Amulets and good luck charms for money, prosperity and happiness with their own hands

In the article it is explained how to amulets to attract money and good luck with your own hands.

the attraction of money

Amulets known to the mankind since ancient times. They perform different functions: protecting people from the dangers and diseases, introduced in the life of happiness, love and health.

  • The amulets have not heard contemptuously. Their strength not only proved the century-old experience, but also by modern science
  • Psychologists confirm that the presence of a certain gizmos-fetish, in our case, amulet, capable of programming the people to the establishment of your own destiny
  • Amulet, even after all the rules is still a big advantage. Because in the production, they invest a portion of their energy, the "work" only on you
  • To preserve Cash charms are able to bring financial prosperity to the owner from theft and unnecessary costs
  • On the availability of the amulet better not tell anyone about this. It's your little secret, should bring success

Amulet to attract money and prosperity with your hands

  • The amulet is an important object, the goal is to attract something, or repel
  • In fact, an amulet every little thing that has a special importance, and in connection with the nature of the requests can
  • For example, as a Cash-an amulet of money may be bill or a coin
  • The main thing is that the wearer of the amulet believed in his abilities. In the case of a profit, to thank amulet for the help
  • Effective amulets, those who through a special Ritual. The fact that the person strengthens very seriously with magical actions and his faith
  • The amulet you can make the most, after the Ritual. You can also take it as a gift, if you are sure in a sincere intentions of the donors
  • Each purchase should the amulet be taken, namely a value. He is not only beautiful, but the "soul needs"the Horde amulet on the money with their own hands
  • This is called wealth amulet to attract. It can be done, both men and women
  • Wear the amulet, secretly in the purse or in the pocket

We need:

  • Coin
  • The thin rope
  • 3 candles
Amulet for the money

Coins amulet for better use, which you found on the street. It is believed that you sent them to destiny

  • The Ritual for the production of this amulet is the best in the area, on the increasing Phase of the moon
  • Light candles, put on the table in the Form of a triangle, and against to sit on the chair
  • You take a coin in the Hand, and 7 times we read the following words: "a coin, I take it in the arm. As it is now with me, servant of God (name) is with me a wealth of unbeatable. Coin my other call, to win the wealth. Life now I'm in abundance, Yes abundance"
  • You need to submit as you own you
  • Then cross the bind rope coin, with the remark: "bind, attracting money"
  • Then the ends of the ropes are lit on the candle, without clipping
  • Amulet reserve the right to go under the candles on the table, and even to bed
  • In the morning you have to put in your wallet, not to tell anyone and not show the mascot

Imperial amulet for wealth

  • Imperial amulet has many functions. It can not only help you to gain wealth. In the spectrum of its "services": professional success, a quick return of debts, assets, and social success
  • The most important attribute of an amulet coin. What do you particularly like to choose: brought from a trip, the new and shiny
  • Amulet on the neck can be worn in the pocket or handbag. The main thing that it is not touched, secretly, and it

The Ritual of preparation:

  • A Ritual at the full moon. The main thing is a good, calm mood, and the consciousness purged of unnecessary thoughts
  • Light a candle and sit down at the table. Fingering coin set, amulet, set the desired: how you are lucky in career, come riches and awards
  • The amulet lay on a piece of red cloth and bring it to the window, to him the moon light fell. We ask God and the universe will send you success and wealth
  • Wrap the amulet in cloth and place it on a pillow for the night
Bag of money on their hands

Amulets for luck with their own hands

  • Talisman for good luck, any natural object can be a stone, for example,
  • To find on the shores of the lake or other bodies of water. The stone must not be looking for them specifically. It is better, if him view of fall and for some reason, you will like it
  • You have this stone, and wash, he finds it in the water of the pond, on the
  • To bring home. In the night of the full moon, light a candle and draw on the stone what they dream of
  • Then this stone must wrap in a cloth in the color red and set in a quiet place in the house, far away from prying eyes.

A powerful good luck charm for happiness with your own hands

We need:

  • Dried herbs: clove, peppermint, rosemary, Bay leaf, fennel seeds (a pinch)
  • A piece of red cloth
  • Thread

How to fabricate:

  • At the new moon, a small red sewing a piece of fabric bag. You fill it with herbs and read about him three times the prayer "our father"
  • Then bind the thread to him and Put said, "the grass on God's command, to luck and good fortune! So it should be! Amen!"
  • Remove the bag in a safe place. And every full moon, it was on the window sill under the moon light (at least 3 times)
  • The lucky charm is in your life only the positive moments, happiness and success

Cash mascot with their hands in the purse

Which, in principle, objects can be used as Cash mascot:

lucky chestnut
  • Lucky chestnut. It has leaves similar to coins. It is believed that for the transplant in the pot base of the tree you have to bury the coin. Then the revenues will rise, and the owner of the tree to thrive. The money tree is that you can grow with the success on the windowsill at home
  • People mascots — a piece of birch bark. He protects his owner from debtors, delays in wages and thefts of property
  • Lucky coin or Banknote. For example, you can win a large or premium. This Denga draws others in your wallet
  • Some gems, such as agate, Jasper and Onyx are in the position to win money

Talisman of the riches with their hands

There is an old Ritual that, according to the people, to 100%.

  • So, the point is simple. Starting with the first number of each month, we need to move the appropriate amount of money. Example 1 number — 1 ruble, 2 number — 2 rubles, etc.
  • For that you get a beautiful box and put there money in a certain time of the day (but every day's the same)
  • In the process, imagine how the Box is just full of characters that you try to wealth and success
  • Only condition: you can not miss a single day. If this is missed, then the next month start again from the beginning. The money reports for the missing days
  • At the end of the month (30 or 31 of them) change all the money on a big bill. Now she is — her good luck charm for money that lead to wealth