Amulet for luck and money

What do we all want more than anything else in the world? Health, of course, but not just his. More mutual love and great happiness. But what do we lack for total happiness? That's right, good luck and prosperity in the house. Without this, hardly any of us will feel happy.

What we simply don't do to become more successful and financially richer. There are many ways to achieve this, but not all will produce the results you want. The talisman of good fortune and fortune, if chosen correctly and used wisely, will help us to achieve the most cherished and make our happiness a full cup.

What are the amulets to attract luck and money?

A talisman is an exclusively individual magical object that only serves its owner.

You can make a talisman yourself with your own hands, fortunately, or buy a finished one, of which there are very many. There are so many around the world that it is just impossible to describe everything. And most importantly, they all work. You just have to believe in the wonder and the power of your thinking. The most effective are amulets for good luck that are made for yourself. During the manufacture of a magical gizmos, the future owner first charges it with his own energy, and in the future it no longer needs to be charged and activated.

By default, the most popular are:

  • spoon;
  • three-legged money frog;
  • god Hotei;
  • Chinese coins tied with a red ribbon;
  • fish on gold coins;
  • elephant with a raised trunk;
  • Money tree.

Luck and money are valued among homemade talismans:

  • magic bag;
  • bill;
  • money limit;
  • magic string;
  • money ball;
  • Money bottle.

Ready talismans

A talisman with good luck and fortune can be bought in any esoteric store. When shopping for magical figures, there are a few things to consider:


The spoon has long been considered a symbol of abundance and prosperity, and the spoon is still one of the most popular talismans for attracting money. It attracts monetary energy, helps solve financial problems, reduce debt, and also increase your income. This item works just like a talisman - it not only attracts cash flow, but also helps save existing savings from wasted and protect them from negative magical effects. It is desirable that the spoon be made of silver. Before using it, you need to speak by casting the following spell over it:

"I just had a silver spoon and now it's becoming a spoon for money. Whoever becomes friends with her will not mourn in poverty. Will live in abundance and money in balance. I'm home - and the money is behind me! "

money toad

The money frog is an ordinary talisman that is also very popular. It is believed that for money and good luck, this amulet has incredible power.

When choosing a talisman, several conditions must be met:

  • Frog must have three legs;
  • There should be a slot in the mouth for a coin. When buying a toad with a coin, you need to check that the coin is easily accessible from the hole:
  • It is better to buy a frog made of bronze, silver, gold, mahogany or precious stones. Such a toad works most efficiently:
  • The figure must also be correctly placed in the room. You place it in the southeastern part of the room with a snout pointing towards the center of the room. It is worth remembering that the money frog does not like heights.

God Hotei

Hotei is the god of wealth, fun and abundance. A figure in a home or office attracts wealth and good luck. The figure can be made of plaster of paris, wood, metal, clay, stone and other materials, but must be painted gold.

wants to attract good luck

Hotei sits on a toad and pulls money into the house. Such a talisman will be useful for those who want to increase their wealth.

Do you want a kite? A turtle helps people do business. It will increase income and help close profitable deals. To build a career, the Hotei figure in a pyramid of golden sand and coins will come in handy. With a pearl, it will not only attract monetary energy, but also help those who are following the path of self-knowledge and spiritual development.

The god of abundance with a fan will make its owner more successful in all matters, and the figure of the god with a stick made of ginseng, bamboo or peach will prolong life and improve health.

A hot egg with a rosary opens the way to secret knowledge and with a yoke brings prosperity, happiness and abundance.

Red Ribbon Coins

Coins tied with a red ribbon are a talisman to attract money. It is also used for business development. The purpose of the money amulet depends on the number of coins. Two linked coins increase wealth, multiply what you already have and protect against harm and the evil eye. The amulet will be kept with all the savings.

Three coins also attract wealth. The talisman is placed in a wallet, safely, buried under a cash register, under a rug near the front door, or under a money tree.

Five linked coins symbolize the flow of money from the four cardinal points and their concentration in the center, six - embody the necessary help, eight - attract wealth from all sources and nine - symbolize success in all matters.

fish on gold coins

This talisman is used to attract and increase income. It should be noted that the effect of the talisman depends on what material it is made of. If you need to get the right amount quickly, buy a fish made of gold. A silver amulet helps raise wages. Cupronickel fish will help you invest your existing capital properly. The talisman works much more efficiently when the fish is a common carp, carp, or crucian carp.

trunk elephant

Elephant as a symbol of abundance and prosperity

The Feng Shui elephant is a symbol of abundance, prosperity and prosperity.

It also symbolizes:

  • happiness, longevity and perseverance;
  • Striving for peace, kindness, wisdom, patience and strength;
  • Reliability, stability and success in all areas of life.

Even a small indoor elephant figurine can attract happiness, love, trust, harmony, and peace of mind.

In order for the talisman to work, it must be installed with the trunk on the window.

money tree

The fat woman or the money tree is a powerful talisman to attract wealth and luck. You can place both a living plant and a figurine made of coins at home. In order for a houseplant to work as a talisman, you need to plant it yourself. To do this, you need to quietly pinch a sheet of paper from friends or neighbors. The tree can be decorated with a red ribbon.

DIY amulet for good luck

It is not at all difficult to make an amulet for luck and money yourself. To do this, you need to prepare all the necessary materials and be positive. Otherwise, a talisman made in a state of despair or sadness, for example, will work in reverse.

magic bag

This talisman to attract money and good luck is very easy to make. To do this, you need to take a completely new piece of natural fabric (silk, velvet or flannel), red, green or golden. A small pocket that should fit in the palm of your hand is sewn from this fabric. A red string is inserted into the neck of the pouch so that it can be tied. Several coins of different denominations are placed in the bag. Before placing in a bag, each coin is greased with essential oil and the following words are said:

"One penny to a penny, one penny to a penny, one ruble to a ruble, ten to ten - all in court. "

Next, a large bank note, several bay leaves, some cinnamon and cloves, dried oak and maple leaves, acorns and a collection of herbs are placed there. Then they tie the bag, hold it in their hands and say what you want from the talisman. They store it in a secluded place where no one will find it. You can keep it with you.


You need to take a large denomination banknote, on which there are numbers corresponding to your date of birth (e. g. 1970 is the year of birth, at least the number 970 must be on the banknote), and the letters - your initials. The more coincidences there are, the more effectively the talisman will work. The banknote is stored in a separate room in the wallet so that it does not come into contact with other money. Do it at night on the waxing moon. Before placing the banknote in the wallet, fold the corners on the right and left, creating an isosceles triangle. Then it is bent in half along the vertical axis of the short side so that it looks like an arrow. At the same time there is a saying on the invoice:

"As a full flowing river attracts brooks and the sea - full flowing rivers, as a woman attracts a man and a man attracts a woman, as the night attracts day and day - night, so would you others like youattract. May it always be that way! "

Upper money limit

To make this talisman for money and good luck, take a large bill, make a tube out of it (roll it up with a grid), secure it with tape and put it on a pen as a cap. After the pen has been used for its intended purpose, the talisman attracts money.

Arcane cord

magic string to attract luck

Take a thin leather cord and a piece of natural blue fabric. The fabric is tied with three double knots. At the same time they express what they want from this amulet.

The first knot is happiness, the second is to reinforce the effect of the first, the third is to reinforce the work of the first two.

When tying knots, you need to pronounce the required amount while imagining that it is already in your pocket.

money ball

A money ball is made like this: you take a bill and a natural green woolen thread. This thread is wound on a bank note so that a ball is obtained. During the swaddling process, they all express their most cherished wishes for happiness and fortune. A few drops of essential oil are dripped on it before use. From the side of the apartment, hang the ball over the front door so it doesn't fall on strangers.

money bottle

A bottle of money is thrown into the growing moon.

For this you need:

  • green glass bottle;
  • 5 coins of 50 kopecks each;
  • 5 - per ruble;
  • 5 black peppercorns;
  • 5 grains of wheat;
  • 5 sprigs of cinnamon;
  • 5 peanut nuts;
  • 5 sesame seeds;
  • 5 carnation buds.

All ingredients are poured into a bottle. Then a coin of each denomination is put into this bottle every day. For the bottle to work at full power, hold it in your hands for a few minutes every day and fill it with your energy. Place the talisman in a prominent place - a table or window sill.

To attract money and luck, it is best to use homemade talismans. They are much more efficient than purchased ones.