the previous one, but smaller in diameter. The ends we turn to the inner, and firmly suppressed.
  • You put a coin between the frame and connect to a thin wire, wound between the rings.
  • A strap for the money amulet, turn to the long, braided suspension.

If the amulet, money is to win ready to read something about him a spell on an old Scottish dialect: "My gnome makes me amulet for money and wealth. And I tell him the answer that I want to luck. And every day and every hour begin to flock money in my pocket", which means, in approximate translation: "My dwarf me the amulet for money and wealth is crazy. And I say to him in return, that I have a lot of luck. And every hour of every day flock to the money in my pocket". Amulet must wear on a leather belt under the clothes.