How to talk to the thing on luck and money - conspiracies on amulets and key chains

For centuries, people seek the help of the magic: some people want to improve your health, or again the beloved, the second – to learn or to change their fate, and the attention to happiness. In the latter case, one can object to the fortune, and then he possess magical properties that make people happy

Amulet for luck and wealth

When a series of failures followed shock – it is an important occasion to reflect on how to change everything. Here are two possibilities: the seer, the magical abilities, or the basic rites, which they independently perform, and their effectiveness is almost immediately noticeable.

Rules for the conduct of rituals

It is important to remember that the final result depends not only by the spoken word or of the selected object to conspiracy theories, but also of compliance with certain rules of the Person who will perform the Ritual.

What you to anyone who wants to talk about the matter of love, luck and happiness should know:

  • Also white magic is dangerous, so, before resorting to your help, you should focus on its consequences. Instead of white in the life of Vice-versa, black bars will appear, and instead of the love – quarrel or not a decent person in the vicinity. However, all this happens when during the ritual, errors are committed, or the person does not simply believe in the power of magic and uses them for the interest;
  • If you do not learn the words of the prayer, you can write them on a sheet of paper, but after reading immediately burn with flame Church candles;
  • During the rite in the room of his Executive persons. Noise, jokes, laughter and the presence of outsiders are not allowed;
  • It is not recommended, rituals during pregnancy: it is full of problems with your child, or birth, and in the future to fail to be a child;
  • If you read, for some reason, not even Conspiracy (e.g., anxiety), you can get the help of another Person, but then he has to thank absolutely, to a conspiracy acted in the right direction;
  • 3 days before the procedure, eliminating the use of alcohol and unhealthy food. In the diet, only healthy food should be: you have a positive energy;
  • To avoid a few days before the ceremony, you should try disputes and scandals: they have a negative effect on the energy field;
  • Of its intention not to perform the Ritual, to tell someone, as well as after its implementation. Everything must remain secret, otherwise the conspiracy will not work.

In view of the above-mentioned Details in the implementation of the ceremony, you will have to make it absolutely safe and effective, and then he really attracts a lot of happiness and satisfaction.

How to talk to the thing for happiness?


To be always lucky in all things, you must favorite their thing, and read 12 times such a prayer for the survey of well-being, the concerns absolutely all spheres of life.

"Like a squirrel fur coat wore, not endured, So would you (call) Me luck, to bring good luck. So it should be!"

There is also another variant of the rite, for which a simple safety pin will need:

  • Wait, when the moon reaches the Phase of the new moon;
  • Midnight plug-in take a needle and you read:

"The moon is born again, the power you Wake up and right at me. Luck my of these Pins do not come, as well as with the sky and the moon in eternity don't leave. To go on the heels of my happiness for me, to create me a great kindness! Amen!"

  • It is desirable that such a Ritual every full moon, and then the luck is leaving, probably never.

There is a third way that helps pull your luck on their side:

  • You take the top, braid it;
  • Need to speak top, and said specifically for this purpose with a prayer:

"Soon, happiness come on, look at me. Let the happiness in life is to return to me."

The simplest possibility is the involvement of fate — just tie the cord to his left leg and said: "thetop must get out of there, I bind the happiness of self". In spite of the ease, he has less magical power than the above-discussed conspiracies.

All of the items with the conspiracy theories, it is desirable to: they serve as talismans to protect the wearer from diseases and problems.

Conspiracy key chain

For such a Ritual agate, the need in the future, need Federal or phone hang on the key. What needs to be done:

  • We wash the stone under running water;
  • If it is at midnight, light candles, agate in the hands to hold and repeat: "Help me, agate, help me, protect and bring good luck";
  • In addition to the hand-held transmitter, stone the main thing can be used as a pendant, to wear and often hold in your hands, think about your success.

Rite on luck

This Ritual is versatile: it promotes happiness in career, love and other important for each individual aspects. How it is performed:

  • From midnight to 3 hours between Saturday and Sunday we will be in the vicinity of the mirror, to keep in the hands of Church candle;
  • We read a prayer of Antichrist:

"Deliver me, Lord, from the seduction of the evil and cunning Antichrist to come and cover me from his nets in the innermost desert of Thy salvation. Give me, O Lord, for the strength and courage steadfast in the confession of Your name of the Saint, not afraid to fall because of the diabolical, Yes You will not deny my Savior and Redeemer, by Your Holy Church. But give me, O Lord, day and night crying and the tears over the sins of my, and spare me, Lord, in the hour of Your judgment. Amen"

Simmer for a candle, took the cloth from cotton. Place all under the pillow at night.

Rituals on the pin

Conspiracy on the pin

Since ancient times, tie-pin is considered to be the best Talisman against the evil eye, thus, in many rites. They speak on the success as follows:

  • Take a bowl, put 3 tablespoons of salt, rice and sugar, open the pen and we put her in the hills;
  • The attributes keep on the whole night, so that no one had seen them;
  • In the morning, take the pin and the plate in the earth and bury it.

If you are in need of protection from trouble, evil eye and spoilage, Fit and this rite:

  • Open the pen and says: "the enemies turn, take all the evil, protect me, damage and evil turn. Amen";
  • Attach the amulet to clothing and wearing, not decreasing.

There is a third way to much fun with the pins:

  • While the moon is in the Phase of growth at the Friday pin and a candle in the color of buy white, and on Tuesday, a Ritual;
  • Light the candle and turn off the flame plug-in needle, whispers of a conspiracy on the involvement of the guardian angel:

"Oh, God, the angels are coming! Guardian, protect me. From the evil machinations of cover, clean flame wash. Yes will be so. Amen!"

The tip of the pins and heated wax when everything has cured – attach it on the clothes.

Conspiracies on wealth and happiness

The difficult financial situation, you can easily fix with the help of coins in denominations of 5 cents, if you speak it like:

  • You put the coin in the left Hand and we specially for you a conspiracy:

"Money makes money, the wallet of wallets. As the sun is the light Golden and the kopeck shone my, the money brought, the pleasure gave. As you said, so done. Be my words are strong and the actions. In the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy spirit. Amen."

  • You carry a coin in the course of the year, then again the Ritual repeat.

The money is to give it desirable to anyone in the Hand, and after the Ritual in the purse in a separate bag.

The Golden Ring for the attraction of happiness

This Ritual is considered to be one of the most effective, since the Gold for a long time as the magical power of the attribute. How to derived Ring of luck:

  • Woollen yarn, put it on the table and put it in the Ring;
  • Hold the candle in your right Hand and read: "Tit behind the blue of the sea lived, the Nest da Vila. Seal ring in it and found me immediately. I'm going to need in shell throw, good people here. To open all of me the innermost secrets, all the doors will be opened, everything will be over. Amen!";
  • Try to wear the Ring of conspiracy the whole time, keep it in a hidden place.

Only faith in the power of magic and one's own happiness for the rapid extraction of the results of rituals: in this scenario, you will see the changes in life, but it can take some time.