We make good luck talismans ourselves

Without a doubt, everyone is the creator of their own life, but a little luck gives confidence in strength and helps you quickly find the answers to difficult life questions. A talisman that can be easily made at home will become a source of happiness. How to make an amulet for good luck and what is needed for it, see the article in detail.

How to make a spell with your own hands - basic recommendations

The main purpose of the amulet is to protect yourself from bad luck and problems and to find happiness in all activities, be it in professional or family relationships. Considering that a talisman is an individual thing, you need to do it yourself and follow certain recommendations.

Amulet and its shape

Before choosing the shape of the amulet, you need to decide on the functions you want it to perform.

  • The circle is a symbol of financial well-being.
  • Oval - helps develop creativity and make smart decisions.
  • The square is a symbol for the four elements. It helps maintain constancy and inner strength of mind.
  • triangle - attracts luck and promotes contact with higher powers.

These are just the basic shapes for amulets, besides them there are others - a key, a star, animal figures, a heart.

Note: A powerful talisman for attracting wealth is a coin that is enough to hang in the shape of a pendant. You can buy such a coin with a hole for a chain or point in any esoteric store. A simple bracelet with several knots will protect you from anger and attract happiness. It's very easy to make yourself.

Watchful amulet

Talisman and material for it

Here are some tips for choosing amulet material:

  • only natural composition - wood, wax, matter, metal, leather;
  • pleasant to touch - the finished amulet should only evoke pleasant emotions and impressions by touching the fingers.

Talisman and Zodiac

The energy of each sign of the zodiac is reflected in objects of a certain shape and color. If it is a single amulet with strong power, then special attention should be paid to the zodiac sign.

act reflect
Star sign Talisman form color
Aries circle and square Orange and Green
Taurus Animal figure, preferably an elephant Light shades
Twins locks and keys blue, cyan and white
Cancer Moon, heart, cancer figure Gold
Lion circle, lion or eagle Gold
Virgo It doesn't depend on the shape, but on the material from which the talisman is made - clay Light shades
scale Any element that represents scales silver
Scorpio Frog - It can be an animal pendant or an object with his picturered
Sagittarius Traditional horseshoes, arrows or scarab beetles Bronze
Capricorn ladder, coin Gold
Aquarius Preferred items made by hand and related to heaven - bird feathers, angels Colors of the heavenly palette - white, blue, all shades of blue
Fish The shape of the amulet should be the aquatic themeall shades of blue

When is the best time to make an amulet?

To be lucky, talismans must be created on certain days and even at certain times.

  • Wealth can only be attracted to a talisman created on the growing moon, since during this time the month adds to all plans and multiplies the strength;
  • The talisman does not tolerate any excitement or noise regardless of its purpose. It must be created in an atmosphere of complete calm and tranquility.
  • The time of day does not matter, both sunlight and candlelight are sufficient.
  • Attitude is important - you can not make an amulet with your own hands with a heavy heart, bad thoughts and anger.
  • You should never tell anyone about the talisman. It is advisable not to show it to anyone, including close relatives. Remember, you have special, intimate knowledge. Any careless look can damage both the amulet and you.
  • , if possible, do not part with the talisman and always carry it with you;
  • The selected day of the week is of particular importance as each day corresponds to a certain energy.
Weekday Amulet meaning
Wednesday To achieve financial and material stability
Friday Charm to strengthen romantic and love relationships
Sunday To gain luck and success

Note: At the end of the work you need to wrap the charm in fabric and place it under the pillow for one night. This will fill the amulet with your energy and connect with your consciousness. This is how the talisman is built, after which it is ready for use.

The most popular amulets to bring luck

Magic pouch

magic bag.

Such amulets are very popular, they have power and can help in difficult times. To make such a talisman you need a red fabric - this color symbolizes success, prosperity and prosperity. Material and threads have to be natural. Throughout the creative process, it is important to think about the happiness that the talisman will bring.

In the finished bag you need to put all the objects that will become a source of happiness - coins, certain animal figures, keys, a rabbit's foot, a horseshoe, a goldfish or a ladybug. You can also put a turquoise stone in the bag. The mineral is used to attract luck.

Magic pouches are filled with plants and herbs. Help to win luck:

  • orange peel;
  • pomegranate peel;
  • strawberry leaves;
  • hazel and nutmeg;
  • acorns
  • daffodil, violet and apple blossoms;
  • cinnamon sticks.
  • The most famous symbol of luck is the four-leaf clover.

Note: The amulet must be "charged" at regular intervals and lubricated with essential oils - orange, aniseed, cinnamon or lotus. The finished magical item must be carried in a pocket or wallet.

Magic wax.

The main condition for making a watchful amulet is belief in success and strength. The more a person believes in a talisman, the more energetic power a magical item will have.

First you have to choose a candle - it doesn't matter what shape and color you are. The main thing is that you like the selected candle,Magic wax, and you have a feeling that this particular item brings good luck.

At midnight, put a candle in a small transparent glass and light it. No special rituals need to be performed, and no conspiracies are necessary. Given that a talisman is a personal thing, it is important to convey your energy and desires to it.

While the candle is burning, tell yourself everything you dream and wish, tell us what you are striving for, what goals you set yourself. Wax is a soft and pliable material that absorbs your words and thoughts, dreams and goals, and also remembers your worries to protect you from them in the future.

Wait for the candle to burn out and do not touch the wax until it has completely solidified. Remember, intricate patterns on a piece of wax are your desires and energy.

Note: A fully hardened wax figure should be placed in a cloth bag and sewn into a small, soft figure or a bracelet. The main thing is that the amulet is always close to you and protects, never give a magical object into the wrong hands.

The best talismans - found by chance

Things found by chance usually turn out to be completely non-random. Taking in this or that object of a person makes intuition, the feeling that it is he who brings happiness. It can be a shell, a stone, a found coin.

While you relax by the sea, you can walk along the shore and listen to your own thoughts. Near the house, they usually look for a four-leaf clover that is dried and carried in a pocket or wallet as a symbol of success and good fortune. The main thing is not to damage the dry sheet. Coins are not only a source of happiness, but also bring material independence to their owner.

Note: if you decide to make an amulet with your own hands, start with a simple technique - make a simple decoration, a keychain.

Charging the amulet

DIY amulets have several advantages over those bought in a specialist store:

  • As you create them, your energy is transferred to the item.
  • Before you can use it, you do not have to "adjust" to the amulet and get used to the amulet.
  • You do not know who picked up the item from the store and what energy it has, that is, after buying the amulet you have to clean it.

The only thing that requires homemade talismans is activation and regular recharging.

The charging process is a simple conspiracy that takes place at midnight and necessarily for the growing month. In an Orthodox church, three candles must be bought. At the appointed time, they must be placed in a triangle, and an amulet should be placed in the center. When you look at the amulet you should say three times:


“The amulet is mine now, it has become my fate! Success and happiness will bring, problems and failure will take away! "

Then you have to pick up the talisman and focus your thoughts solely on your goals. Imagine in detail how the amulet will help you, feel how the object is filled with energy - you need to determine the time when the talisman is fully charged. Then the amulet is ready to use. When the complex tasks and problems are solved, the talisman's energy is consumed and needs to be recharged from time to time.

Belief in magic goes back many centuries. During this time, people have gathered a huge body of knowledge and put it into practice. The modern rhythm of life does not allow a person to closely monitor the manifestation of higher powers, but there is a unique opportunity - to use the knowledge gained for good. The most popular magical items are talismans, and it is customary to count on their help in the most difficult of situations. It doesn't matter what the amulet looks like, what it is made of, it matters for what purpose it is used and what the amulet is aimed at. It is important to remember that a magical talisman will never work if you do not believe in its power. But if you sincerely believe in the help and support of higher powers, then the simplest thing will become a magical amulet. You should not take a shorter route and buy a spell, since a handmade thing has stronger energy and regularly helps the owner.