Amulets for wealth and happiness: and operated, for the home, in your wallet, with your own hands

Amulet for lucky and money

Amulet for luck and money in the life of the owner's success in all areas of life. As a Talisman is a small object, which is the main thing are that they are loaded properly.

How do the amulets, and talismans to attract money and good luck

Amulets have many useful properties:

  1. Able to money from different sources are to win in the life of a people.
  2. To program In the subconscious mind of the owner to the receipt of the money.
  3. Provide the people an Aura of attraction of Bank notes.
  4. Protects against theft.
  5. Prevent useless purchases and expenses.
  6. Offer the opportunity to earn even more.
  7. Taking guarded sources, and to protect against data loss.
  8. Saturate the habitation of monetary energy.
  9. Provide a continuous steady flow of money.
  10. Help to win the lottery.

How to good luck charm in the purse with their hands

In order to make the talismans, you do not need to have recourse to black magic. Cash-amulets can be produced independently at home.

Ordynskij Amulet

Ordynskij Amulet

Ordynskij amulet is a coin to the amenities to the amenities, the bandaged rope criss-cross. It is believed that such an amulet protects the wearer from the poverty and ruin, and also in his life the big money. The peculiarity of warding is to protect from enemies the guilt that a Person had financial problems.

To the amulet, you need to of the Golden Horde coin of the amenities to the amenities. If you don't buy, you can pick up any on the road, but not at the intersection. Lift from the earth it is necessary, with the words "luck and happiness" and anyone show.

The amulet on the growing moon, and preferably on Wednesday.

A few days before the Ritual, not as money exchange. You should have 3 green candles and black lace. At midnight, all the candle light and holding a coin to the amenities to the amenities in the left Hand, speak to the conspiracy: "the coin of the amenities to the amenities In the Hand I think. As it is now in the vicinity, and the wealth in the vicinity. You can win, call, lead others to the money. I live now in luxury and wealth".

After reading the conspiracy of the coin should bind to the amenities to the amenities criss-cross. In the morning, an amulet to wear around the neck.

Found Coin To The Amenities To The Amenities

Each found coin to the amenities to the amenities on the street can be used as a powerful Magnet for money. For this purpose it is necessary to the Ritual. On the growing moon, at midnight, a candle and reads a conspiracy: "Speak inflamed, talking, the fortune to attract. Everything else will come. My words are strong, truthful, fixed in the fire, by faith, secured. Random is my found and is the beginning of a big money". After reading the spell must be maintained until the post-combustion of candles, and then the coin to the amenities to the amenities you had in the purse.

Decorative Mouse

fyke mouse

To buy to need to attract into your life more money to fyke mouse. It can be wood or metal. After the purchase of the mouse, you read the conspiracy: "mouse, let down, money go". Mouse amulet protects the wallet against theft and to climb the career ladder.

Bewitched Dollars

The Banknote is found, the monetary mascot was in need of Banknote found in the par value of $ 1. This amulet do in the purse in two ways.

The first method consists therein that the money folded in an unusual way, and then put them in the purse. Correctly, Dollar, folded, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Bill folded in the middle. Portrait of the President must be out there.
  2. The upper-left corner of the Banknote is found, is folded, so that he was on the middle lane.
  3. In the same way and turn left bottom corner should be on the left side.
  4. The right-hand part of the bend on the diagonal. The image of the pyramid should be at the top.
  5. The resulting triangle in the refuels remaining angle notes.

Dollars in my purse and always carry with them.

1 Dollar Banknote is found, you can talk found. For this we need to:

  • green and Church candles;
  • Cinnamon powder.

At midnight all candles have to light it on fire and in a few minutes, as the number of dollars increases in the wallet. An invoice was legible conspiracy: "I have all of the dollars that you for the fulfillment of wishes. I TEU, I'm rich. So be it". After reading magic-bill in my wallet, so that it was separated from the other money. Not to get bewitched dollars, and show to strangers.

Imperial mascot of each coin to the amenities to the amenities

Imperial Mascot

To prepare fabricate Imperial mascot, you must have the following attributes:

  • every coin to the amenities of the amenities would;
  • Candle Church;
  • Cotton red Material.

At exactly midnight on the moon, candle lit. Orogami must be Tune in to a positive wave, and then hold the coin to the amenities featured in the right Hand, as wealth and money are part of the life. Thereafter, the coin will be added to the amenities to the amenities on the substance and you lie all night on moonlit. The next day, wrap them up with a and put them under the pillow. The amulet begins in a week.

Silver Spoon

Petite silver spoon helps to win money. It is also called the "spoon-Zagrebacka". How to speak to these spoons, so it will rake in money. To activate, you have to be a conspiracy read: "a spoon, live in my purse, reel money, to itself. I'm friends with you, happiness and wealth to win". The amulet worked, will have to clean it several times per year. To do this, you need to lower the spoon overnight in a glass of salt water and Holy water. In the morning, Zagrebacka with clean water washed and clean in the purse.

Cash Key

A Magnet for money can key a metal. The battery money energy recharge, you need a new lock with key and hide it overnight in the Safe. If there is no Safe, the attributes can be in any other place, where the money store. In the morning, the key may get in and hide in a handbag. The lock remains in the same place. At this point in time, the Finance will be attracted from different sources.

Cash-the amulet of the shaman

Cash-the amulet of the shaman

Shaman's amulet is a braided pendant that only the shaman, with the help of ancient rituals can activate. Lucky charms in the shortest period of time can help the owner to get an inheritance, win to get a large sum in the lottery or high-paying Job. All of the funds raised, people will flow easily and without effort.

Pentagram Of Solomon

This amulet is reminiscent of a two-sided coin to the amenities to the amenities, to the pressure. It can be made of metal or clay. It is believed that such a Talisman is able to bring the life of people, success, Business development help and protect you from losing trades.

To clean the amulet at least once in a month to remove negative energy. It is sufficient to rinse with clean water and again on the neck.

Mascot Altai-Monks

This mascot is a coin to the amenities to the amenities say something Altay monks. It is a powerful amulet and can help people deal with depression, anger, happiness, and a stable, high income.

To show the amulet to anyone, and to transfer. Keep It in a safe place at home, where nobody sees him. The amulet lost its power a long time, it respect should, have a talk with him and thank you for the prosperity.

Muslim amulet on money and happiness

This mascot is a coin to the amenities of the amenities with the image of a Muslim ornament. It is believed that the amulet protects against corruption and the evil eye, and also attracts wealth in the life of the owner. Only Muslims are allowed to wear.

How to amulets for storage in the house

In the house an Aura of well-being and prosperity, there was a house-made amulets.


For the production of this amulet will need:

  • the fabric of red color;
  • Coins of different value;
  • Eucalyptus oil;
  • a red thread.

From the red door first, you sew a small bag. On each coin to the amenities of the amenities with a little dripping oil. When the bag is filled with coins, it will bind the red woollen thread. Talisman put them in the quiet dark place in the house. You can get it once a week, due to the monetary power.

Encrypted Note

This amulet is a personal Talisman of the people. It is a money bill, series or the number of the partial match with the date of birth of the is desirable to select

To encrypt the Banknote is found, you will need:

  • Banknote of large denomination found found;
  • the green thread;
  • oil of bergamot;
  • Sage;
  • green candle.

On the money first, a little dripping oil of bergamot. When the oil is dried up, the money rolls in, the tube tie and a green thread, not necessarily 3 nodes need to do. Then place rolls inside a branch of sage. Amulet sealed wax of melted candles. Mascot, keep it in a dark place in the house to get it and show on the outside.

Powered amulets, and a hair dryer shuj for the attraction of money

Lucky charms Feng Shui you can wear or store in the apartment. The owner desired, to draw luck and good fortune.

Three-toed toad

Three-toed toad with a coin to the amenities to the amenities in the mouth is a Symbol for wealth and prosperity.

three-toed toad

When you purchase this amulet, some requirements have to be taken into account:

  1. It is desirable that the toad was made from Jade.
  2. Active mascot drew positive energy, the toad must be of Gold.
  3. The coin to the amenities of the amenities must be drawn in the mouth of hieroglyphics to the top and free.
  4. Your eyes amulet made of red stones.
  5. On the backs of toads, the figure of the constellation has to.

The amulet is activated, it is in the Aquarium. From time to time sprinkle toad water, but the effect is negligible. The amulet must be in the vicinity of the front door, with your back to it. Not toad clean up the mess on the top shelf, because it can't stand height.

The lace on the Hand

The top can be spun on the Hand a lot of color. The best wool threads. For the production of lace for sewing thread, yellow, red and green need shades. The red color attracts love, green — and- financial well-being, yellow — health. Armband weaving should be at the full moon, while you visualize your desire. After the end of the ritual on the amulet of weaving pull on the left Hand or the leg.


Hotei is a God of abundance, are his Statue made of different materials: clay, stone, wood. The Material has no influence on the effect of the amulet.

In the house of status and wealth is coming, the statuette in the belly stroked 350 times.

Choteja at each side of the house, it is advisable at the entrance. Before leaving the apartment, the statue in the belly petted several times. If you stick to these rules, the amulet will work in full force.

The stones, attracts money and luck

Stone is a Material that attracts the best in the life of the people of happiness and success. Stone amulets are convenient because you carry them or customize them for decoration.


Rhodonite is a Mineral consisting of manganese is present. It has the following features:

Amulets made of rhodonite
  1. Helps us get a high regular income.
  2. It can be worn on all people, regardless of gender and age.
  3. He can awaken in people a dominant inclinations, which will help to build a business.
  4. Makes the owners popular, to glorify him.
  5. Penetrates the body with energy and strength.
  6. Show them the right way.


Jade is a semi precious stone Mineral to split the hard. He can be a different color, from white to dark green. This stone has several features:

  1. Leads the people out of the state of poverty.
  2. Can put on the desired amount.
  3. Strengthens the physical health and the immune system.
  4. Helps pregnant women give birth to a healthy child.

Is not recommended on this stone wear more than 5 hours.


Olivine is a semi precious stone, which dissolves in the acid. Has a color from yellow to dark-green.

The magical properties of the stone:

  1. Protects the home from evil, envious people.
  2. A happier and happier, helps the owner.
  3. In combination with the Golden stone to get a large force that attracts luxury.
  4. Kinship and friendship strengthens relationships.
  5. A positive effect on male health.

How to amulets made of plants

The amulet from plants, you need to put it in the bag — so all the energy is focused in one place.

Herbs and plants that attract luck and wealth:

  • Dill symbolized wealth and passion, helps people to set foot on the summit of success;
  • Cloves — attracts large gains;
  • Thyme — add in the food to attract money into the house;
  • Basil — protects the house from harm, attracts good luck and love;
  • Ginger in combination with the spells of the evil spirits can pass;
  • Chamomile white flowers will help to the money of a loving people;
  • Vervain — insomnia, strengthens the health;
  • Peony — you want to grow great big flowers, and then the wealth will not have to wait long;
  • Orchid helps a high Position;
  • Oats — activated, the flow of Cash projects.

Slavic amulet made of cinnamon, ginger, eucalyptus, and pine needles

To fabricate this amulet yourself, you need to:

  • Pine-Branch;
  • Eucalyptus;
  • Ginger root;
  • Cinnamon;
  • Pouch;
  • woolen yarn green.

All the herbs are crushed and placed in a Canvas Pouch. During the stomping, you need to wealth and luxury. Pocket-thread bound, and draws in a prominent place in the house.

Amulet of black pepper

Amulet with black pepper is close to the business to or increase the chances of winning the lottery.

For the Ritual will need:

  • a white sheet of paper;
  • high glass jar;
  • ground pepper.

We are waiting for the full moon and let the vessel on the night of the moon light to be charged. The next day, on paper the amount you need to write. Sheet rolls in the tube and dipped in a loaded ship. From the top poured black pepper. Amulet should hide in a dark place. Before an important event to shake the container, in this Moment, he begins to act.

How to rune for good luck home

If we look at the values of the runes, you can live a powerful Talisman to attracting prosperity.

rune talismans


Mascot under the name of "mill" not only helps the hard-working people. Those who lazy, he would have no help.

To the amulet, you need a round piece of wood.

The 4 runes burn:

  • Ch helps the owner get out of debt;
  • Z — symbolizes wealth;
  • N — gain is increased, no matter what the human will;
  • F — RUNE as a synonym for wealth, because in life there is a happy Band.

Depending on amulet made, it should always carry.

Three Runes As A Synonym For Wealth

RUNE as a synonym for wealth is a Symbol in the shape of the letter F, is dedicated to the God of fertility and of wealth. This amulet, the draw should be 3 letters F on a wooden or stone bruske. Triple image enhances the effect of the runes on the Talisman.

The formula for the attraction of happiness

The formula for attracting wealth should wrote to Kulon, the Person can always be worn around the neck.

The meaning of the symbols of success:

  • Anzuc — wisdom, knowledge, Inspiration;
  • Uruz — objectives, possibilities, implementation of the requirements;
  • Dagaz — Success, Wealth;
  • Eihwaz — -- Support, Assistance, Protection;
  • Othila — a destiny vessel, income, time;
  • Jera — Luck, Fortune, Grace;
  • Tiwaz — Spirituality, Struggle, War;
  • Sowelu — Victory, Wisdom;
  • As A Synonym For Wealth — Wealth, Income, Money, Wealth.

The formula brought prosperity, it must make correctly. Examples of formulas:

  1. As a synonym for wealth — Othila — Jera — helps in the improvement of the already existing wealth.
  2. Othila — Tiwaz — Uruz — Sowelu — development and the prosperity of the company, regardless of the competition.
  3. As a synonym for wealth — Tiwaz — Othila — the emergence of new sources of income.
  4. Anzuc — Eihwaz — Sowelu — Uninterrupted Attraction Of Cash.

Good luck charm for the use of the money according to the signs of the zodiac

Good luck charms for the signs of the zodiac

Properly selected mascot continues to operate, the most effective amulets are those created by date of birth and, depending on the sign of the zodiac:

  1. About Aries Planet favors mars, so that it is suitable amulets in connection with the war and weapons.
  2. Bulls are always worried about its Status, so that the statuette in the Form of a bull, the owner has the wisdom and the power.
  3. Gemini mercury are, therefore, the return you get from the mascot in the Form of a monkey.
  4. With the amulet in the shape of a heart, the cancer is soft and pleasant, he will always be successful.
  5. Leo needs an amulet in the Form of a majestic animal, made of precious metal.
  6. Virgin — wise and developed, that's why you need the sign of the owl.
  7. A favorite pastime of the scale reading. As a mascot, you wear your favorite book.
  8. All of the Scorpions, who are trying to get rich, you need to on the neck pendant hanging in the Form of a scarab.
  9. Sagittarius the centaur is similar, are in the position to fight for his dream. Amulet is help to go back in the Form of this creature to you, to achieve the desired.
  10. Black cat for Capricorns, the most effective Talisman in life is.
  11. Born in the sign of Aquarius, an amulet in the Form of flying insects, or items must.
  12. Everything with the water Element, is the mascot for the fish.

In the Form, colour and characters-characters you to create a powerful amulet for attracting success and prosperity. If the defense is not with the hands, may be acquired figures, the zodiac signs of the people symbolize.

What properties must an amulet for each sign of the zodiac, you can see in the table:

Zodiac Form Color Icon Stone Statuette
Aries Square Gold Weapons Hematite Baran
Taurus Animal green Elephant Turquoise Bull
Twins Abstraction blue Key Amethyst Monkey
Cancer Circle Silver Heart Beads Turtle
Leo Star black Star heliodorus Leo
Virgin Cube purple Bird Jade Owl
Scale Heart Turquoise Book Ruby Otter
Scorpio Triangle wine red Ball Jasper Beetle
Sagittarius Horseshoe blue Spoon Sapphire Centaur
Capricorn Oval earthy Cat Ruby Goat
Aquarius Zig-zag violet Angel Rhinestone Butterfly
Fish Shell Magenta Fish Lapis lazuli Ship

What items can win money, without rituals, and activation

There are several items on the wealth, without the use of conspiracies.

Leaf Clover

Four leaf clover

Clover with four petals rare, but if a Person finds it then very soon his dearest wish come true.

Each leaf has a different meaning.

  • the first symbolizes the hope and belongs to the Element of fire;
  • the second one means happiness and success;
  • the third — a Symbol of a strong love;
  • the fourth — the prosperity, the health.

Clover brings happiness in a different way:

  1. Success in business is to call, if the plant is in the shoes.
  2. The money is always in the handbag, put it in a dried clover.
  3. Lift mental tension when wearing it wrapped in a blue cloth, and.
  4. Will scare away jealous of the apartment, if you are a flower in a frame on the front door.
  5. Two in love, you should eat the petals, to always bind to each other.


To hang in the house of material resources PS horseshoe over the front door. Horseshoe hump must hang up. You could buy a small horseshoe made of clay or wood, and always carry with them — the effect is the same.

Lucky chestnut

Crassula is a plant as a "tree of happiness". So it brought wealth, if you are the plants themselves.

Algorithm of actions when landing:

  1. Clay pot buy medium size.
  2. Pot with Holy water to wash and immediately fall asleep on him in the earth.
  3. In the bottom you put a couple of coins with the same value.
  4. Planted Tree.

If you do not have to buy a money tree with their hands, and, Crassula always works to attract money and energy in the house.

The leaves of the mint

Mint is able to pull large bills value. For this little plant leaf to tear, and dried, and then put them in the purse. With the time more money.

Old Coins

The old coins, also do not increase the values that are in the capital. For this purpose, you must always carry in the wallet.