Like the amulet itself, attracts the good luck and money

Since ancient times, people believed in magic, the to the aid of the higher powers, and magical talismans. No matter what you do these things and how they look, the main thing is in place — how effectively they work for the benefit of the host.


You can buy ready-made mascot, but you can do it yourself with your own hands. Personal, self-made amulets in the rule work better, more efficiently and more accurately, because when you create the settings for the host introduced directly to understand well what he wants from magical things.

Why self-made amulets, better bought?

Independently amulet for lucky and money, quite simply. You can choose many different ways, depending on the materials available, the preferences of the owner and his ways.

The self-made talismans are usually more purchased, because the specific target and with a clear intention, you are originally close to the owner.

General rules for dealing with amulets

Any magical thing to work properly, you have to believe and respect. Including the not neither disparagingly about amulets as such, the area of exposure: luck, money or that activity to be expressed, you need to bring.

Talismans, with a few exceptions, always wear. Never in the hands of strangers, outsiders will not tell you what it is. It is desirable to protect the amulets from the strangers view. Feedback is not relevant, and does not tell about the exact amount of revenue outside of the family.

Talismans are not to be trusted. Can an amulet for a close, but then thing make a for a certain Person. Another Option is to bequeath a child or student, but this variant no longer requires an amulet needed since he retired.

As a mascot works, must thank you for the help. Each time at a profit and with noticeable success. If the amulet lives in the wallet, it is desirable to have the wallet need never be empty, except for a couple of minutes to Vectoring in to him.

Not necessarily limited to, a mascot. Is it possible to have multiple different and put them in a nice bag, they strengthened each other. You can use amulets and combine the different actions, the prosperity in the house and in the hands of a certain Person.

The rules for the acquisition of the components

Amulet for luck

With your hands is the most effective mascot, you must first prepare the materials. You can buy them or find. Preferably follow the General magic rules:

  • Not allowed to tell anyone what to buy thing, not to mention even worth it.
  • To buy, without bargaining, and pay without the delivery, preferably in cash.
  • If you have too many to buy it immediately (the whole ball, set of candles, a large piece of fabric), the Rest may not need to budget.
  • And in the search and when buying it is desirable, for the components for the mascot silent, not meeting people look and no attention to you, so you should and return.
  • What was bought, but not found, is clean it is advisable to. Depending on the Material, this can with running water, fire (to wear over the burning candle), scent of smoke, salt (sprinkle and exterriti).
  • It is advisable, to the possibility of the acquisition of the components for the talismans on the well-being and happiness in one day, when the happiness is palpable, and the money is there.
  • Take the components for the mascot as a gift from a rich and happy people.


Oh, the Christian Church as a whole does not approve of magic, in the light of their sinful act.The believer is not based to create an amulet with their hands, and acquire the image of the Saint, submittens respective activities, and to ask him for help.


Magical amulets, luck and wealth, are very diverse. Everyone can choose the Option according to your taste.

Before to do a mascot, you need to decide with your tasks. He should gain wealth in the house, or make sure that the good result only to its owner. The landlord must determine what he believes wealth. All this need is imprinted in the amulet at the time of its creation.

Magic Wax

Such a mascot candle wax, a piece of cloth and not too much time need.

The candle must carefully cera, paraffin wax and not Gel to buy. If it is possible — not religious and not Holy. The size should be such that you can wait without problems until it burned out completely.


Tissue it is desirable, density, and so that you will be fond of the owner. Matter can be solid color, red, yellow-Gold or green, or with a pattern in connection with luck and wealth. It is either a piece of new cloth, or a Fragment favorite clothing amet.

The best Ritual to recharge the magical wax to spend the night on the growing moon. It is desirable to ensure that no one was in the process of disrupting the mage, turn off the phone and notifications on the Computer.

Exactly at midnight, the candle is lit, and consolidate on such a surface, which then easily cera Casting off. Usual ceramic saucer suitable, but WordArt candle holder difficulties.

In candle flames whisper wishes that the mascot must attract and repel, what a stroke of luck the owner needs and what he fears, what kind of wealth needs. It does not take the Ritual, as long as the candle ardet ex. If you say nothing, just look into the flame and dreams.

If the rest of the wax from the candle has cooled, carefully take the wrapped tie in a cloth, or with a few stitches to attach. The resulting mascot to carry in the handbag or consui in a matching stuffed animal.

Magic Coin

To this purpose, you can use a coin, but more efficient work is any particular - the recorded or preserved in a very good Moment, a unusual, on the year of the publication, the year of birth of the owner, or just an old one.

This coin should wear them all the time, in the handbag or as its own mascot. If the place of storage of the coins is selected purse, it would be good to ensure that is not by mistake.

To load a coin on the full moon. Need to put it in a saucer or Cup with water and place it on the window so that the moon dropped rays on the water, by the energy of the moon mascot. As the moon draws water during the flood, and the coin will win money.

An interesting variant — self-made coin. You can draw cutting wood, panels made of fabrilis clay, cast from a suitable alloy, or even on a piece of cardboard. Download such talismans in accordance with the properties of the material. So, in the clay can be a little honey and cinnamon, wood impregnating wax and cardboard inserted sequins. The goal is to designate clearly that it is about the wealth.

Pigtail yarns

For this amulet three strands will need: red as a Symbol of the strength of the desire, in the dark blue as a guarantee for the execution of and green as a reference to wealth and prosperity.


To lichens on the growing moon from strands of braid, the focus on a specific desire. This can be happiness in a specific case or receive a sufficient amount for the purchase of a specific thing. It is important that the request was specific, so that you can clearly tell that it was old. Well-saturated images of his execution represented emotional to say aloud.

When the braid is finished, his tie to the ankle of the left foot, and not carry, not decreasing, until the wish will come true. Then mascot and burn it with gratitude.

Cash Pouch

Sew the bag from the fabric in the right color. It is Universal can be white, Gold, red or green, the landlord for the soul.

You collect a handful of coins - the more, the better. It is desirable that, at least for a couple of pieces of different denominations. Coins washing, you can clean them in any convenient way.

The money lay on the smooth surface, to overdose, you are happy. Then the kopeck to kopeck, denarium in the denarium, fifty dollars to a quinquaginta kopeck piece, rubles, rubles, ducats to a piece of aurum, of all the to the yard folded in a bag by the reading of the conspiracy: "". If everything folded in the bag knotted, and do not store in a house in a place where outsiders can see it.

Sometimes in a bag, and other components. A Magnet to money moved. Stick of cinnamon with the same goal. Any special items that symbolized wealth and prosperity.

It is important to take into account, that there is such a Talisman in the house, instead of to your landlord, then work and he will live on prosperity, wealth and happiness in a house as a whole, a family. If the family as such, but strangers, people who do not work under a roof, such a helper.

Irredeemable Banknote

One way or the other magical way to the Banknote get as nominal value. It is a part of the first salary in a new place or a new profession, a gift of happy people, a Mentor or an older relative, winning the lottery can. Another possibility, regardless of such a coin to grow: every day of the lunar month increasing amounts of quenching (today — although on the ruble, but more than yesterday), on the new moon exchange collects a large bill, and the Rest immediately spend it on something nice, gratum. To preserve such a Banknote in the special section of the purse and will not let you consumption.


A suitable coin or Banknote green thread wrap wool, to the tangle. The winding dream of wealth, prosperity and happiness, the need to tighten the tangle in the house of the owner. Lucky charm placed on the door on the inside, but so that outsiders saw him. If desired, such an amulet is not only for home but also for office then the whole company will flourish. At regular intervals, balls recharged. The essential oil, whose aroma is to the owner with money, wealth and prosperity, and that the wealth flows in streams dripping.

Lucky chestnut

In urna with the earth buried the coins and put the plant. This is a "lucky chestnut", cactus, geranium - anything that grows well in the home. Should think about growing the money, about what they will grow now. To worry about the plant, watered, fertilized. Each time reminded that these measures — contribution to the future harvest, prosperity and wealth. Outsiders lucky enough to see chestnut, that it is forbidden, in other talismans. But to tell that it is not only the main plant, it is not worth it.

Horseshoe over the door

Over the door of the inside of the horseshoe to attach horns to the top. It say that there will be a full bowl, and the house, now a full bowl. Performing this Ritual must have on the growing moon and in a prosperous house. In the ideal case — on a day like this, when you receive money, they bought delicious food, pantries are full, and living in a house satisfied. The house really needs a full shell.

Little things

Sometimes a little thing search works better, than diligently amulet. The main thing — it is something that is now on view, dicitur attracted. Such res to keep in the purse or as a decoration, and not to act if the dimensions allow, so setting up on-the-job or in a remote corner of the house. Well in this, pebbles and shells, in the vicinity of water. Sometimes a quattuor sheet can be clover, then you should dry it and add in the decoration. A piece of birch bark is able to protect you to prevent from thieves and debtors, that the delay of the salaries. Some people in the Chinese Feng Shui coins like. Such a little thing can toys a and-helper. Often in such quality leprechaun use figures, or beloved small stuffed animals.