How to properly wear an amulet, a Talisman and an amulet?

Since ancient times, mankind all sorts of artifacts, which called for the wearing of self and unhappiness to repel or luck to win created. Today we call these things a Talisman or amulet. But how do they differ from each other, and what an amulet is? What are they? Can I wear a dagger and an amulet, or a few magical things? To all of these questions and some others we will answer in this article.

What types of amulets and talismans are and how to wear them?

how to wear amulets for good luck and money

Let's start with the most important - with definitions. Often, the words a Talisman, amulet and Talisman as synonyms, but it is the wrong approach. The shades of the meanings is quite significant.

So, the mascot - magical object, whose function is to the Medium during the production of the desired force situations. A mascot can be used for the production of happiness, love, improve the financial prosperity, attractiveness and so on. The language of computer games: +10 to Charisma, +100 to health. So, we can say that Pushkin Preserve in its lines of me, my Talisman sense be donated to the rhyme and size.

How to properly mascot: since the protective function of the mascot is wearing in the rule, it is better hide from prying eyes, close to the body or just when wrapped in a suitable cloth. But with each mascot must be treated separately - often, talismans, amulet, i.e., the protection, which we describe below. For example, images of crosses, Solar signs, the pentagram as a part or basis of the mascot to protect from the negative attention of others. The stone-Talisman can also be worn visibly, since natural minerals have a natural protection. The same goes for rings-Talisman - Ring, basically, Hoop, and circular amulet, a Symbol for the wheel of life. And the mascot for better to the Pin from the inside to the outside of the garment, it was not to be seen.

Amulet (from the Latin amulētum) - magic item, designed to reduce or discharging the media influences the influence of unwanted factors and forces. Amulet to protect you can keep in the way to in front of the ruin and the evil eye. He can also bring good luck. But the difference is that the mascot acts like a Magnet for happiness, pulls her amulet and prevents anything from happening, what breaks your plans. Thus, the result can be the same, but on the subtle level, the mechanics of the process are different.

How to properly wear an amulet: as, he is a protective function, it plays no role whether it is invisible to others. It covers worn, for example, the Christian crucifix can be (in his name already, a prompt is present, where is this place, in fact, the amulet on the body). You can turn on and off, over the clothes. This is a Ring, earrings, suspension - so often worn on the red thread to the Hand, like a bracelet. Actually, the red thread is also his amulet.

The word amulet comes from the Russian verb to protect, and his appointment is similar to appointment amulet. He protects from the evil eye, negativity and evil. But defense may not be the subject only of a personal, directly on the body or yourself. Amulet can be used to houses, cars or other objects, and, accordingly, on the threshold, in the kitchen in the house, or hung under the mirror in the car (doll, magic bag, etc.). The function of the defense not the individual subject, but, for example, embroidery on the clothes can run - think of the clothes you wore the ancient Slavs, where each Element had its meaning and purpose.

How right amulet to wear: especially amulets, of which that has a personal character, and belongs not to the house, in a prominent place. In traditional culture, an amulet, is an integral part of the clothing and Image – embroidery, decoration, all pieces of clothing (such as belts). Amulets were in the vicinity of important and vulnerable points on the body - as you have seen, in the national consciousness. Such places of the areas around the face (hats, earrings), chest (necklaces, pendants), district belt, and below the waist (belt buckles), wrist (bracelets or sleeves embroidered). Also amulets, worn from the rear, on the back - against the evil eye and the words, in the back thrown. Today, this protection can also perform the function of the back, for example, badges and key chains to the backpack.

All types of these magical items may appear as artifacts, i.e. the objects, which the human being (and not necessarily from the beginning, with a magical goal – for example a horseshoe) and objects of natural origin. Among the latter are the natural crystals and geodes, stones, parts of animals (e.g., teeth or feathers), herbs, and branches of plants, and other gifts of nature, for example.

How long have you amulets and talismans can carry?

Amulets and talismans you can't keep constantly, as long as you are working. These items, fulfilling the protection function, assume the negation of the external world and hold it in, so you need to be cleaned - and in a manner we describe below.

But there comes a Moment when the resource amulet produced completely, and he collapses. The red thread tear on the suspension eyelet, earrings - the other part that falls out of the Ring, a stone falling, or a crack appears. This means that it will no longer be used. However, this is not for jewelry made of precious metals for fashion jewelry. Decoration made of silver, you can repair safe, clean, and it will work again.


Talismans carry it to the fulfilment of tasks in which they were created. After the burn, if the Material allows, either clean, and gratitude was not in a secluded place, as long as you need. With the decision to stop, to keep themselves a mascot, you decide how you to do with him. Must be oriented first of all on your own feelings – Tune in mascot and pays attention to his inner silence. What does he want? In the start in box in your magic closet? The Rest on the bottom of the river? Burn? You take your answer and make you what you need.

I can wear several amulets at the same time?

There is no reason why you have to wear multiple amulets. Slavic characters get along well with the Scandinavian, runes, and talismans can be worn, almost, everything.

If you put the question of whether the amulet at the same time, both of you (it is desirable, that you have already been activated), you. Well the candle is to light, to sharpen, for example, a white or purple, your perception of it. You focus your attention on the road ahead of you objects. How will you communicate? No, you have the feeling between you voltages? Know how a Start can magnets with the same polarity? Not one, if this feeling of resistance between these artifacts?

If not, if you don't have the feeling that they conflict with each other, sure you wear.

If you want to, wear a pair of stones-talismans at the same time, you should be repelled by the properties of the stones. For example, should refrain from at the same time, the stones, the elements of water and air, fire and earth, water and fire. But the stones, the air and fire, water and earth is perfect and reinforce each other. But sometimes, magical decoration in violation of this rule, and you have no fear. Also, the main thing is that you - your inner feeling. If you feel that it is exactly this combination of the stones - which means you, the way it is.

Can I wear an amulet with a cross?


Our ancestors - grandmother, great-grandmother, our great-great wear traditional talismans and amulets, together with cross stitch. Finally, the cross - it is a kind of amulet to defend against evil forces and as a Symbol of belonging to the Christian egregor.

Today, the Church is a negative impact on the different types of magical items, and condemning as superstition. We, on our part, see no obstacles, in order to ensure that the wearing of all sorts of amulets and talismans, together with a cross. In addition, there are a number of Christian amulets from the Holy places and often the Church portable people, for example, nodular rosary or the red thread of Jerusalem.

In short, to wear a particular amulet, or Talisman, at the same time with the attributes of a Religion - a private matter, Christians, Muslims or Buddhists.

What amulets to wear on the red thread?

The red thread is the age-old Talisman. You usually wear on the wrist of the left Hand. The best known type of such thread - the red thread of Jerusalem.

Also on the red thread worn to other small Charms, beads, pendants, amulets. can be For example, wish bracelet – red lace with beads, which demonstrates when it is ripped, from the brevity of the desired execution. The red thread performs the function of the immune system and enhances the effect of amulets that you are wearing it.

Which Hand amulets to wear

It is believed that the left Hand is the perception, and the right conductive. Actually, this applies not only to the hands, and, so to say, in the sides of the body. That is to say, amulets, designed to protect from evil and negativity, to keep well to the left of the page, for example, on the left Hand. Or to the left on the chest, if it is the brooch.

Talismans, for example, for marriage, or pentagram of Solomon (wealth), or talismans for attracting love, luck, success can be kept, on the right side.

All amulets and talismans worn around the neck, on the chest, in the middle of the body. Here, the regularity is more important than the positioning. For example, bags-mascot, wearable on the chest in the vicinity of the skin, making more of his thing than the one worn at home and from case to case.

We are separated talismans notice in connection with the continuation of the family. Amulets for pregnant women or talismans, driven by the woman for the conception, preferably in the area of the abdomen and the hips.

Can I carry purchased strange amulets

The question of whether the wearing of a stranger, Talisman, or amulet, not originally purchased from them, requires an individual approach. Of course, this is a topic of personal, almost intimate. Relations with such magical things make for a long time, sometimes for years, and do not change the host amulets and talismans are very fond of. Therefore, it is assumed that magical items of this type need to be purchased for yourself, and it does not give. But to this rule there are exceptions.

For example, when it comes to the decoration, which is in the family from Generation to Generation is a beautiful amulet, lucky owners can only envy. Simple Vintage brooch with a black cat, beloved of her grandmother in youth, the most powerful Talisman.

Also amulets and talismans, which you bought in a gift and presented with sincere and warm wishes of happiness, have a greater impact, perhaps even greater than for yourself.

How do I clean the amulets, talismans and amulets

When wearing these magical things, the negative, the evil, the strange glances and evil desires take over, and also have unwanted twists of fate. To clean from time to time of excess and fill you with new forces.

Amulets cleaned with the help of the elements:

  • Fire - keep a flame through the visualization, like all alluvial burns in him.
  • Water - hold it under running water under the faucet (if you do not have access to a stream or river).
  • Earth - covered salt, or earth and leave for a few days.
  • Air purification in the smoke of the incense.

Select a process in accordance with your wishes and, in particular, the Material from which it is made, so as not to spoil. The safest place for the physical embodiment of amulet way of cleaning with water.

how to clean charms

In principle, in order to effectively clean the mascot with the help of water, with sufficient intention and visualization, but you can use a spell or a conspiracy. You can do it yourself or use ready.

Let your amulets, charms and talismans serve you, protect you and bring joy, happiness and success!