As a Talisman, amulet or Talisman with your hands

Creating a mascot can be used for yourself and for other people. This item can not be transferred to other people. The amulet brings luck to its owner. If it's lost, stolen, given, or broken, then the effect of his powers is stopped.

Before in the production of, you should understand what is the difference of these magic items:

  • Amulet performs two functions: protects the owner from losses and to bring him luck;
  • Amulet protecting the health of the people and his dwelling place;
  • Mascot is capable of certain personality traits amplify, which allows its owner success in business, bring good luck and peace.

If you are planning in the production of amulet or Talisman, then familiarize yourself with the General rules and guidelines:

  • Talismans and amulets can be produced, both for themselves personally as well as for the other Person. You force someone to do for you amulet is inadmissible. The work.of man only to the will of their own
  • If the mascot is for a other, then in the course of the work it is necessary to be constantly thinking about this Person Thoughts need to be bright and positive. Just a piece of soul to invest in the magic item, you will be able an amulet that really works, and brings the owner good.
  • For the manufacture better choose a time when the moon is in the Phase of growth. It is this time is good for all companies.
  • Need to work in a quiet environment. You need to be relaxed, no one and nothing should distract you.
  • If you pillow is a mascot for, after completion of the work, wrap it in fabric, and in night place it under your head. Due to this connection between the subconscious mind and the amulet is made.
  • The fact that self-made mascot, it is advisable not to tell anyone. You always carry it with themselves, and hide them from prying eyes.

Compliance with these simple rules, able to produce an efficient and effective amulet.

Wide popular talismans for the current year. For example, in the year of the dog rather figures, dogs crafts made of different materials, and in the year of the rooster — male.


The materials used to talismans

Magical items that bring luck and good fortune, protection against evil influences, and are made from different materials:

  • Stone;
  • Wood;
  • Metal;
  • Skin;
  • Tissue;
  • Thread;
  • Furs, etc.

Character sketch on paper or cardboard, and if you want to embroider.

In the selection of the material, loosen the imagination. It is important that he gives is comfortable in the Hand and liked you only positive emotions.

Strong protective Talisman made from yarn

Today, many can you see on the left wrist, the red thread, the name of protection against the evil eye. The thread must be made of a natural Material (often wool).

The first, worn by celebrities, threaded the red color on the wrist of the left Hand, was Madonna. It happened after you dealt with the esoteric teachings of the Kabbalah. According to the faith, to tie an amulet on the Hand is just a middle man, the goodness, and understands the nature of the ritual.

In the case of the ancient Slavs, with the red thread, a different Ritual was a little. They fastened on the wrist of the right Hand. You can make it alone, the main thing — on a cord of seven knots to tie. This amulet is attracted to the life of its owner money and happiness.

When security caught the thread, don't worry. According to the legend, with you a big disaster could happen, but "defender" took him from you.

For the creation of a mascot is not a red thread, but also threads of different colors. You can weave by hand bracelet. It is the right shade is important. In the selection of the role of the target, the track plays:

  • red protects against the evil eye, gives the carrier energy and vitality;
  • white protects against conflicts, bad thoughts, helps a harmonious relationship;
  • blue is responsible for the Inspiration that helps to develop lateral thinking and the hidden talents, therefore, ideal for creative people;
  • yellow — the color of the sun, helps to achieve family happiness, improve health, expand your knowledge;
  • orange makes people charming, sociable and confident in their abilities, helps to achieve greater heights;
  • pink — the color of romance and tender love; by him, build strong relationships, in which non-destructive jealousy and passion;
  • Violet inspires and develops creative abilities;
  • green protects against envy and conflict situations, improving health;
  • blue useful for those who want to find themselves and spiritual powers develop;
  • Brown helps to develop endurance and to achieve their goals, is a Symbol of diligence;
  • black develops balance and calm, helps the respect of the other.

Thread for weaving, you choose only natural. If the thread is thin, fold it in several times. If you only have one color, the easiest method for the manufacture of frost are knotted threads in seven knots. If you have multiple shades, used weaving plait, or a magical ornament.

Wily mascot of the thread must be burned. While he burns, and mentally thank him for his protection and help.

Mascot from burlap

The magical thing that protects you and the loved ones from evil forces, or evil people, can be made of burlap. Popular kind of a freeze for this Material the doll "Domovonok". Size arts and crafts will be on request.


The PI Sheet

  • For starters, you make self-Pouch. All seams must be good. Remove it on the front.
  • Now we need the hands. To do this, you can thread or ribbons, woven braid. In the place where should the handles be careful with the holes and thread the resulting braid. You need to align your hands now and fix it.
  • You fill the bag with various herbs or other filler. When the bag is fully stuffed, tie him up.
  • You can start on the production of hair. You make a herbal brush or twine. Secure the hair at the crown can gun with the help of the Thermo -.
  • Do not forget to do domovonku nose and lips, and the eyebrows and beard, eyes for dolls, which you can buy in the store or with the hands.
  • From the dried leaf of maize is to build domovoy sandals.

Do not forget, this sewing domovoy clothing and a hat, and for the economy — a couple of bags.

Magical arts and crafts from the dough with salt

The ancient Slavs luck from the salt dough. To restore such a craft is not difficult, even for beginners:

  • You have the flour and the salt in a ratio of 2:1. By the addition of a little water, knead the dough elastic.
  • Let the dough stand for some time. After that, you can amulet certainly of him. Popular animal figures, a horseshoe or angel.
  • If the Talisman is ready, put it on 3 hours in the oven, Pre-heated oven at 70 degrees.
  • You take the craft, let it cool a few hours and Gouache paint.

Amulets made of wood

Amulets made of wood are part of the culture of the ancient Slavs. For the creation of magical items, trees of different species can:

  • Birch is known for its healing properties, the faith of your sandals from the bark to help get rid of rheumatism; in the creation of not only wood but also leaves, buds, root used;
  • Oak is the difference between a strong power, the talismans that surround him, in the cradle of the newborn boys, it was assumed that it will help you to grow in full strength and health;
  • the alder strengthens the power of the spirit, to get rid of negative thoughts, learn to make the right decisions; couple amulet made from alder protects against edit;
  • Hazel symbolizes the fertility and promotes the reproduction of capital;
  • Rowan protects against evil forces, which planted earlier in the vicinity of the apartment, and the branches with the fruit hanging in the house.

To choose for the mascot, which is a healthy tree.

Instructions for the production of amulet:

  • Mentally asking the tree to authorise the branch. Leave, leave you next to him, coins, bread or some cereal.
  • A branch brings home, leave it for a couple of weeks to they are absorbed from home used to and his energy.
  • You need to cut the branches of the circle, on one side thereof with a knife or scalpel, cut the desired Symbol.
  • You drill a hole through the it will be possible, by a solid cord or thread.
  • In order to prevent the wooden mascot of dust and dirt, to be applied to the surface of heated bees wax or painted.

Optional symbols to put on talismans made of wood. They work, and without the carved characters on them.

Magical amulets from beresty

From birch bark in the ancient amulet sharkunok for children made in its shape reminiscent of a rattle. With shaking movements he made noises as the children's attention and caused indescribable joy. Also there were babies in the time of teething. In the manufacture of sharkunok is not used glue.

For the preparation of freeze either the bark of a living tree, you can berestoy with firewood.


The PI Sheet:

  • Material need to warm up, what elasticity gives him.
  • The bark is in strips, the beresta become two sides of vegetable oil, well maintained, smooth.
  • Need to do six equal-sized strips.
  • On the upper and lower side of the strip is bent somewhere to 1 cm, then the clasp was.
  • All six parts come together.
  • The toy sharkunok not need to be broken, in boiling water cook for 5 minutes. Prior to this thread, after you remove the cool link.
  • A day later, when the toy is an amulet in a dry, the curve of their edges and to the inside to pour seeds.

For the preparation of the defence, with thickness berestu medium. Too thin or thick, the bark is not suitable.

Talismans made of fur

Since time immemorial, skin, fur, bones, teeth, and claws of animals used for the creation of amulets. If the house remained a piece of fur, the you of him is a beautiful amulet "Domovonok":

  • Cut you treat a small circle with a diameter of 8-10 cm to the edge.
  • Inside place a small piece of foam and sew.
  • In specialty stores you can buy the eyes and glue.
  • As the outlet you are using pearl.
  • On request, the tab can.
  • Made of the same fur, the paws. Make strips 1,5x4 cm Take you to the top, to the inside of each foot on one of its sides, and pledge the glue "Moment".
  • Up on a string to make a loop for the mascot, you will be able to hang.
  • Make paws, and tip on the wrong side to Domovonok.

Mascot fur can hang not only at home but also in the car.

Amulets made of genuine leather

The skin of different animals high in demand in the manufacture of amulets. It can make:

  • To wear talismans around the neck;
  • Bracelets;
  • Belts;
  • Sheath et Al.

On the leather surface embossing or pressing compatible with the desired character. The edge of the warding properly processed, and on top just a hole for the tip. Those amulets look beautiful and stylish.

Needle porcupine in the magic

The porcupine needles are also various talismans. It is believed that they help against the negative actions of other people learn to enjoy life, despite the adversity and difficulties, but also much happier.

The porcupine-needles, it is possible that such amulets:

  • Choker;
  • Earrings;
  • "dreamcatcher".

Women, made from this natural Material, love amulets, turn the needle in the fabric and hidden under the pillow of the loved one.


Obereg from the Ring

The rings not only serve as decoration for the fingers, their guardian. Is it better to purchase a new product, on the inner side of the inscription apply. Set for the engraving on the Ring, we choose at its sole discretion.

In ancient times, children were given two names: one was the others, the second secret. The secret name of the child baptized. This helped in the defense of damage or curse. Often the parents are doing their children a protective Ring, on the inside, it was written the second name.

Amulets from death, alcoholism, prison and on the street with his hands

In life, unforeseen situations often occur. So, you should make sure to protect yourself and your loved ones. Amulets made with his own hands, to cope as best as possible with this task.