How can you look at the amulet for money and wealth?

Cash mascot is the most up-to-date. It is difficult to find someone who did not want to secure life.

Talisman to win money

Optionally, you can buy in the Shop, many of them can be easily made at home.

How to get the amulet with the hands at home?

Mascot for the attraction of money, almost everything can. It bracelets, rings, necklaces, coins or charged bills. The most important thing is a relationship between the mascot and his owner. Purchase magic item is not difficult to. You build it with your hands will not be difficult.

To be attributed to the most common types of monetary amulet can:

  • Mascot of wax;
  • Pendant with natural stone;
  • A loaded Banknote;
  • Decoration of the coins;
  • Amulets with the Symbol of the runes;

For the production of Cash-mascots, you can use all available materials. Mostly wood, clay or cardboard are preferred. The amulet should be made of two parts of a round shape. You must have the same size. In each of them a small hole in the thread, in it vdevaetsya. It is desirable, red. Directly on the amulet to wear the Symbol of the runes, which will increase the prosperity of the owner.

The simplest Cash-mascot include a charged Banknote. In this case, nothing to Tinker with. However, each Banknote is not suitable for such an important function. The series, which must have your complete initials of the owner are repeated. And the numbers after the two letters is at least partially identical with the date of birth. Should pay attention to the first 4-6. The perfect Option if the date is repeated in full. Do not spend you, should such a bill. Due to the proximity to the owner, it will bring him luck in financial areas.

Wax-mascot from ordinary candles. The most important rule of the manufacturing process – the time in which it will happen. You need a day at the beginning of the waxing moon. The process of production should preferably be in the depths of night. Purchased candle and place it in a glass, a matching and lighting. While the candle burns, the future owner of the mascot must enumerate your wishes. Information is collected in the molten wax. So, the figure is to the Keeper of the wishes of the owner. You need to careful removal from the glass and put it in each bag to avoid damage. The lucky charm brings the owner happiness and the fulfillment of desires.

how to get the amulet

Not less effective talismans are those that are made of natural stones. Correctly select, you can protect your savings and ensure the success in financial endeavors. Best to choose a stone for an amulet , in accordance with the zodiac System. Because what a character brings to happiness, maybe the cause for the misfortune of another.

Such decorations are not decorative function. Despite its attractiveness, you can only be as a mascot. Therefore, you should hide the thing from prying eyes. The best place for you to by hand Pouch embroidered in red.

As a Material, natural yarns are used. Binding principle, that is, you need to note to embroider a single image, and not the individual symbols. Therefore, before starting the work, it must be clear what comes out. After completion of the work, the mascot should be four elements consecrated. The first night, he should be under the glow of the moon, then the sun's energy to absorb, and then put under pressure by winds, and finally, full of water. After all the manipulations mascot of his magical power and brings its owner wealth.

Talismans made of coins

Mascot of the coins can also be with their own hands made. This includes compliance with the rules of the technology needs to accomplish. In the first you select a coin of each denomination. It is desirable, that it was an old coin with the unique history. In the absence of such, other options can.

As a skeleton amulet formed a small circle out of the wire. Due to its size, it should be identical with the coin. Decoration of such frame around a thin wire around it. In the free space coin and pliers to be inserted to be clamped. With the wire, a hole can build for threading the chain.

The resulting amulet you need to charge first, and only then in full use. Mint mascot must always close with his master, but not in the eyes of outsiders.

How do I get the amulet?

The presence of the mascot is not enough to attract it prosperity. Before you start using it, it is a Ritual of the consecration should be. To do this, one chooses the time to bother if no one. At this point, you must be in a good mood. On a completely clean table, the mascot of the printable side should be up. The candle should burn, preferably green.

About a flame around thinking about how the amulet is filled with energy, around him three times clockwise and three times.

Talismans for luck and money

After the ceremony, you should amulet in the bag. If it is the Banknote, they should be folded and tucked away in the back Department of the purse. The most important prerequisite is the presence of faith in the mascot. It is the most effective of them is not to fulfill your function. Should be a close relationship with the owner is established. Otherwise, the aims, the energy of the magical item into the void.